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Amnesia FortnightGame jam held within Double Fine game studio to publicly test new game ideas.list_altnotifications4 games
B-Daman (ビーダマン)notifications1996 / 20058 games
Bionicle[bionicles]A scifi/fantasy toy line from LEGO.notifications2001 / 200712 games
Hot WheelsBrand of toy car, created by Mattel in 1968.notifications1985 / 201329 games
Strawberry Shortcakenotifications1977 / 201116 games
Tamagotchi (たまごっち;Tamagocchi;Tamagotch)Handheld digital pet created in Japan by Akihiro Yokoi and Aki Maita. It was first sold by Bandai in 1996 in Japan. Over 70,000,000 Tamagotchis have been sold world-wide as of 2008.notifications1996 / 201317 games
TonkaAmerican toy company most known for its signature toy trucks and construction equipment.notifications1999 / 20064 games
Transformers(トランスフォーマー)notifications1984 / 201860 games (6 characters)
A Technical Limitation in UVLUsed to denote when UVL's usability is hampered by technical limits. This tag can also be used in searches as a limited work-around in some cases.notifications1978 / 2020161 games
African themeDepicts African-like cultures, architecture, people, and such in some major way without necessarily being situated in Africa.notifications1 game
After Earth(Earth-that-Was)[Earth that was]Set in a time period after Earth (or whatever the homeworld of the protagonist's species is) has become uninhabitable, forgotten, or inaccessible. The people having escaped into space, another dimension/reality, or some other place.notifications1985 / 201651 games
Aging[ageing]Characters, especially the protagonist, age over time and possibly die from it (eventually).notifications1985 / 202047 games
Alien abductionnotifications2000 / 201416 games
Alien bloodAliens, monsters, and otherworldly creatures bleed something else than red blood.notifications1994 / 201823 games
Alien invasionFeatures aliens invading Earth or the protagonist's planet of residence, airspace or space territory, or is generally a major theme or plot point.notifications1978 / 2021541 games
Alien menaceSome form of alien being or beings serve as the prime antagonistic force.notifications1980 / 2018148 games
Alien technology (Alien artefact)Little if at all understood alien technology or technological artefact(s) function as a major plot device.notifications1992 / 201740 games
Alphabetic Letters or characters of a languageCharacters of a language(s) or letters an alphabet(s) play an important role in the game (other than interface)notifications1977 / 201495 games
Alternate character fatesThe fates of alternate character choices are somehow explored.notifications1993 / 20096 games
Alternate self[alternate selves]Player encounters alternate versions of various characters, usually "what if" kind where some life turning event didn't occur for them or some other life turning event happened instead of the original.notifications2004 / 201517 games
AMBIGUOUS: Motion sensorThis can either refer to motion controller (a type of controller for the game) or a motion detector (a tool in-game).0 game
American Sign LanguageA non-verbal natural language originating in North America used and having multiple dialects there and around the world.notifications1991 / 19922 games
Amnesia (Memory loss)Features amnesia (a sort of memory disruption or loss) as plot device or theme.notifications1982 / 2021243 games
Ancient enemy (Ancient evil)Deals with the return of some ancient evil or other terrible foe from long "forgotten" past.notifications1987 / 2018115 games
AngularUses visual style that employs mainly straight lines and sharp angles.notifications2013 / 201625 games
Animal menaceAnimals, of any time period or type (besides humans), provide the primary antagonistic force.notifications1982 / 20122 games
AnthropomorphismAnimals or objects are given human-like attributes, such as an expressive face, ability to speak, human-like emotions, etc.notifications1983 / 2016100 games
ApocalypticFeatures an impending or on-going "apocalypse".notifications1987 / 2020108 games
Army Mennotifications1995 / 201540 games
Art game (Art house game)Created for the sake of the art, or whose structure is intended to produce some kind of reaction in its audience.notifications1977 / 201985 games
Artificial scanlines[Artificial interlacing]Reproduces a certain type of retro look by introducing scanlines to the display, where every other line or column is dimmed or even completely blanked.notifications2012 / 201717 games
Artistic languageConstructed language with heavy or even sole emphasis on the aesthetic side, even going so far as lacking any real meaning beyond what it looks or sounds like.notifications2001 / 201813 games
Astrophysics (Newtonian physics)Simulates astrophysics to some degree.notifications1980 / 201736 games
AtheistGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was an Atheist and the game promotes the Atheism.notifications1988 / 19982 games
Atomic Age theme(Nuclear theme)The atomic age features prominently as a theme, motif, or such with nuclear powered devices and facilities in broad use.notifications1981 / 20159 games
Auditory masking(Sound masking)Auditory masking affects gameplay, such as environmental noise masking noise the player character makes and allowing them to be much more noisy than normal without detecting.notifications2005 / 20178 games
Augmented reality (AR;Enhanced reality)Depicts augmented reality technology in use.notifications2008 / 201520 games
Aurorae (Auroras;Aurora;Aurora Borealis;Northern Lights;Aurora Australis;Southern Lights)Features natural light displays in the sky caused by energy colliding with atmospheres and/or magnetospheres on earth or any other world.notifications1 game
Award: Computer Games Magazine Game of the Year0 game
Award: Game Tunnel Adventure Game of the YearGame Tunnel Adventure Game of the Year is an award.0 game
Award: Game Tunnel Game of the YearAward: Game Tunnel Game of the Year.0 game
BananasThe yellow skinned fruit of the tree-like banana plant. The peels are a humors slipping hazard. They are stereotypically desired by larger primates.notifications1981 / 201653 games
Bannednotifications1994 / 201719 games
Battle of Pelennor FieldsA major battle during the War of the Ring between the city of Minas Tirith & forces of Gondor & allies, and the forces of Sauron.notifications1989 / 200110 games
Belarusian Languagenotifications2 games
Bengali Languagenotifications1996 / 19994 games
Bikininotifications1983 / 201622 games
BiogrowthFeatures growth of large unspecified non-plant biological mass that covers land, buildings and anything else.notifications1998 / 2020104 games
Biological evolutionEvolution plays part in the gameplay. Likely in the form of biological adaptation (adjusting to environmental change), spontaneous changes (mutation), or guided evolution (more advanced beings prodding and poking or influence from higher power).notifications1982 / 201539 games
BioniclesA variation of [gametag=lego]Lego[/gametag] toys.notifications1 game
Biotechnology (Biomodification;Genetic engineering;Organic technology)Features any of the various fields of manipulating organic entities, from transplants to genetic engineering, or the results thereof.notifications1988 / 201785 games
Bizarre events (Surreal events)notifications2003 / 20072 games
Bizarre flora (Bizarre vegetation;Surreal flora)Vegetation that is abnormal, bizarre, or otherwise surreal.notifications2007 / 20166 games
Black SheepWhen 1 game of a series or a version of a game is widely perceived as far different from the others & thus inferior, even in cases of higher quality. Does not necessarily mean no-one likes the game, especially those unfamiliar with the predecessors.notifications1986 / 201438 games
Bleak(Grim)[cheerless;hopeless;grimdark]Presents a bleak world for the player to explore, one that seems sad, hopeless, depressing, or otherwise where things are or go wrong all the time and getting them right is nigh impossible or come with heavy price.notifications1992 / 2018108 games
BlockyDesigned to be very blocky in appearance, with heavy use of square/rectangle/cube shapes. Likely as an attempt to make the game seem older than it is and/or to reduce resources needed to produce graphics.notifications2002 / 2019119 games
Blood & gore (Visceral;Graphic violence)Displays unnecessarily large amounts of blood, gore and gibs. Including detailed wounds, mutilated bodies/corpses and other visceral scenes. As well as the very acts that produce them.notifications1983 / 2021522 games
Blood motif (Blood theme)notifications2005 / 201513 games
Bokmal Languagenotifications1999 / 20046 games
BPjM/BPjS indexedIndexed by Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien/Schriften, making the game difficult to obtain legally in Germany.notifications1982 / 200953 games
Braille TextInformation presented in Braille on screen or by using external hardware.notifications1991 / 20063 games
Branching story (Branching campaign)The story branches off to two or more alternative lines, possibly merging at later time, giving increased replayability.notifications1980 / 201857 games
Breast fetishism (Mazophilia)Caters to those who have sexual appeal to breasts, often of particular size (e.g. huge).notifications2004 / 201618 games
Brittle abilities (Brittle buffs)Abilities (usually buffs) or similar that create an effect that has limited charges (until the ability is used again). Such as a attack buff that lasts for the next 3 hits, or defense buff that lasts for the next 2 hits.notifications2009 / 201412 games
Buddhist FaithGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was Buddhist and the game promotes the Buddhist faith.notifications1999 / 20173 games
Bulky charactersAll characters are depicted as excessively bulky/sturdy all around but not necessarily fat.notifications1988 / 201321 games
Bundled with hardware or peripheralsOne or more releases of the game comes packaged with hardware or peripheral device(s).notifications1972 / 201354 games
Canadian Englishnotifications1984 / 19994 games
CannibalismDepicts cannibalism, the act of eating members of your own species.notifications1994 / 202054 games
Captured Resources (Raided Resources)When 1 side of a conflict can capture a resource & is immediately able use it to counter attack or defend.notifications1981 / 201785 games
Cardinal & ordinal navigation(Navigation via points of compass)[Intercardinal]Navigation is accomplished by following cardinal (and/or their intermediate) directions or similar, not necessarily exact directions and may include non-compass directions such as "up" and "down". Not for fullblown compass-based navigation however.notifications1982 / 202196 games
Catholic FaithGames where 1 or more of the authors with creative control was Catholic & the game promotes the Catholic faith directly, using symbolism, or allegorynotifications2000 / 20129 games
CensoredEdited for content, received alternate promotion or restricted release, in some way other that what the author(s) intended.notifications1981 / 2018157 games
ChaseThe plot or gameplay is about a chase, usually in the form of police trying to catch some criminal. Regardless of which side of the chase the player is.notifications1986 / 200939 games
Christian faithGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was Christian and the game promotes the Christian faith.notifications1977 / 2017353 games (8 characters)
ChromaDepth 3DChromaDepth is a patented 3D technique that takes advantage of the different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum.notifications1991 / 20098 games
Chrysopoeia(Transmutation into gold)Items are automatically or manually by the player (with no significant effort) converted into gold or other form of currency.notifications1998 / 20058 games
Cipher language (Substitution cipher)Languages that are constructed simply by substituting characters but otherwise read as regular language the game is in.notifications1990 / 201929 games
Circadian cycle (Day/night cycle)Day and night cycles on their own outside of plot, location, or triggered events, possibly influencing NPC activities accordingly.notifications1979 / 2021478 games
Civil warInvolves any civil war, a war involving people of the same country fighting each other.notifications1981 / 201684 games
Clandestine (Covert operation;Black operation;Secret operation)Involves activities that are kept in secret, concealed from the public eye and others, either because of their illegal or improper nature.notifications1982 / 2020149 games
Class-restricted tasks(Job-restricted tasks)[Class-restricted quests;Class-restricted missions]Includes tasks, quests, missions or such that are only available to a subset of classes or even just one.notifications1 game
Claymation animationClaymation is a type of stop-motion animation achieved with malleable (often plasticine clay) characters.notifications1993 / 201582 games
Clone technology[cloning technology;clones]Features cloning technology or its products.notifications1997 / 201634 games
Cloth dyeing (Cloth coloring:Character coloring)[cloth dyes]Player can color their clothes either when they're acquired, made and/or at any time later (whether or not this requires visit to a dye shop or similar).notifications2001 / 202025 games
Collapsing ceilingWhole or parts of the ceiling fall down and injure or kill the protagonist and possibly others, commonly stalactites or icicles though occasionally whole blocks.notifications1998 / 20149 games
