Video game concept

Player is given a score on their performance. Often an integral part of gameplay, such as the main goal.


The first video game about Score was released in 1969.

Atari, U.S. Gold and Mastertronic has published most of these games

Should NOT be used for games where "score" is actually representation of game progress. As in, there's no deviation in score when players complete the game (even this is not so strict if there's optional content, that is, the game can be finished with less than "100% completion").
See also: player statistics, paid killing (in case score is also your wealth)

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Player awards

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Online ranking, Score multipliers, Score oriented, Score loss

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C64 1418
MS-DOS 1014
ZX Spectrum 973
Amstrad CPC 928
Amiga 728
Atari ST 576
Linux 442
NES 375
Tandy Coco 339
Arcade 329
Windows 289
MSX 272
Mac OS Classic 252
Atari 400/800 200
Apple II E 159
BBC 149
C16/Plus4 140
Memotech MTX 112
Atari 2600 106
Commodore PET 106
VIC-20 103
PCE 97
Mega Drive 93
Oric 85
Master System 81
GB 80
Electron 70
Win3.1 63
Famicom Disk System 63
Atom 59

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