Harmful touch

Video game concept

Simply coming into contact with your enemies is enough to hurt or even kill you. It is most commonly seen in platform games.


Alternate names: Killing touch, Creature collision damage, Contact damage

The first video game about Harmful touch was released in 1981.

Nintendo, Software Projects and Ocean has published most of these games

See also: chargers, instant death, collision attacks (when player attacks in similar manner)
Simply coming into contact with monsters, enemies, whatever else is enough for them to harm and even kill you without them having to raise even a finger to attack you. It's as if the protagonist is hyper-allergic to his/her enemies and either instantly dies on contact or shortly thereafter (on prolonged contact). Does not imply instant death although it is common (especially in older games).

Should NOT be used when two moving vehicles, especially aircraft, are in question. Or an aircraft and a solid structure (do you really expect an aircraft to survive a fullspeed collision with a highrise?).

This is sometimes reversed. For example, when Sonic does his spinning thing. Or when the game uses jumping on heads as a form of attack.
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Parent groups

Artificial difficulty, Damage, Game-like elements

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