Color scheme: BlueThe color blue is used a lot.notifications1994 / 201819 games
Color scheme: Gray/Brown[Grey/Brown]Heavily uses a gray/brown color scheme. Likely used to help make things look worn or dingy, also to make things seem more depressing.notifications1993 / 201758 games
Color scheme: Orange/BlueHeavily uses a orange/blue color scheme/contrast.notifications2008 / 201720 games
Color scheme: RedThe color red is used a lot.notifications2004 / 201823 games
Color scheme: Yellow/OrangeHeavily uses a yellow/orange color scheme.notifications1997 / 20138 games
Color schemes[Colour schemes]Any heavy uses of certain choice colors.list_alt0 game
Columnar jointingGeologic formation that to human eyes (living in western cultures at least) tends to look artificial despite being natural, often seen with igneous rocks forming polygonal prisms.notifications2001 / 201977 games
Combat stilettos[combat stiletto heels;combat heels;combat high heels]Characters wear stiletto heels to places where they make absolutely no sense, especially combat.notifications2002 / 201835 games
Companion (Sidekick)Player has a companion that helps them out where and when they can.notifications1984 / 2020230 games
Company first gameEach company should have one of these.notifications1980 / 201730 games
Conditional hazardsIncludes hazards that can be passed through without harm under certain conditions, such as edging slowly rather than running through them.notifications1990 / 20116 games
Console ClassixAvailable to play at Console Classixnotifications1977 / 20113512 games
Consoleclassix-pendingMaintenance tag. Console Classix has purchased at least 1 cartridge of these games, they are just not digitally copied yet (usually due to technical reasons).notifications1 game
ConspiracyFeatures a conspiracy as a plot device or theme.notifications1992 / 201560 games
Contrasted(Burned graphics;Gamut clipped)[gamut clipping]Uses heavily contrasting colors, making itself look brightly colorful but also dark at the same time.notifications1988 / 201519 games
Control pointsInvolves capture and control of certain points of interest, either as the primary or optional objective.notifications1983 / 201849 games
Coprophilia(Scat;Scatophilia)Caters to people with coprophilia. An abnormal interest and pleasure in feces and defecation.notifications2009 / 20102 games
Cotton CropA sub/tropical shrub native to old & new worlds cultivated mainly for cloth made from fibrous cellulose that encases the seeds.notifications1988 / 20134 games
Created by a female authorIt is rare a female has creative control of design, sometimes such are attributed to somewhat different games than those by male authors.notifications1978 / 2019265 games
CRT Effects(Simulated CRT visuals)Visuals simulate realistic, rare, or even imagined aspects of CRT displays.notifications1992 / 201930 games
CultureCulture is part of the gameplay mechanics or is a major thematic element.notifications2005 / 20137 games
Curse (Cursed;Cursed protagonist)The protagonist has been cursed and either bears it or is actively seeking to dispel it, or a curse otherwise plays a major role in gameplay or story.notifications1978 / 201842 games
Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL)Professional video game league.notifications1 game
Damage modelingModels the effects of damage on characters, vehicles and other things.notifications1988 / 202035 games
Dark (Perpetual night)The environs are unusually dark, either because it's a perpetual night, you're stuck in a structure with limited light sources or anything else, forcing you to use any light source(s) you can find or cope with what little you can find in the envnotifications1972 / 2018419 games
Dark past[dark history]A central location or character has past that's best left forgotten, but somehow comes back to haunt. Or this serves as a general theme.notifications1993 / 201613 games
Dark spaceOuter space is realistically depicted as dark/black place instead of the usual colorful juice spill.notifications1977 / 2018190 games
Darkness theme (Blackness)[The dark]Uses darkness, shadows or similar lack of light as a thematic element.notifications1996 / 201813 games
Death of protagonist (Death of a main character)One or more of the main characters die as part of the plot, especially in case of the protagonist.notifications1988 / 2019101 games
Defunct (Shut down)Games that are no longer playable, such as MMOs which have no official servers running anymore or ARGs with the outside of the game components long gone.notifications1989 / 201766 games
Dementia (Insanity;Madness)Involves themes of dementia, madness and general insanity. Especially cases where the main character suffers or can suffer from this.notifications1995 / 201745 games
Demonic invasionDemonic creatures have decided to invade our happy little reality en masse.notifications1990 / 2020101 games
Demonic menaceOne or more demons or other demonic beings serve as the main antagonistic force.notifications1994 / 202047 games
Desaturated[desaturation;faded;sepia]Colors are tinted towards gray or are neutral-ish with each other.notifications1999 / 201830 games
Desolate(Lonely)Player hardly meets anyone, people or animals.notifications1995 / 202028 games
Developed exclusively on the same platform as the target platform.These games used no outside development system. Presumable all games are tested/tweaked, but not necessarily strictly exclusively [i]developed on[/i], their target platform.notifications1978 / 201611 games
Development Systemslist_alt0 game
Dialect: Australian English dialectsAustralian English is spoken or recognizably written in the game.notifications1 game
Dialect: Southern American English (Southern Drawl)Southern American English is spoken or recognizably written in the game.notifications4 games
DiceIncludes dice or lots objects or polygons that land on a random side.notifications1975 / 2017219 games
Dielect: Texas EnglishTexas English is spoken or recognizably written in the game.notifications1984 / 20135 games
Digitized Still Images (Live-action stills)Real life images or a video frame have been scanned and made into textures, sprites, and/or images within the game.notifications1983 / 2017322 games
Digitized video (Live action video)Prerecorded video clips of [i]live action[/i] are rendered digital, in full or part, and displayed within the game.notifications1990 / 201687 games
Dilapidated (Worn;Decrepit)Gives the impression of worn down and/or poorly (or not at all) maintained habitats and such.notifications2003 / 201823 games
Dingy[Decayed;Sullied;Tarnished;Soiled;Used;Rusted;Dirty]Gives an image of dirty, rusted and old world in state of constant decay.notifications1993 / 201863 games
Directional energy shieldsEnergy shields only cover a sector or limited area rather than providing all around protection.notifications1991 / 20135 games
Discolored blood (Discolored ichor)For whatever reason, the blood of Humans and Earthborne animals is something else than red.notifications1993 / 201322 games
Discriminationnotifications2007 / 20166 games
Disease (Illness;Sickness;Plague)Affliction(s) caused by some disease(s) is part of gameplay.notifications1971 / 202186 games
Disposable keys(Single-use keys)Keys are for the most part single use, disappearing into nothingness the moment they're used for anything. These also commonly work for any lock rather than one or more specific ones.notifications1985 / 201738 games
Disproportionate retribution(Disproportionate retaliation)As part of the plot, someone or some people retaliate in disproportionate manner. Such as going genocidal in response to actions of a few people.notifications1997 / 20199 games
Divine champion(Hellish champion)The protagonist is a champion of some deity or deities, or is otherwise a powerful divine/religious figure.notifications1992 / 201214 games
Divine Menace (Godly menace)A god or divine being, or several, serve as the main antagonistic force.notifications1995 / 201935 games
Dreams (Dreaming;Dream theme)Features dreams or dreaming as a significant theme.notifications1985 / 201927 games
DrugsDrugs are or can be used. Especially cases of illegal and/or addictive drugs. Even more so if the player is actively involved.notifications1979 / 201776 games
Duplicate: Other Language: Hungarian0 game
DyingThe protagonist is nearing death with each passing moment and must actively circumvent it or to finish their task before they run out of time.notifications1985 / 201617 games
DystopianGives an image of society gone bad. Literally the opposite of what utopia would be.notifications1982 / 2020150 games
Elements (Prime elements)The old prime elements of fire, water, air and earth, or any other elements the used mythos has, feature prominently in the story or gameplay.notifications1991 / 201515 games
Energy shields (Protective force fields;Deflector shields)Includes energy shields of one sort or another, especially when employed by the protagonist.notifications1973 / 2019227 games
English Language0 game
Entity versus Entity conflict (Man versus Man)A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face, and in many cases, the player alsonotifications1981 / 2017126 games
Entity versus Invention conflict (Man versus Machine;Man versus Idea)A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face, and in many cases, the player alsonotifications1982 / 201325 games
Entity versus Natural Order conflict (Man versus Nature;Man versus Physics;Man versus Logic;Man versus Emotion;Man versus Addiction)A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face, and in many cases, the player alsonotifications1980 / 201891 games
Entity versus Self conflict (Man versus his own limits)A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face, and in many cases, the player alsonotifications1983 / 19843 games
Entity versus Supernatural Entity conflict (Man versus supernatural;Man versus Fanciful;Man versus Alien)A narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.notifications1980 / 201376 games
Environmental hazardslist_alt0 game
Ernesto Che Guevara (Che Guevara;El Che)The worlds most famous revolutionary. An Argentine Marxist, politician, author, physician, military theorist, and guerrilla leader. His stylized image has become an icon of Counterculture.notifications1987 / 19882 games (1 characters)
Erratic foreign language(Flavour foreign language)Foreign words or sentences are thrown in the dialogue or writing seemingly randomly, or are used inexplicably with some things such as describing technology.notifications1998 / 201426 games
EthnicityAny tags relating to ethnicity.list_alt0 game
European Portuguese LanguageThe Portuguese language as is written and spoken in Portugal.notifications1996 / 2020159 games
Evil overlord[Evil genius]A single person has somehow gained unswerving loyalty of numerous creatures and is causing trouble in the world.notifications1982 / 2017221 games
ExoskeletonPlayer character wears or can wear a powered exoskeleton short of piloted robots.notifications2011 / 20179 games
ExpendableThe protagonist is treated as if their existence is unimportant, failure would either mean someone else is readily available to do their job or that even failure would accomplish enough.notifications1998 / 20085 games
Explained HUDThe presence of the HUD is more or less explained in-mythos.notifications1983 / 201744 games
Explained third-person perspective(Explained third-person camera)Third-person perspective/camera is somehow explained within the mythos.notifications1996 / 20187 games
F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)An institution of the executive branch of government of the USA. Created to gain information on behalf of law enforcement & later given broader powersnotifications1988 / 20139 games
Factual inaccuracynotifications2007 / 20125 games
Failed projectFeatures a some kind of a failed project or undertaking as major recurring theme or element.notifications2015 / 201610 games
FaithFaith is a major story element or part of the gameplay mechanics.notifications1994 / 20168 games
Faiths and Religionslist_alt0 game
False Credits (Alan Smithee)Game where the [i]official[/i] credits are purposefully inaccurate for various reasons.notifications1 game
False godsSome things are worshipped, attributed, or otherwise recognized as gods by the populace, but player is given enough evidence to claim that they're not that. Regardless if anything is done about it.notifications2001 / 20193 games
Family theme(Family-centric plot)The story revolves around family or uses family otherwise as thematic element.notifications1979 / 201814 games
Feelies requiredEach playthrough, load, character creation [i]or[/i] savegame, requires consulting a chart, map, decoder wheel, word on a page in the manual, or additional game materials.notifications1983 / 2020154 games
Fictional credits (Crazy credits;Humorous credits)Sometimes humorous/fictional credits are used to add entertainment value to a game. Such as in-game characters being credited for their in-game rolesnotifications1986 / 20087 games
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (Fidel Castro)Worlds 2nd most famous revolutionary. The only leader to ever make communisum work. He toppled the Batista dictatorship & ruled Cuba for over 50 yearsnotifications1987 / 19882 games (1 characters)
Field promotionProtagonist gains one or more field promotions, or equivalent of.notifications1999 / 200912 games
