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Super Mario Land

a.k.a. スーパーマリオランド

created and published by Nintendo in 1989-04-21, running on Game Boy
type: shooter, platformer
genre: Hop and bop
series: Mario
perspective: side view push-scroll auto-scroll
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Personal reviews (2)
Super Mario Land was one of the launch games for the Gameboy in Japan. The gameplay is typical Mario-style with similar good controls as in the NES games. The game has enough variety in the levels, including two shooter levels, to keep you interested until the end. The only big flaw I saw is the really low difficulty level. If you have some experience with Mario from the NES you will find yourself playing through this game nearly instantly, and that although there is no possibillity to save your game.

# 2013-04-20 04:34:26
The first Super Mario game not produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, and it shows. The game is a bit different in feel from other games in the series. The enemies and stages are somewhat familiar, but also completely different from past experiences with Nintendo's favorite plumber. That being said, this also helps to distinguish it a bit. Side-scrolling shooter stages in both sea and air help to break up the gameplay and add something new. The graphics are primitive, but it's just as fun as you'd expect.

(Jacquismo) - # 2006
Official description
Rescuing princesses isn't an easy business, but there's always one plumber ready for the job! This time it's Princess Daisy who needs the help of our plucky hero in Super Mario Land for the Game Boy. Set out on an adventure through four worlds of one player side-scrolling action that will have you hopping and stomping your way through dangerous caves, an ancient pyramid, and more! Along the way you can collect mushrooms, flowers, and stars to power you up. Hop into one of Mario's new vehicles, the Marine Pop or the Sky Pop, and fire away at incoming enemies. You'll also have to battle four vicious bosses, including the Sphinx and a massive Easter Island statue, as you search for hidden secrets that hold tons of coins.
# 2012-07-15 05:36:43 - official description
Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
One of the original Mario games. Has 12 Levels total (4 worlds with 3 levels in each).
# 2006
External reviews (6) - average: 87.3% - median: 90%
review sourcecountryissuedatescore   
C&VG (Computer & Video Games) 85+uk961989-1193/10093%
Consoles + (1-155)fr01991-0798/10098%
Mean Machinesuk21990-1190/10090%
Power Playde251990-0488/10088%
Tilt 39-113fr811990-0918/2090%
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Super Mario Land in-game screen.
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Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
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