Other (objects, etc.) concept

Any tags relating to how damage is dealt, modeled, or other effects it has including types and any interactions with things.

See also: health
Anatomic damageDamage and attack effects depends on what part of the opponent's body you strike.1982 / 201365 games
Consistent damageAny damage dealt or received is constant with no arbitrary fluctuation.1985 / 201617 games
Damage drop-offDamage lowers with distance.2003 / 201715 games
Damage flickerThings flicker transparently or some (possibly opaque) color, usually red or white, when taking damage.1989 / 201735 games
Damage infoShows how much damage anything did, either in a log or as floating numeric/textual information or similar.1999 / 2019180 games
Damage modelingModels the effects of damage on characters, vehicles and other things.1988 / 201234 games
Damage over timeIncludes forms of damage that applies itself over time rather than instantly, commonly caused by burning, acid, poison, and so forth. Not including pulsing damage sources that cease as soon as you go away from their area of effect.1997 / 2019118 games
Damage types, resistances and invulnerabilitiesDamage is split into various types that may or may not be unrelated to each other, providing the basics of damage type resistance and immunity/invulnerability.1985 / 2019160 games
Fall damageFalling down from substantial height causes damage or even death. May or may not require a collision.1982 / 2018479 games
Flat damage reductionThe combat mechanics involve flat damage reduction, which reduces the incoming damage by flat amount rather than proportional (e.g. 10 points instead of 10%). This makes certain weak attacks have absolutely no effect.2001 / 201712 games
Harmful touchSimply coming into contact with your enemies is enough to hurt or even kill you. It is most commonly seen in platform games.1981 / 2018564 games
Locational damageCharacters, objects, vehicles and so forth take damage according to the location hit.1987 / 2019225 games
Minimum damageHarmful effects are guaranteed to do at least some amount of damage, however insignificant, regardless of damage nullifying features on the target of the effect.1985 / 20104 games
Percentage damageSome attacks or sources of damage cause it as percentage of the target's current or maximum health.2009 / 20157 games
Random damageAny damage dealt is more or less unreliable, done in video games as a simulation of old P&P RPGs and other tabletop games where it was an abstraction of how hard and where something hurt, but has spread out to areas where it was not intended.1985 / 2019203 games
Realistic damage1985 / 201552 games
Structural damageLocation-based damage on vehicles, usually involves disabling and even completely destroying specific components.1985 / 201523 games