FieryExtensive use of flames/fire for visual effect.notifications2011 / 20145 games
Fisher-PriceFisher-Price is a toy and baby gear company. They have licensed their name to games also.notifications1988 / 19928 games
FlashbacksInvolves flashbacks, interactive or not.notifications1993 / 202031 games
Flying city (Flying castle;Flying fortress)[floating city]Features one or more flying, hovering, or otherwise suspended in air castles, cities, or similar large structures you'd normally expect to see firmly on ground.notifications1999 / 201622 games
Food themenotifications1982 / 201594 games
Footbag (Foot Bag;Hacky Sack)A squishy bag of sand or pellets designed to be maneuvered by head, elbow, knee, shoulder or a shoed foot into to air repeatedly for fun or sport.notifications1987 / 198913 games
Forbidden technologyInvolves technology forbidden from being used in any capacity within the mythos.notifications2 games
Forced aggro[taunting]Players and/or some enemies can somehow force others (including other players) to attack themselves or others, usually via some taunting mechanic. Not applicable if players are immune to this.notifications3 games
Forgotten past (Forgotten history)notifications1998 / 201513 games
Fortune TellingPredicting the future of someone for their benefit, often in exchange for money. Prophecy is often mistaken for Fortune Telling.notifications1985 / 201621 games
Fuel crisis (Oil crisis;Oil depletion)Involves a fuel crisis crippling the world, with possibly the story's events being caused by it or otherwise related to it.notifications1973 / 201420 games
Fueled by Death (Fueled by Destruction)These games depend on the phenomenon of time, fuel, or some other resource mysteriously harvested merely by destruction or death of enemies or itemsnotifications1981 / 201667 games
Game show (Reality show)Made-up game show.notifications1986 / 202032 games
Gameplay mechanic explained(Explained gameplay elements;In-mythos gameplay elements)Some purely gameplay related mechanic is explained in-mythos.notifications1981 / 20147 games
Gang warnotifications2008 / 20209 games
Gas physics(Gas dynamics)Gases move according to airflow or relative weight (lighter gases going up, heavier down), subvert each other, oversaturate, etc.notifications1 game
Gender ratio discrepancyBoth genders are present, but the ratio between them is notably strange, such as single or only few females in otherwise all male cast (consisting of dozens or even hundreds).notifications1997 / 201438 games
Genetic memory (Racial memory)Deals with the concept of genetic memory.notifications1992 / 201210 games
GeographyA knowledge of real world geography is needed to play. This is often associated with educational titles.notifications1972 / 201453 games
Georgian Languagenotifications1996 / 19993 games
GigeresqueUses graphics similar to H. R. Giger's works.notifications1988 / 201519 games
Gloomy[Dark]The art style is gloomy, dark but not in a way that obscures visibility.notifications1991 / 201840 games
Glow suitsCharacters, especially the protagonist, wear suits, armor, clothes, or similar with glowy blibs or strips.notifications2006 / 201448 games
Glowing eyesCharacters and other creatures have inexplicably glowing or otherwise light emitting eyes, commonly either to show they're evil or powerful.notifications1997 / 202094 games
Glowing veinsCharacters and other creatures have inexplicably glowing or otherwise light emitting veins, commonly to show something unnatural/supernatural flowing through them, such as a little too much magic.notifications2004 / 201415 games
Gold in any formBe it currency, jewelry, dust, nuggets, ingots, bars, leaf, ore, or circuitry.list_alt0 game
Gothic architectureAn architectural style that favors tall structures (columns, windows, etc.) that make humans feel small and insignificant.notifications2002 / 20116 games
Grand scale(Massive scale;Epic scale)[grand scope;massive scope;epic scope]The scale of the events reach across the globe, galaxy, the universe, reality itself, or across multiple realities.notifications1971 / 2017153 games
Growing protagonistThe main character is a child (or a baby) at the beginning, and grows, becoming adult during the game.notifications1984 / 202156 games
Gujarati Languagenotifications1996 / 19993 games
Gum (Chewing Gum, Bubble Gum)notifications1 game
Hammer and anvil NPC tactics(Enemies spawn behind)NPC enemies use hammer and anvil tactics - where one force attacks from front while another comes from directly behind, cutting off the fallback route the player(s) originally came from (and presumably made safe) - or spawn in to seem like they do.notifications1 game
HaremThe protagonist has multiple simultaneous long-term romantic and/or sexual relationships more or less openly. At bare minimum this involves 3 people besides the protagonist, though usually involves far more.notifications2006 / 20155 games
Hate groups(Extremist haters)[Ku Klux Klan;The Klan]Features one or more hate groups that advocate and practice hostility and violence of some racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, or religious group. Likely bearing some similarities with Ku Klux Klan.notifications2013 / 20155 games
Health careHas overarching theme of health care.notifications1982 / 201845 games
Heavy specularity(Glossy;Plastic)Heavily uses graphics effects that gives almost everything a glossy, plastic appearance. Usually from overuse of certain kinds of specular lighting or bump mapping. Especially if there's complete lack of matte surfaces.notifications2000 / 201519 games
Hirelings (Hired characters)Player can meet people or other beings they can hire to join them temporarily until they die, become incapacitated, or their contract ends.notifications1975 / 201522 games
Honorable foes[honourable foes]Enemies refuse to attack from behind, together in groups, or in some other dishoronorable manner.notifications2003 / 20145 games
Horse gameDoesn't just have horses, the game is solely about them.notifications1980 / 201473 games
Hourglass figuresCharacters, though mainly females, have consistently a hourglass figure.notifications1 game
Human experiments (Experiments on sentients)Involves humans or other sentient creatures unwillingly being subjected to experiments.notifications1994 / 201782 games
Human menaceHumans in general function as the main antagonistic force.notifications1984 / 201310 games
HumanityHumanity (not as species) plays a part in the game's story or is part of the game mechanics in some manner.notifications2000 / 201814 games
HuntedPlayer is hunted by someone or something for a significant portion of the game.notifications1982 / 202033 games
Hydrologic cycle(Water cycle)Continuous water movement on planet surfaces, subsurface, & atmosphere as it changes liquid, vapor, & ice states (water/clouds/snow) is simulated.notifications2001 / 20145 games
HypothermiaSimulates effects of hypothermia in some manner.notifications2002 / 201824 games
IGF finalist nomineenotifications1999 / 201548 games
ImmortalityFeatures immortality as a concept, theme or plot point.notifications1992 / 20199 games
ImplantsPlayer can install cybernetic, biological or mechanical implants to themselves that somehow improve their performance by various means.notifications1994 / 201734 games
In developmentNot yet properly published/released, but is still in active development, or was when the game entry was last updated.notifications1984 / 2021458 games
In-built trapsTraps built right into the structures, often the structures themselves contributing as traps.notifications1985 / 2018111 games
IncestFeatures incest, sexual and/or romantic relationships between close biological relatives, though in some instances stepfamily can also be considered.notifications1996 / 201717 games
Inconsistent styleThe art style is inconsistent within the game, either on purpose, by lack of or poor art direction, or lack of resources.notifications1992 / 201610 games
Independence warFeatures any factual or fictitious war of independence.notifications1994 / 20149 games
Industrial themenotifications2006 / 20148 games
Inept veteran (Incapable veteran;Inexperienced veteran)The protagonist is presented as a veteran, but they're surprisingly inept despite this.notifications1988 / 202181 games
InjuriesGetting wounded has much broader effects beyond simple loss of health points.notifications1988 / 2020103 games
Insectoid menaceInsects, spiders, or other insect-like beings function as the main antagonistic force.notifications1982 / 201426 games
Insectoid themeInvolves insects or insectoids as central thematic element.notifications1978 / 201743 games
Intentionally bad(Bad on purpose)Has been made intentionally bad in some manner. Such as by mimicking B-movies.notifications2003 / 201412 games
Invention versus Invention conflict (Machine versus Machine)A non-classic narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.notifications1 game
Irish Language (Gaeilge Language)notifications1996 / 20136 games
JewishGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was Jewish and the game promotes the Jewish faith.notifications1 game
Judaism FaithGames where one or more of the authors with creative control practiced Judaism & the game promotes Judaism directly, using symbolism, or allegory.notifications1982 / 200615 games (6 characters)
Kabuki Visuals (歌舞伎)Has visuals inspired by Kabuki theatre. Sing. Dance. Skill.notifications1 game
Kannada Languagenotifications1996 / 19993 games
Koei best (光栄ベスト)Re-released japanese games published by Koei, sold for ¥2,800 (Saturn, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2) or ¥3,800 (PlayStation 2).notifications1995 / 20068 games
Language content: InsignificantFor games that give no instructions, significant story, nor any critical language based information; they can be intuitively operated without knowledge of any language.notifications1975 / 20211936 games
Language: Chiquitistaninotifications2007 / 20083 games
Last hopeThe protagonist (and possibly a small group of allies, friends, or coworkers) is presented as the last hope to prevent - or last one(s) capable of preventing - some great disaster.notifications1992 / 201614 games
Last official game for the platformThe last game, or games if published on the same day, sold in retail outlets for a retired platform in the last region sold. Often these are the best ones.notifications1984 / 200833 games
Latvian Languagenotifications1996 / 19993 games
Law vs GoodPlays with ideas of law, lawfulness, and following the rules being opposed to what is good. Especially if those laws themselves are impartial or even seemingly good themselves.notifications1987 / 201926 games
LegoBased on any Lego products, be it their bricks, other pieces you construct things from, or anything else they've made up.notifications1995 / 2019178 games
Lethal objectsObjects that collide with the player character, environment or enemies and do a fair bit of damage, possibly even killing anyone they collide with. Commonly encountered as large boulders rolling down a hill.notifications1981 / 201696 games
Level equalization(Level matching)Going with too high level character to a lower level mission or similar causes the character to be temporarily de-leveled or otherwise nerfed. Or in reverse where too low level character gets temporarily level boosted or buffed for high level mission.notifications2013 / 20152 games
Levelless RPGDespite being an RPG, no level system is present to gauge the relative power of the characters and monsters. Usually these are purely skill-based.notifications1985 / 201423 games
LiberatedA formally proprietary game officially released as open-source, freeware, and/or at no cost.notifications1989 / 19914 games
License changeThe license by which the game is available has changed since release, such as formerly commercial game becoming freeware or open source, or formerly free game becoming commercial/proprietary.notifications1980 / 2019341 games
License: Cross-platformSingle purchase from at least one official vendor entitles customer to copies on multiple platforms.notifications1998 / 2019318 games
License: Multiple copiesBuying the game from [i]anywhere[/i] gives 2 or more copies of it.notifications1986 / 201313 games
LightUses light as a central thematic element or motif. Not necessarily dealing with darkness in any similar manner.notifications2015 / 20163 games
Limited shop stockShops have limited number of items available that the player may want to purchase in large quantities, such as restoratives or ammo.notifications1997 / 20156 games
Liquid physics (Liquid dynamics)[Water dynamics;Water physics]Liquids and semi-solid substances (such as water, acid, lava, mud, etc.) flow, pool, and otherwise dynamically interacts with the world.notifications1991 / 202037 games
Lolicon (Lolita complex;Lolikon;Rorikon;ロリコン)notifications1983 / 201510 games
Low polyPolygons of the 3D meshes are consistently clearly distinguishable without effort on resolution and display size the game was aimed for for vast majority of objects. Mostly of interest for games where this is not to deal with hardware limitations.notifications2011 / 202019 games
Lowtech FutureThough set significantly in the future there is a notable lack or inavailability of new futuristic technology.notifications1982 / 201518 games
Magazine (Printed media)Distributed in a magazine or other printed media, typically as a type-in program.notifications1980 / 1995280 games
