Extra lives

Video game concept

Player character has multiple "lives".


Alternate names: Tries, Continues

Atari, Mastertronic and Sega has published most of these games

These usually don't have any mechanism to save your game progress as they originate from systems (arcade) where such things were impossible (and undesirable).

Continues are treated as lives in terms of this.

By default it can be assumed that depletion of lives forces player to restart the current level, except in case of arcade games where we can assume permadeath is the case. Otherwise permadeath tag should be used as appropriate to distinguish cases.

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Game-like elements

Child group

Shared lives


C64 798
ZX Spectrum 568
Amstrad CPC 519
MS-DOS 440
Amiga 381
Atari ST 265
NES 235
Tandy Coco 209
Arcade 184
MSX 165
Linux 151
Atari 400/800 127
Windows 112
GB 109
C16/Plus4 104
Memotech MTX 89
Mac OS Classic 84
BBC 65
VIC-20 62
Apple II E 60
Master System 58
Atari 2600 57
Mega Drive 56
Oric 56
GBC 46
Famicom Disk System 44
Atari 5200 40
PCE 40
Electron 38
GBA 30

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