Death pits

Other (objects, etc.) entity

Includes pits where once you fall, you're never coming back. Either you die during the fall, hitting the bottom or there's just no way out of them and the game doesn't have the grace to call it a game over.


Alternate name: Bottomless pits

The first video game about Death pits was released in 1986.

Sega, Capcom and Titus has published most of these games

* Deadly water
* Rope swinging
* Chasms - some death pits are these.
Extremely common in platformers. Occasionally filled with water to doom the protagonist that can't swim (see: deadly water), other times they have no perceivable bottom and you only fall off screen, and the rest have sharp pointy things ready to jab you.

Note that this is NOT for the non-fatal kind that only drops your health a bit but does not really prevent progressing in the game.

Parent groups

Environmental hazards, Tropes


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