Magic: CommonMagic is depicted as common, everyday thing. Either everyone can use it without problems or magical artefacts are so widespread it's hard to distinguish who actually has aptitude with it or not.notifications2011 / 20144 games
Maiden voyageA new vehicle or such is put into use for the first time, often in a desperate try for it to change the tide of a losing war.notifications1999 / 201710 games
Major League Gaming (MLG)A North American professional videogame league.notifications2001 / 201116 games
Malay Languagenotifications1996 / 19993 games
Malayalam Languagenotifications1996 / 19994 games
Meaningful titleThe game's title is somehow meaningful within the game's context.notifications1988 / 201820 games
Mechanical transformation(Self-reconfiguring vehicle;Self-reconfiguring robot)Features vehicles, robots or such self-reconfiguring from one form to something completely different.notifications1985 / 201858 games
Medialist_alt0 game
Megacorporations (Corporatocracy)Features conglomerates so powerful that they can ignore law, have armed forces of their own and even function as "nations" onto themselves. Often depicted as evil and devoid of morals.notifications1988 / 2019152 games
Methodist DenominationGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was Methodist and the game promotes Methodisms directly, using symbolism, or allegory.notifications1 game
Mind controlThe story or gameplay features some type of control over the minds of others, whether done by the protagonist(s), their allies, their enemies or someone or something else.notifications1985 / 2019105 games
MinecartsMinecarts serve as a vehicle, container, and/or a manipulateble object. Often for fast subterranean travel involving jumps & split-second track switchingnotifications1991 / 201959 games
Minions (Underlings)Player has or can have any number of underlings at her beck and call.notifications1975 / 201660 games
Monochromatic[monochrome]Uses only shades of single color.notifications2016 / 20176 games
Monster friend[monstrous friend]Whatever the fairly normal protagonist (for a video game character) has, is a (usually giant) monster or similar being.notifications1999 / 20168 games
Mormon FaithGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was Mormon and the game promotes the Mormon faith directly, using symbolism, or allegory.notifications1988 / 20074 games
Morse CodeThe game uses Morse Code to communicate information either between characters or between the game and player(s)notifications1984 / 201623 games
Mr.T (Laurence Tureaud)Features Mr. T, a popular 80s toughguy personality. Known for wearing copious amounts of gold, a mohawk hairdo and growling 'I pity the Fool.'notifications1982 / 201916 games
Multiple players can share a single copy of the game.notifications2000 / 20216 games
Multiple players each have a copy of the game.Normal and uninteresting unless this is refers to an optional mode for a game that also has at least one mode where players share a single media.notifications2006 / 20082 games
Multiple players must use multiple copies of the game.notifications1 game
Muslim FaithGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was Muslim and the game promotes the Muslim faith.1 game
MutagenFeatures a mutagenic substance or agent that causes massive and rapid mutations, often turning whoever comes in contact with it into monsters.notifications1993 / 201756 games
Myth magnetThe protagonist is a perplexing magnet for mythical things, often gaining a large number of legendary or mythic artefacts over the course of the game.notifications1998 / 201721 games
Nano technology (Nanites;Nanorobotics;Nanofabrication;Nanolithography;Nanobots)Features nano technology or its products.notifications1997 / 201757 games
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationUSA's government run space program. Despite advancing many sciences, including videogames, it is most famous for moon landings & space shuttles.notifications1982 / 201122 games
Natural disasterDepicts a major natural disaster or events immediately caused by it.notifications1984 / 201312 games
Natural disastersEarthquakes, floods, tornadoes, meteor strikes, and all other kinds of natural disasters come to make your life difficult.notifications1978 / 201590 games
Natural hazardsThe player must face wind, cold and other natural hazards.notifications1980 / 201523 games
Natural languagesAny tags relating to natural languages.list_alt0 game
Natural versus Invention conflict (Nature versus Machine)A non-classic narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.notifications1982 / 201117 games
Natural versus Natural conflict (Nature versus Nature)A non-classic narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.notifications1982 / 201416 games
Nature themeNature serves as a major thematic element.notifications1997 / 201940 games
Navigationlist_alt0 game
Neo-medievalnotifications3 games
Neon (Glowing)Gives the impression of things in the game world being made of lit neon sign tubes, or like materials. Dark backgrounds enhance the effect.notifications2006 / 2021131 games
Nintendo Selects (Player's Choice)[b]Nintendo Selects[/b], formerly known as [b]Player's Choice[/b] before 2011, is a marketing label utilized by Nintendo to promote video games on Nintendo game consoles which have sold many copies.notifications1989 / 2016115 games
No savesPlayer has no permanent game progress saves of any kind.notifications1978 / 2021131 games
No UPC (No EAN;No GTIN;No JAN)Product does not have a UPC, EAN, JAN, or GTIN compliant barcode despite a release year suggesting it should. But it may have some other barcode.notifications1990 / 20086 games
Nonsense (Nonsensical;Bizarre)What you do, what you're required to do, what is actually happening, what works and what doesn't, etc. don't exactly make much sense when viewed by an outsider. But not in a way to make this surreal experience.notifications1987 / 201537 games
Nostalgia[pre-game nostalgia]Protagonist talks about or generally refers to events before the start of the game somewhat frequently, especially when these are not relevant to the plot but rather as a way to establish the protagonist as a person.notifications1 game
Not on Console ClassixNot available to play at Console Classixnotifications1982 / 20161044 games
NPC staminaNPCs suffer from the effects of having stamina meter or similar much like the player does.notifications2 games
Nuclear solution[nuclear option]Nuclear detonation is provided as The Only solution to some problem, even if it's easy to find others if one would just look away from the nukes.notifications1998 / 201712 games
Obscured protagonist dialog(Non-specific protagonist dialog)A variant of silent protagonist where the protagonist does not appear to say anything, but other character dialogue goes as if they had, such as responding to things that player never heard said by the protagonist.notifications2005 / 201713 games
Observer(Spectator)Player (character) is aware of an observer to their actions, other than a counselor, mission command, tactical officer, or similar that is expected to function as such.notifications1998 / 201519 games
OBSOLETE: HumorFlag the games as `humorous´ instead.notifications2008 / 20196 games
Occitan Languagenotifications1996 / 19994 games
Odd rulers (Odd gods)The rulers, gods, or similar have decidedly strange perceptions on their responsibilities or things that their underlings should do for them (or are just plain odd in general).notifications2000 / 20186 games
One of a kindThe protagonist is the only one of his/her kind, there's no others like him/her.notifications1999 / 201823 games
One of manyThe protagonist is one of many on a single side, whether or not the others actually manage to do anything useful.notifications2001 / 201537 games
Organic theme (Biological theme)Uses organic design or otherwise depicts organic themes prominently.notifications1986 / 201534 games
Organized crime (Criminal organizations;Criminal syndicates)notifications1990 / 202076 games
Other compatibility issuesGame has various compatibility issues not covered by other compatibility tags.notifications1 game
Other Language: A computer languageThis tag is not indicating the source code of the game. Rather it indicates one of the languages used in the game is in fact a computer language.notifications1978 / 201632 games
Other Language: Afrikaansnotifications2003 / 200810 games
Other Language: Albaniannotifications1996 / 19994 games
Other Language: American English (US English)(nearly always) Only in cases when available in a variety of distinct English variations.notifications1981 / 201131 games
Other Language: Amharicnotifications2 games
Other Language: Arabic (الْعَرَبيّة;al-ʿarabiyyah;عَرَبيْ;ʿarabī)notifications1987 / 202089 games
Other Language: Azerbaijani (Azeri Turkish)notifications3 games
Other Language: BASIC (computer language)This tag is not indicating the source code of the game. Rather it indicates one of the languages used in the game is in fact BASIC.notifications7 games
Other Language: Basque (Euskara)notifications1996 / 20139 games
Other Language: Bosniannotifications1996 / 20052 games
Other Language: Brazilian Portuguesenotifications1992 / 2021481 games
Other Language: British English (UK English)Nearly always applies in cases when the game is available in a variety of distinct English variations.notifications1981 / 201546 games
Other language: Bulgarian (български език;Bălgarski)notifications1996 / 202072 games
Other Language: Cantonese (粵語;粤语;廣東話;广东话;廣州話;廣府話;广州话;广府话;白話)notifications1 game
Other language: Castellano (Castilian)Spanish spoken in the Castile region.notifications1992 / 201926 games
Other Language: Catalan (catalán;català;Valencian)Spanish dialect.notifications1995 / 201735 games
Other Language: Cherokee (ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗ;Tsalagi Gawonihisdi)notifications1 game
Other Language: Croatian (hrvatski jezik)notifications1996 / 201310 games
Other Language: Dzongkha (རྫོང་ཁ;rdzong-kha;Jong-kă;Ngalopkha)The national language of Bhutan. Notable for Microsoft's attempt to internationally rename it as if they had the authority too.notifications2 games
Other Language: Early Modern Englishie: Ye (pronounced Thee /ðiː/), Thou, thy, thine. Early Modern English, sometimes mistaken for Shakespearian or so called 'King James English' which are subsets & mixtures of it.notifications1986 / 20204 games
Other Language: Esperantonotifications1980 / 20147 games
Other Language: Estonian (eesti keel)notifications1996 / 201321 games
Other Language: Farsi (Persian;فارسی;پارسی)notifications1996 / 20107 games
Other Language: Flemish (Vlaams)1 game
Other Language: Galician (galego)notifications1996 / 20179 games
Other Language: Greek (Ελληνικά;Ellìniká;Hellenic)notifications1988 / 2020113 games
Other language: Hindi (हिन्दी)notifications1996 / 20117 games
Other Language: Hungarian (Magyar;magyar nyelv)notifications1984 / 2020204 games
Other Language: Icelandic (íslenska)[Islandic]notifications1995 / 20018 games
Other Language: Indonesiannotifications1988 / 201212 games
Other Language: Kongo (Kikongo)notifications4 games
Other Language: Latin (lingua Latīna)notifications1984 / 201422 games
Other Language: Leet (31337;1337;l33t;leetspeek;l33tspeak;l33t5p34k;1337speak;13375p34k)notifications1993 / 20025 games
Other Language: Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba)notifications1993 / 201313 games
Other Language: Macedonian (македонски јазик;makedonski jazik)notifications1996 / 20045 games
Other Language: Mandarin Chinese (官話;官话;guānhuà)notifications1998 / 20087 games
Other Language: Northern Sami (Sámegiella;Davvisámegiella;Davvisámi;Davvisaami;Lappish;Lapp)notifications1 game
Other Language: Norwegian (Norse;Norsk)notifications1979 / 2020185 games
Other Language: Rednecknotifications4 games
Other Language: Romanian (limba română)notifications1996 / 202086 games
Other Language: Serbian (српски језик;srpski jezik)notifications1996 / 201311 games
Other Language: Simplified Chinese text (简化字;简体字)A new set of Chinese characters designed to be less complex than the originals. Some include phonetic info, some are unchanged. Less popular than [url=/groups/info/langchinesetrad]異體字[/url].notifications1996 / 2021365 games
Other Language: Slovak (slovenčina;slovenský jazyk)notifications1987 / 202034 games
Other Language: Sloveniannotifications1996 / 201513 games
Other Language: Svenska0 game
Other Language: Swedishnotifications1989 / 20153 games
Other Language: Swiss-German (Deutschschweiz)notifications1 game
Other Language: Taiwanese (臺灣話;臺語)Language derived from Min Nan Chinese.notifications1989 / 201011 games
Other Language: Taiwanese Chinesenotifications1999 / 20135 games
Other Language: Taiwanese Mandarin (台灣國語;台灣華語)National language of Taiwan spoken practically by all.notifications2001 / 20052 games
Other language: Tamil (தமிழ்)notifications1996 / 20034 games
Other Language: Thai (ภาษาไทย;phasa thai)notifications1996 / 202080 games
Other Language: Traditional Chinese text (異體字;Chinese complex characters;繁體字;Chinese old characters;老字;全體字)A set of original Chinese characters that are more complex than the new [url=/groups/info/langchinesesimpl]simplified Chinese characters[/url]. 異體字 is more widely used among Chinese speakers.notifications1997 / 2021179 games
Other Language: Turkish (Türkçe)notifications1995 / 2020208 games
Other Language: Ukrainiannotifications1996 / 2020107 games
Other language: Vetnamese(Tiếng Việt)notifications1996 / 202013 games
Other language: Walloon (Walon)notifications1996 / 19994 games
Outbreak (Epidemic;Pandemic)Features a major disease or viral outbreak. Or something that causes similar results.notifications1983 / 2019119 games
Over the top(Outrageous;Overdramatic)[over-the-top]Frequently overdoes the drama, action, or anything else to a point where what happens is ludicrous.notifications2003 / 202024 games
Pachisi VarientAny game that s not Pachisi but based on it or being fellow variant including Caupur, Chaupar, Chaupur, Chausar, Ludo, Sorry, Parcheesi, Trouble, & Twenty-Fivenotifications1 game
Pacific Digital Video (PacDV)PacDV is an award winning documenter production company that provides some free digital content on their site for use in other people's projects.notifications4 games
Pack-in (Bundled with system)Officially packaged with or built-in to the consoles or the operating systems.notifications1972 / 2015177 games
Papercraft visualsnotifications2001 / 201512 games
Partners In RhymeUses content provided by PIR.notifications4 games
Penalty imposed for harming non-combatantsPenalizes player(s) if they in any way harm players or game characters who are not fighting against the protagonist(s).notifications1981 / 201449 games
Permanent metamorphosis (Permanent shapechange;Permanent transformation)Features a character experiencing a non-reversible metamorphosis into something else, especially when this happens to a main character.notifications1994 / 201538 games
Persistent weatherSome unusual (fog, rain, high wind, storm, etc.) weather phenomena persist far longer than it naturally should or is otherwise somehow ever present.notifications1999 / 20107 games
Personal protectionAny tags describing things the player character can use to protect themselves or are protected with.list_alt0 game
PixelatedIntentionally runs with pixel doubling, tripling, or something - such as the graphics are designed to look like it - that brings out the pixels to visible levels as they used to be in old games.notifications1986 / 2021426 games
Planet lootersA group, faction, organization, whole species, or something that strip mines planets of their minerals, biological matter, and anything else there might be worth taking. Often with complete disregard for who or what lives on those planets.notifications1997 / 201634 games
Player teasingnotifications2005 / 20176 games
PlayStation HomeSomehow interacts with the PlayStation Home, such as providing additional objects for use in it.notifications1 game
Podophilia (Foot fetishism)Includes or caters to people with foot fetishism; a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is one of the most common fetishes known to history.notifications1 game
Power armor [exoskeleton]Player character wears or can wear a power armor or powered exoskeleton short of piloted robots.notifications1984 / 2020204 games
PrecognitionPrecognition plays an important part in the story.notifications2004 / 20054 games
Precursors (Those who came before)The story involves people - or some remains of them - that existed long, long ago.notifications1992 / 201953 games
Prejudicenotifications2007 / 201716 games
Prétendre (Rebranded)A game that is retooled or merely renamed in order that it be marketed as a belonging to a totally unrelated series of games.notifications1982 / 200822 games
PropagandaThe protagonist is subjected to and possibly subjects others to significant quantity of propaganda.notifications1985 / 201622 games
Property damage penalty(Collateral damage penalty)Player is penalized for damaging random property.notifications1994 / 201414 games
Psychedelic VisualsMetaphysical, surreal, kaleidoscopic, fractal, paisley, extremely contrasting, detail stylization, morphic, phosphenes, spiral, concentrics, diffractions, entoptic, untypography, hand-letter, and/or warped visualsnotifications1990 / 201920 games
Psychic technology(Psitech)Includes devices, machinery and whatever else that is powered by or otherwise interacts with psychic powers.notifications1998 / 201514 games
Punjabi Languagenotifications1996 / 19993 games
Quantum physics (Quantum mechanics;Quantum technology)Features the use of quantum mechanics, fictional or factual.notifications1997 / 20178 games
Radioactive glow (Nuclear glow)[radiation glow]Radioactive or irradiated substances, things or creatures glow. Commonly green, but occasionally orange.notifications1998 / 202023 games
Rampage(Running amok;Going postal)[serial killing;mass murder;mass destruction]Plot involves the protagonist going on a rampage, killing spree, mass murder, bout of mass violence or destruction, or something similar.notifications1981 / 201162 games
Rampant crimeCrime is extremely common within the depicted setting, with the police (if such even exists to begin with) or equivalent woefully undermanned and under-equipped to deal with it or is even working for the bigger criminals.notifications1992 / 202020 games
Rape(Non-consensual intercourse;Rape fantasy)[non-con sex]Depicts non-consensual intercourse; possibly with the player character partaking in it, fighting against it, or simply witnessing it.notifications1986 / 201942 games
Rapid promotionsProtagonist gains several promotions over the course of the game, possibly on the field.notifications1999 / 20085 games
Real crisisBased on a real crisis, either one that passed, is on-going or is predicted to happen in near future.notifications1986 / 201113 games
Realistic shotguns(Medium range shotguns)Instead of being glorified melee weapons that has effective range of only about 15 meters if even that, in these games they actually are closer to reality with effective range of 30 to 50 meters with shot ammo and up to 70 meters with slug ammo.notifications1996 / 201637 games
Recalled (Replaced)Pulled out from retail stores, usually due to severe bugs or other issues in the release that somehow passed through without notice. Later put back in in slightly altered form.notifications2009 / 20157 games
Recycled title(Re-used title)Re-uses title of an older game in the same series without being a remake of it.notifications2008 / 202030 games
Redeemed from SteamThis game can be upgraded from a steam provided service to a fully owned game.notifications1 game
Resistance movement(Rebellion;Freedom fighters;Insurgency)A resistance or similar movement is taking place during the story, possibly with the player helping or fighting it.notifications1983 / 2020181 games
Resource crisisInvolves a resource crisis crippling the world, with possibly the story's events being caused by it or otherwise related to it.notifications1983 / 201322 games
Restorative gluttony(Potion gluttony;Potion addiction;Restorative addiction)Promotes gameplay where player stocks their inventory full of restorative items and constantly consumes them during normal play. These restoratives are usually also easily found as regular loot from enemies.notifications1996 / 201637 games
RotoscopingUsed rotoscoping in production.notifications1984 / 201452 games
SaviorThe protagonist is recognized by people as someone who will save them from one thing or another, before they do the saving.notifications1993 / 201512 games
Sciencelist_alt0 game
ScreamingPlayer hears screaming fairly frequently throughout the game. Can be part of comedic effect, but also found in more darker games as means of unnerving the player.notifications2012 / 20142 games
SeasonsSeasons change and somehow affect gameplay.notifications1992 / 202034 games
Secret society (Secret organization)The story involves one or more secret society or similar entity.notifications1995 / 201846 games
SemaphoreDistant visual communication using two angles and contrasting colors to encode information. Single or dual color flags & gloved hands are common medianotifications1989 / 19984 games
Semi-barriersIncludes barriers of one form or another that block some things while letting others pass that player must interact with in this capacity, such as metal grids that allow you to pick and place items but deny attacking, throwing, or moving through them.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Semi-seamlessThe game world is seamless except for instances where it makes sense, such as when transitioning between planets, cities, or other large locales that are not logically connected. As in, there's no gameplay of any kind involved between the locations.notifications1 game
Sentient artefact (Sentient weapon)Includes at least one item that expresses sentience to a degree, commonly by talking to the wielder and possibly people around them.notifications1993 / 201981 games
Sentient structure(Sentient building)[Haunted house;Sentient house]Features one or more structures such as houses, monoliths, castles, etc. that express sentience, self-awareness, and such. Usually with the ability to talk to their residents and people near them.notifications2006 / 20145 games
Separate Language VersionsAt least one language preference requires a separate package or version rather than having a single version of the game.notifications2008 / 20135 games
Seventh-day Adventist ChurchGames where 1 or more of the authors with creative control was member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church & the game promotes its faith directly, using symbolism, or allegory.6 games
Shinto religionGames where one or more of the authors with creative control was involved in Shinto and the game promotes Shinto directly, or using symbolism, or allegorynotifications1986 / 201825 games
Simulated trustnotifications2002 / 20179 games
Single genderOnly one gender is present among all significant participating characters (allies, foes, and neutrals with exception of bystanders and possibly cutscene only characters).notifications1993 / 201791 games
Single gender alliesBoth genders are present, but all of your immediate allies (such as team members) are of the same gender with no variation.notifications2010 / 20152 games
Single gender oppositionBoth genders are present, but all of your opponents are of the same gender with no variation.notifications1996 / 202041 games
Singled outEven with multiple equally worthy targets running around, your enemies target the character you're in control much more fervently, even exclusively.notifications2000 / 201717 games
SituationsTags describing the situation, such as a catastrophe, getting lost, work incident, war, etc.list_alt0 game
Slobbery (Wet and slimy)Gives off an unusually wet/slimy impression, especially if the various characters (or even places) drool, ooze or otherwise secrete liquids or slime a lot.notifications1993 / 201427 games
Slovene Languagenotifications2 games
Snowball items(Snowballing equipment)Includes items/equipment that become more powerful as they're used, usually up to a point.notifications2009 / 20143 games
Solo missionThe protagonist is sent to do their job alone. No-one else is there to do the stuff they're supposed to.notifications1988 / 201894 games
Solo project (Single author)Created fully (code, design, art, sounds, music, etc.) by single person.notifications1983 / 201646 games
SoulsSouls of the dead or living play a part, either as a theme or game mechanic.notifications1999 / 201735 games
Source Code lost, misplaced, or destroyed.Usually accidental, sometimes thoughtlessly, to often maliciously. In some cases it may be recoverable or reconstructed through reverse engineering.notifications1973 / 201429 games
Speech: AfricanDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in some native African tongue.notifications3 games
Speech: AfrikaansDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Afrikaans.notifications1 game
Speech: Chinese (Mandarin;Cantonese)Despite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Chinese.notifications2011 / 20136 games
Speech: Farsi(Persian;فارسی;پارسی)Despite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Farsi.notifications2012 / 20152 games
Speech: FinnishDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Finnish.notifications3 games
Speech: FrenchDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in French.notifications2006 / 200911 games
Speech: GermanDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in German.notifications1989 / 201420 games
Speech: Gibberish(Gibberish voice-overs)[Nonsense]The characters speak gibberish. Ranging from randomly ordered "alien" or "foreign" words that repeat over and over again or utter gibberish that has no clear traits of any language besides sounding vaguely speech-like.notifications1988 / 201856 games
Speech: ItalianDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Italian.notifications2006 / 20115 games
Speech: JapaneseDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Japanese.notifications2008 / 201411 games
Speech: KoreanDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Korean.notifications2007 / 20103 games
Speech: RussianDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Russian.notifications2009 / 201512 games
Speech: SlavicDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in some Slavic tongue.notifications2007 / 20158 games
Speech: SpanishDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Spanish.notifications2005 / 20119 games
Speech: SwedishDespite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in Swedish.notifications1 game
Spouse protagonist(Espoused protagonist;Married protagonist)The protagonist is currently married, engaged, or in similar arrangement with another.notifications1987 / 201732 games
Stained GlassThe game world is visual presented as if it were stained glass.notifications3 games
Stalemate WarDeals with battles or war that ended with no clear victor.notifications1982 / 200911 games
Story time spanAny tags related to how long time span a story covers.list_alt0 game
StrandedThe protagonist is stranded in some remote and/or unknown place where he/she has no immediate or even known possible way back home.notifications1981 / 2019249 games
Streamer scarf(Streamer cloak)The protagonist wears a scarf that is abnormally visible and long, dragging behind them like a flowing streamer. Or anything that acts as a long fabric that flow with the character like long speed lines in comics.notifications2002 / 201311 games
Structural damageLocation-based damage on vehicles, usually involves disabling and even completely destroying specific components.notifications1985 / 201523 games
Sued by Tim LangdellGames that have suffered due to legal threats from Tim Langdell (CEO and founder of Edge Games), usually involving his claims of trademark ownership for anything with the word "Edge" in it.notifications1995 / 201625 games
SuicideSome character(s) may or will commit suicide, especially in case of the protagonist.notifications2001 / 201750 games
Super powersFeatures non-specific super powers wielded by the player or others.notifications1989 / 201857 games
Supernatural Entity versus Natural conflict (Supernatural versus Nature;Fanciful versus Nature)A non-classic narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.notifications1982 / 20154 games
Supernatural Entity versus Supernatural Entity conflict (Fanciful versus Fanciful)A non-classic narrative concept and key to the plot of the game. It is the conflict that the protagonist of the game must face.notifications1980 / 201610 games
Suppression (Oppression)The people are being suppressed or oppressed in one manner or another.notifications1985 / 201660 games
Surface variationsSurfaces have variations in their properties, such as friction.notifications2010 / 20169 games
TattoosCharacters bear tattoos, can get them done for them, and otherwise are unusually visible.notifications1999 / 201420 games
Taxes (Tribute;Protection money)Includes a government, private or criminal organization that collects a portion of assets supposedly for the benefit of those whom give the fundsnotifications1981 / 2021152 games
Technomagic (Technology-based magic)Technology is used to produce effects you'd expect to see in fantasy setting from magic.notifications1988 / 202058 games
Teleportation (Particle transportation)Characters can dematerialize items or themselves in one place and rematerialize elsewhere without actual movement to that location. Regardless if this is by magical, scientific or completely made-up means.notifications1974 / 2020313 games
TerraformingInvolves turning a planet's ecosystem to be more suitable to the protagonist's needs.notifications1985 / 201722 games
The Sierra Network (The ImaginatioN Network;INN)TSN was created by Sierra On-Line & later renamed INN. It was a precursor to the online games & communities that followed but never itself succeeded.notifications1993 / 19953 games
The Unchosen OneThere's a Chosen One, but you aren't him/her/it.notifications1999 / 20022 games
Throw anythingPlayer can throw (almost) anything, especially if it can be held. So any weapons, tools, etc. the player may use can also be thrown, usually with enough force to hurt or damage something with them.notifications1991 / 201755 games
TimeAny time related tags.list_alt0 game
Time paradoxnotifications1989 / 201716 games
Time span: DaysThe story covers several days of time.notifications1989 / 201729 games
Time span: HoursThe story covers only some hours of time.notifications1984 / 20135 games
Time span: MonthsThe story covers several months of time.notifications2006 / 20136 games
Time themeTime serves as a major plot or thematic element.notifications1989 / 201822 games
TitleAny and all title related tags.list_alt0 game
To-do: verify existenceThis is UVL maintenance tag, used to mark games that someone is fairly certain they don't really exist. These games were likely entered through scripted mass add from 3rd party source, explaining such errors.notifications1975 / 2019316 games
Too Popular to be publishedSometimes a game is so good that marketing geniuses decide it would be way to popular if published. Thus hindering sales of their mediocre games.notifications1984 / 201612 games
Total destructibilityGames where there is no such thing as indestructible object, place or thing. Leveling the playfield into something completely unrecognizable from its original state is what happens here.notifications2015 / 20176 games
Total Entertainment Network (TEN)Uses the subscription-based TEN matchmaking service. Was in operation from 1996-09 till 1999-10. Overthrown by free services, like / 20148 games
TrafficPlayer encounters significant traffic that more or less interferes with what they must do.notifications1979 / 2020195 games
Trails(Footprints;Tracks)Characters and vehicles leave trails, which can be used to track them.notifications1997 / 20164 games
Trampolines (Springboards)Objects, surfaces or merely areas where if the player character jumps repeatedly, they reach higher with each jump.notifications1984 / 201826 games
Transgender protagonistThe protagonist considers themselves to be the opposite or other gender they had at birth. It is not necessary for them to dress or surgically alter themselves towards that gender for them to be this, nor to behave in stereotypically effeminate/masculinenotifications1988 / 20143 games
TransgendersPeople who have either changed their gender they had at birth, or consider themselves (as in, their gender role) to be opposite or other than they biologically are (which genitalia they have).notifications1988 / 201621 games
Transparent SolidsVisual style where solid objects that one would expect to be opaque are instead transparent. This can be by intended design or due to limitations.notifications1974 / 20132 games
True myths (Real myths)Things that pretty much everyone thinks are myths are actually true/real.notifications2000 / 201915 games
Unaligned enemiesPlayer encounters character that are not aligned with them or their actual opponents, but still engage any that draw their ire.notifications1 game
Uncertain reality(Real unreality;Real dreams)What is real and what isn't real is blurred so much that it is difficult to distinguish the truth, especially when what is clearly unreal affecting something that is clearly real.notifications2013 / 201811 games
Undead menaceSome form of undead being or beings serve as the prime opposing force.notifications1986 / 201659 games
UnfinishedHas various pieces of content that obviously should lead to something but upon farther exploration, examination, and so forth don't produce any notable results. This does not necessarily mean the game is unplayable or impossible to beat.notifications1999 / 20127 games
UnificationThe plot generally involves the unification of all known (local) tribes/nations, such as unification of island nations, all nations in a continent, all in same planet, or even so far as all in same galaxy or universe.notifications1981 / 201554 games
Uniform fetishismnotifications1 game
Unique RosesSome type of rose not fully covered by existing tags is literally [i]or symbolically[/i] present.notifications1988 / 201044 games
Unity by forceStory involves some faction trying to "unite" people by force, exterminating anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with their vision. Usually marching in with armed forces and then demanding people to submit to their rule.notifications1997 / 201310 games
Unnoticed by normals (Invisible to normals;Ignorant masses;Gullible masses)Certain abnormalities go strangely unnoticed by normal people, either them not noticing them at all, or anything abnormal about them simply does not register to their senses or intellect.notifications2006 / 201814 games
Unrestricted violencePlayer is free to hurt and kill [i]anyone[/i], from random pedestrians to puppies.notifications1987 / 2020106 games
Urophilia(Urolagnia;Watersports)Caters to people with urophilia.notifications1 game
UVL Maintenance: Linux Spiele & Gamesa 1000 game collection for Linux on 2 CDs published in 2000 by More Software. Tag to be deleted from all when entries are complete.notifications2 games
UVL Maintenance: Multiplayer Info is incompleteMultiplayer Info is incomplete or missing entirelynotifications1 game
UVL: A higher quality image should be soughtThese entries have low quality images. Better ones might be obtainable. Otherwise this tag reminds editors to return when/if better images are possiblenotifications1973 / 2009209 games
UVL: Clarification neededThis is maintenance tag.0 game
UVL: Corrupted textEntries that have corrupted text somewhere in them (not articles, though).notifications1 game
UVL: Delete RequestIf not really sure the game has to be deleted (for being duplicate, non-game, availability on platform being questionable, etc.)notifications1976 / 201343 games
UVL: English Translation NeededGame entry contains non-English in need of a translation, or has an English translation in need of improvement.notifications1 game
UVL: Fan invented title listed (Fan translated title)Has fan invented title listed. This is no translation, abbreviation or such, but completely unrelated title often used of the game by their fans. Also any titles of the game as it appears on other platforms as adopted by fans to the target platform.notifications1981 / 201673 games
UVL: Fan translated title listedEither listed by fan translated title, has fan translated title as one of the alternate titles or uses a translated title from another product (even if correct).notifications1983 / 2017191 games
UVL: Gallery cleanup taskGame entries that have excessive number of images that do not contribute to describing the game, such as fanservice shots or others that do not expand on what the game is actually like.notifications2003 / 20086 games
UVL: Image editing neededThe images available to the editor, or the ones already added do need some external photo-editing. (cropping, image quality enhancement, etc)notifications1984 / 199755 games
UVL: Improper tagAny tags that provide information that should be available in some other manner, these likely exist due to nothing better being available.list_alt0 game
UVL: Includes commonly used misspelled titlenotifications1978 / 201641 games
UVL: Incomplete descriptionThough the game shows a description icon, it is extremely incomplete; often having just 1 or 2 tidbits such as number of players or a catalog number.notifications1977 / 2015231 games
UVL: Insignificant tagsIncludes info on tags that do apply to the game, but are so insignificant in their role of defining the game that adding them would only produce poor search results for users.notifications1 game
UVL: MaintenanceAnything that need additional non-trivial work, such as renaming, splitting, merging, verifying obscure info, etc.list_alt0 game
UVL: Missing game relationsThis is a maintenance tag for games that are known to be missing game relations (likely described in an article in the game entry).notifications1993 / 200627 games
UVL: Missing imagesHas some images, but there are known gamestates or events that could be beneficial to have additionally among the images. Such as title screens, screens of specific game modes or "windows", and so forth.notifications1977 / 2016754 games
UVL: Missing mediaMissing info (tags) on any media or is known to be for others not yet listed.notifications1980 / 2015592 games
UVL: Original title missingHas either localized titles, fan translated and/or romanized titles listed but the name the game was originally released under is not listed (usually titles written in non-latin characters).notifications1983 / 2016239 games
UVL: Platform/Operating System LimitationTemporarily used in cases where a game is listed in a [i][b]completely[/b] unrelated[/i] platform until it is decided how the platform should be handled.notifications1970 / 2016294 games
UVL: Romanization missingHas non-roman title listed or is known to have been released under one, but no romanized title is listed or given romanization is only partial.notifications1983 / 200614 games
UVL: Search help titleIncludes a title intended to help with inexact search queries, such as omitted or changed special symbols, problems with used typeface, etc.notifications1982 / 2020301 games
UVL: Technical Error with Tagscorrupted text/invalid characters in the tags are causing problems.0 game
UVL: Temporary TagsThe tags of this game entry has should be examined and revised later.notifications1 game
Vague termsAny tags that exist to clarify and redirect to better tags. None of these should actually have any games in them.list_alt0 game
VAGUE: Auto combatThis can either mean car combat or automatic/automated combat.0 game
VandalismPlayer can or must damage or otherwise ruin the property of others.notifications2005 / 20105 games
VCR effects(VHS effects)notifications2009 / 20166 games
Vehicle painting (Vehicle coloring)Player can color their vehicle(s) either when they're acquired and/or at any time later (whether or not this requires visit to a paintshop or similar).notifications2004 / 202020 games
Vibrant(High vibrance)[High digital vibrance]Uses unnaturally pure and bright colors, or artificially produces the appearance of such by having added bloom effect to them. Effect is similar to (but not the same as) increasing saturation.notifications1988 / 201871 games
Video game themeVideo games about video games. The plot of the game is based around video games, or the main protagonist is a video games platform, etc...notifications1992 / 201736 games
Virtual social network(Simulated social network)[Virtual social networking;Simulated social networking]Involves interacting with a virtual social network of some sort that.notifications2013 / 20146 games
Visible GridNotable shows a grid even for a game that is not grid based.notifications1983 / 20133 games
Visible LASERsNon-weapon grade LASERs are peculiarly visible to normal human sight.notifications1978 / 202086 games
Vision modes (View modes;Sight modes)Includes different view modes that convey different or additional information not otherwise available.notifications1995 / 201531 games
VisionsThe protagonist experiences visions of another place and time.notifications2004 / 202031 games
Voice-overs (Talkie;Voice acted;Digitized Speech)Includes digitized speech.notifications1978 / 2021449 games
Walking simulatorA descriptive fake genre adopted by players for games that involve excessive amounts of walking between scenes where any action happens.notifications1983 / 201858 games
War of aggression(War of conquest)The side of the war the player is on depicts a war with intent of conquering or subjugating, rather than for self-defense.notifications1 game
WatercolorHas the look of a watercolor painting.notifications1 game
Weather effectsWeather plays a role that affects gameplay besides creating mood or limiting visibility.notifications1977 / 202179 games
Weather themeWeather serves as a major thematic element.notifications1980 / 20116 games
Well of Soulsnotifications2010 / 201612 games
What ifA non-canon spin-off where something is changed, hence the name "what if".notifications1996 / 20022 games
Whispers[whispering]Player character hears unexplainable whispering, chanting or other voices.notifications1999 / 201545 games
WiiWareDistributed through the Wii Shop Channel for play on the Wii.notifications2008 / 2013257 games
Wildfire (Fire spreading;Fire dynamics;Dynamic combustion)Fire dynamically spreads, burns and is extinguished with the presence or absence of appropriate materials and environmental conditions.notifications1977 / 202046 games
Withdrawn from market (Pulled off or removed from market)Completely removed from market for one reason or another, no replacements or altered versions were made available later on.notifications1990 / 201521 games (World Opponent Network)Sierra's online game service that was shutdown in 2004.notifications1998 / 20036 games
Work of art based plotPlot centers on a uniquely valuable work of art such as a painting or sculpture. It is often missing, stolen, or the protagonist intends to steel it.notifications1983 / 19853 games
World Cyber Games (Cyber Games Festival)International professional e-sports event.notifications1998 / 201637 games
World warFeatures any world war where majority of the known nations or military powers join in a war or several around the same time, whether factual, fictional or hypothetical.notifications1978 / 2017371 games
Xbox Live Marketplace (XBLM)[XBLA;Xbox Live Arcade;XBLIG;Xbox Live Indie Games]Distributed through Xbox Live Marketplace.notifications2005 / 2016323 games
Yo-yonotifications1987 / 20105 games
Zulu language (isiZulu)1 game
3D mapThe map is shown as a 3D projection, possibly with free roaming camera, allowing better spatial understanding of (multilayered) areas than a 2D map would.notifications1995 / 202047 games
AcceleratorsObjects, surfaces or merely areas that accelerate or otherwise boost player character and possibly other objects and characters in some direction off them forcibly.notifications1995 / 20118 games
Acidnotifications1990 / 201523 games
Acorns (Oak Nuts)Acorns of the Oak tree are featured in gameplay or story.notifications2 games
AirlocksIncludes door pairs that can be only open one at a time, such as an airlock. Often incorporating pressurisation, scanning and decontamination capabilities. Pseudo-puzzles in games where these are unexpected and both doors need to be manually operated.notifications1999 / 201750 games
AlarmersIncludes people, creatures, devices and other things that can raise an alarm or attract other creatures/people or such to the location.notifications1992 / 201874 games
Alcohol drinksAlcoholic drinks is present in the game.notifications1984 / 2020163 games
Alien floranotifications2012 / 201512 games
Ancient machines (Ancient technology)Machines or other technology that has laid unused for thousands of years yet are still more or less operational.notifications2008 / 201718 games
Announcernotifications1975 / 201435 games
ApplesA fruit know for it's red color but comes others. Has a variety of religious/symbolic meanings most famously the 'Forbidden Fruit'notifications1978 / 2016100 games
Armor patches(Armor shards;Armor pickups)Player can pick up small objects that improve their armor like health pickups, without replacing anything but simply enhancing what's already worn.notifications1997 / 20178 games
Asteroids (Comets)Features inanimate (but usually in motion) space debris that threaten to collide with important things that need protecting.notifications1977 / 2019136 games
Attractors(Gravity wells)Objects or characters that attract other objects or characters toward themselves, especially when the protagonist or some gameplay central thing is attracted by them.notifications1984 / 20144 games
Auto-closing doorsnotifications2007 / 201511 games
Automatic doorsIncludes doors that automatically open when approached and close when no-one's near them anymore.notifications1997 / 201534 games
Available on DesuraAvailable on Desura, a digital distribution network & game development community.notifications1995 / 20171162 games
Available on Direct2drive(D2D)A digital distribution method offering PC videogames via direct download.notifications2008 / 20119 games
Available on DLsite.comAvailable from digital distribution, mainly a source of indie games and other products.notifications2007 / 201522 games
Available on Epic Games StoreAvailable on the digital distribution by Epic Games.notifications2008 / 202072 games
Available on GameolithA digital distribution service for Linux games.notifications2003 / 201561 games
Available on GamersgateAvailable on the digital distribution by Gamersgate.notifications1998 / 201721 games
Available on (Good Old Games)Available from digital distribution.notifications1982 / 20211386 games
Available on Itch.ionotifications1983 / 20214921 games
Available on Mac Games StoreAvailable on the Mac Games Store digital distribution service.notifications1 game
Available on MangaGamer[]Available on the MangaGamer digital distribution service.notifications2015 / 201614 games
Available on PlayismAvailable on Playism digital distribution that focuses on indie PC games.notifications2011 / 20133 games
Available on SteamAvailable on the digital distribution (and by extension social networking service) by Valve.notifications1987 / 20218397 games
Available on the Humble Storenotifications2010 / 2019210 games
Available on Windows StoreAvailable from Windows Store digital distribution for Windows 8/RT or newer.notifications2013 / 20162 games
Available via Humble Widgetnotifications2010 / 2019281 games
Balance beams(Rope walking)A walkable beam used in artistic gymnastics or anything that works like such, such a rope that is walked upon.notifications2008 / 201821 games
Balls0 game
Berries0 game
BestiaryPlayer has access to bestiary of one sort or another, describing the various opponents they face.notifications1 game
Black marketPlayer deals with black market.notifications1981 / 201418 games
Black Pearls (Black Tahitian Pearls)Comparatively rare black pearls from the Tahitian black pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). Were much rarer before production of cultured pearls.notifications1985 / 201872 games
Black RosesBlack roses are literally or symbolically present. Traditionally they have negative meanings; Death, hate, farewell. But also rejuvenation or rebirth.notifications1989 / 201424 games
BlackberriesAn edible aggregate fruit that grows on blackberry shrubs & turns from green to red to deep red (black) when ripe.notifications2 games
Blood Moon[Bloodmoon]A phenomena where the moon appears reddish due to lunar eclipse, often given prophetic, supernatural, or general bad omen traits.notifications2000 / 201819 games
Bloopers(Outtakes;Gag reel)notifications3 games
Blue RosesBlue roses are literally [i]or symbolically[/i] present. Traditionally symbolize unattainable via natural means (impossible), mystery, love at 1st sight, or royaltynotifications1988 / 201319 games
Body armornotifications1980 / 2020431 games
BooksPlayer encounters numerous books they can read, most are likely just fillers for the background mythos - such as history, novels, encyclopedias, etc. - though some may be of actual value, directly or indirectly.notifications1988 / 201869 games
Boosters(Enhancers)[amplifiers]Devices, buildings, etc. that increase the performance of other things attached to or near them.notifications1992 / 201724 games
BriefcasesOften used to hide questionable or extremely valuable objects in fiction, such as drugs, money/gold, weapon components, and so forth.notifications2004 / 20084 games
bsdgames package (bsdgames-nonfree)Part of the bsdgames package common to many BSD and *NIX distributions. Note that included games vary slightly per system.notifications1979 / 200352 games
Cage transport(Coffin transport)Cages, coffins, iron maidens, or such are used as transportation mechanisms with whoever using them needing to go inside them.notifications2002 / 201811 games
CarrotsAn editable orange taproot. Famous as a favorite of rabbits. It is actually more nutritious when cooked.notifications1983 / 201315 games
Cartoon bonesA symmetric femur bone that is inaccurate to its real counterpart. Often used as representation of Any bone thus you can find unusual number of these on corpses, skeletons, and such.notifications1987 / 201619 games
Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)Deals with the CIA, an USA government run civilian (as in, non-military) intelligence agency.notifications1990 / 201517 games
Chasms (Fissures;Rifts)Player encounters expansive chasms.notifications1992 / 201734 games
CheeseGame includes cheese.notifications1983 / 201235 games
CherriesA small spherical fruit with a distinctively long stem. Commonly shown red & in stem attached pairs. It comes in other colors and numbers as well.notifications1981 / 201676 games
ChestnutsAn editable nut from the Chestnut tree. Tends to stink when munched raw. Many prefer it baked or roasted.notifications2007 / 20093 games
Clothingnotifications1982 / 201989 games
CoconutsCoconuts are actually nuts. They are seed of fruit of widespread but beach dwelling coconut palm tree. Often a falling or thrown hazards in videogamesnotifications1980 / 200922 games
CoffinsPlayer encounters numerous coffins.notifications2004 / 201814 games
Color guides[colour guides]Specific colors are used to guide attention, such as red for destructibles, bright white or green for the right direction to go and so forth.notifications1 game
CompaniesCompanies that aren't directly involved with games.list_alt0 game
Concealed doorsPlayer encounters door, hatches, or similar openings that are indistinguishable from the rest of the environment.notifications1996 / 20155 games
Containers(Chests;Drawers;Boxes;Barrels)Includes containers - usually chests - that can be opened and possibly closed as well with items taken out and stored in them. Only for the variety found in the environment, not for carried on person kind unless they're the same.notifications1982 / 2020270 games
ContrabandPlayer has to deal with contraband, other than smuggling such themselves.notifications1999 / 201519 games
Contrails (Condensation trails;Vapour trails)Simulates or otherwise depicts contrails or similar phenomena.notifications2009 / 201413 games
Cosgrove Hall FilmsBased on the creations of the Cosgrove Hall animation studio.notifications1989 / 200832 games
Counselor (Instructor;Operations officer)Player has one or more characters almost constantly nattering what they should be doing or how to do it.notifications1992 / 202096 games
CratesSurprisingly common object in video games.notifications1990 / 2020106 games
Crepuscular rays (Sunbeams;God rays;Light shafts)[lightrays;sunrays]Simulates light rays seen at edges of light and dark areas of air, essentially caused by light scattering from air particles.notifications2002 / 201669 games
Crimson RosesCrimson roses are literally or symbolically present. Traditionally they symbolize mourning.notifications1999 / 20064 games
Crop circlesFeatures crop circles or other similar inexplicable shapes. Commonly associated with extra terrestrial beings and UFOs.notifications1999 / 200811 games
CrushersFalling chunks of ceiling, large machinery, a massive trap, or something else that crushes anyone who has the misfortune of getting in their way, usually killing them (almost) instantly.notifications1994 / 201616 games
CrystalsCrystals of one sort or another appear prominently.notifications1992 / 2018108 games
Cursed itemsItems that are somehow cursed. Commonly can't be removed without dispelling the curse and impart other detrimental effects.notifications1992 / 201919 games
Custom treatiesPlayer can create customized agreements with factions, people, or such.notifications2010 / 20164 games
Dakar Rally(Paris-Dakar Rally;The Dakar)Annual rally raid, since 1979, originally held from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal (now in South America).notifications1985 / 200326 games
Deadly decor(Spiky decor;Spikes everywhere)Locations are riddled with deadly decor that hurts or instantly kills the player character if bumped with. Usually inexplicable spikes found at floors, walls, and ceilings. Especially when their presence makes no sense.notifications1981 / 2020235 games
Death pits (Bottomless pits)Includes pits where once you fall, you're never coming back. Either you die during the fall, hitting the bottom or there's just no way out of them and the game doesn't have the grace to call it a game over.notifications1984 / 2020282 games
Def Jamnotifications2003 / 201011 games
Detectors (Security cameras)Includes devices, creatures, or some other things that serve the purpose of detecting something and summoning something more appropriate to deal with them.notifications1999 / 201813 games
Diaries (Journals;Logbooks;Audiologs)Player can find several diaries or similar recordings of past events that reveal all or part of what had transpired, often revealing surprisingly useful info compared to what one would expect from such.notifications1994 / 2020220 games
Dimensional portals (Planegates;Planar gates)[dimensional gates]Includes gateways between dimensions or planes of existence.notifications1993 / 201521 games
Disappearing platforms (Disappearing floor;Crumbling floor)Features floor or other platforms that disappear and possibly re-appear for one reason or other (commonly from being stepped on).notifications1983 / 2020208 games
Discouraged term: BloodDue to blood being very common thing in games, some other terms should be used instead.notifications1983 / 201856 games
Disguised triggers(Disguised buttons;Disguised levers)Includes buttons, levers or other triggers that are disguised to appear as natural part of the environment, such as a book lever in a bookshelf, a push button stone on a stonewall, lever sconce, and so forth.notifications1988 / 202038 games
Display devices (Monitors;Screens)Player encounters display devices or other similar things that show other parts of the game world in (semi) real-time, commonly displays linked to security cameras.notifications2002 / 20125 games
Distributorslist_alt0 game
Doors (Gates)[Portcullis;Portcullises]A simple piece of a structure that opens and closes, often comes with a locking mechanism.notifications1981 / 2021928 games
Drone (Satellite;Bot)Player has one or more drone ships, robots, or other similar entities running about aiding them in whatever task they're at.notifications1985 / 201673 games
Drop platforms (Pass-through platforms)[drop-through platforms]Platforms that support characters on them, but can be passed through when wanted (dropping down or jumping up through them).notifications1984 / 201869 games
Dust motes (Space dust;Plankton)Dust motes or similar float about in the air, sea, or space. Usually they try to impart a sense of motion in places where seeing it otherwise might not be so clear, or simply for atmosphere.notifications1994 / 201525 games
Encyclopedia(Codex)[encyclopaedia]Includes some form of in-game encyclopedia that explains pretty much everything worth explaining and some more.notifications1992 / 201562 games
Energy distribution (Electric distribution network;Wiring;Power conduits)Player needs to establish and maintain energy distribution in some manner.notifications1982 / 202071 games
Energy pickups(Mana pickups;Spell point pickups)Includes items that restore all or part of the player character's energy upon picking up, activation or touching. These can't be stored in inventory even if such exists.notifications1997 / 201517 games
Energy recharging items(Mana recharging items)Player can carry about items that recharge their energy reserves when they feel it necessary.notifications1993 / 2020146 games
Energy shield projectors(Energy shield emitters;Shield domes;Force field projectors)Includes shielding systems that protect a large area with the force field instead of just whatever has the emitter.notifications2007 / 20138 games
Energy stations(Mana stations)Player can find devices, locations or other things where they can repeatedly recharge their energy reserves.notifications1994 / 201939 games
EruptionsViolent eruptions of some harmful substance (e.g. lava, steam, acid, ...) provide an environmental hazard.notifications2007 / 202027 games
Estate(Stronghold;Base)Player owns or can own a household of one form or another where they have a number of retainers that do the protagonist's bidding.notifications2000 / 201818 games
Explosive environmental objectsIncludes objects that cause an explosion or expulsion of some harmful material upon being sufficiently damaged. These are [i]very[/i] likely red and barrel-shaped.notifications1989 / 2020269 games
Facebook ConnectHas integrated support for interacting with Facebook, likely to automatically publish somehow significant actions in-game.notifications2006 / 201423 games
FactionsThere are multiple factions, organizations, nations or such that have more or less impact on the actual story.notifications1999 / 201949 games
Fake surfaces(Fake platforms;Illusory surfaces)[quicksand]Surfaces or other platforms that are not as tangible as they give the impression of.notifications1988 / 20169 games
Fictional element (Fictional material;Fictional substance)A fictional element or other substance is central to the plot, gameplay or has otherwise very dominant presence.notifications1992 / 201885 games
Fire suppression(Fire suppression systems)Player can or must employ fire suppression systems.notifications1977 / 201427 games
FirefliesTiny little flying insects that emit light or any other beings indistinguishable from them (such as faeries/pixies could exist as just tiny flying points of light, thus indistinguishable from fireflies).notifications2004 / 201715 games
Flammable gasGaseous matter that is explosive or otherwise can be made dangerous under certain circumstances.notifications2008 / 20202 games
Flash cards(Memory cards;NAND)Features memory cards slotted to other devices as generic removable data storage. Appearing since 1994 and growing in popularity since with latest models hardly the size of a fingernail.notifications1 game
Flying islands (Floating continents)[flying continents;floating islands]Features islands/continents that fly, hover, or otherwise are suspended in air.notifications1997 / 2020120 games
Force fields (Energy barriers)notifications1997 / 201853 games
Found mapsPlayer must find maps to have access to them, rather than having some inexplicable map inbuilt.notifications1987 / 20186 games
FoundationsPlayer must deal with building foundations for structures or similar.notifications1992 / 201619 games
Fruitsnotifications1983 / 201423 games
Fungi (Mushrooms)notifications1982 / 202136 games
GamerSafeSupports GamerSafe to a degree, such as having saves stored online, public achievements, micro-transactions, etc. Requires login at GamerSafe, though some games may be playable without such (with the additional features unavailable).notifications1 game
Games RepublicAvailable for digital distribution and shown on the Games Republic store front.notifications2008 / 2019110 games
Garden gnomesStatues of small, stout humanoids with pointy red hats, white beards, and rosy cheeks. Variably targets of pranks, vandalism, strange conspiracy theories, and other things.notifications2007 / 201521 games
GarlicA notably pungent plant, or especially its bulb, that is used for culinary, medicinal, magical, or super natural purposes.notifications1979 / 201883 games
Gems (Gemstones;Precious stones)[diamonds;jewels]notifications1981 / 201589 games
Geoglyphs0 game
GeysersA generally extremely dangerous volcanic eruption of burning hot water or steam.notifications2002 / 20168 games
Giant fungi (Giant mushrooms)Player more or less frequently encounters gigantic fungi, often to the degree that it's a forest made out of them.notifications1994 / 201734 games
Giant machineInvolves some gigantic machine that is not a robot (or mecha) nor a factory or is otherwise not described better with something else.notifications6 games
Gibsnotifications1990 / 2020182 games
Gold bagsBags of gold coins, raw gold ore or such. Strangely often in a plain brown bag, or one with dollar symbol on it even if it's not of said currency.notifications3 games
Gold bars (Gold ingots)Gold that has been melted down and shaped into similar sized bars. Presumed to be purified to one degree or another.notifications1981 / 201345 games
Gold dustWhen dirt (or rock) containing gold is is processed to separate the gold, impure but mostly gold granules that result are called gold dust.notifications2000 / 20043 games
Gold nuggetsNaturally occurring gold chunks. Often found or panned from rivers where erosion has moved them. Sometimes panned from dirt out of mines or hillsides.notifications1983 / 201624 games
GPGnetnotifications2007 / 20083 games
Greatest hitsPS1, PS2 and PSP budget range in the US.notifications1995 / 202065 games
Half-pipe1 structure of 2 opposing quarter-cylindrical ramps for bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, or other vehicles to launch into the air & preform tricks.notifications1987 / 198913 games
Hazmat suitProtagonist wears or can wear a hazmat suit.notifications1998 / 201327 games
Health pickups (Health power-ups)Includes items that restore all or part of the player character's health upon picking up, activation or touching. These can't be stored in inventory even if such exists.notifications1985 / 2020352 games
HeartsCentral pieces of blood circulation in organic beings, often symbolizing vitality, life or even the soul.notifications1990 / 201524 games
Heat haze (Heat distortion)notifications2005 / 201524 games
Herbsnotifications2001 / 20149 games
Horizontal bars (High bars)[Uneven bars]A bar used generally in artistic gymnastics.notifications2006 / 201422 games
Human cannonball (Unit cannon)Characters, vehicles, etc. are shot a great distance via a cannon, catapult, or other similar device as an unconventional means of transportation.notifications2009 / 201410 games
Humble BundleSeries of time limited sales of packs of cross-platform, DRM-free games where customers set their own price and distribute it to the developers, Humble Store, or some charity as they want.notifications2001 / 2020324 games
Illusionary walls (Illusory walls;Fake walls)Includes walls that aren't really there.notifications1988 / 201843 games
Indie FundIndie Fund investment was utilised in the marketing of these games.notifications2011 / 201416 games
Intel Extreme Masters(IEM)An international electronic sports league owned by Turtle Entertainment and sponsored by the namesake Intel.notifications2000 / 201611 games
Interactive triggers (Buttons;Levers;Switches)Player encounters trigger mechanisms they can or must interact with, usually in form of push buttons or turning levers/valves.notifications1990 / 2020238 games
Invasive plant species (Alien weed)Anything that behaves like an invasive species (such as weeds) but also noticeably changing the area as it spreads, overwhelming native forms of life.notifications2003 / 20154 games
Invisible platformsPlatforms that normally are normally undetectable. Some may become visible under certain circumstances and others may even be intangible unless something is done to or near them.notifications1998 / 201824 games
Itch.toAvailable on the digital distribution service known as game
Joke itemsItems that are completely useless or do something bizarre even for the mythos. Commonly treated as non-canon, easter eggs, or similar. Some may simply be references to other works of fiction.notifications1985 / 202056 games
Jump pads(Bouncers;Springs;Catapults)Objects, surfaces or merely areas that bounce the player and possibly other objects and characters off them forcibly high in the air, often used to reach otherwise inaccessible locations.notifications1982 / 2020109 games
Jumping puzzles(Platformer puzzles)Includes jumping puzzles, puzzles where player tries to find the correct route to target via jumping (platforming).notifications2004 / 20138 games
Juniper BerriesActually a fleshy seed cone rather than a berry. Used as a spice for game meats, sauerkraut, gin, & other European foods. Some species are toxic.notifications2 games
KGB(КГБ;Комитет государственной безопасности;Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti)Deals with KGB, the internal security, intelligence and secret police of the Soviet Union.notifications1990 / 20107 games
Knights Templar (Military order)Features the Knights Templar or any other religiously driven military orders; Knights Templar is the most well/widely known military order and often used as synonym for them.notifications1992 / 201419 games
KRI award (Russian Game Developer's Conference award;Конференция Разработчиков Игр award;КРИ award)[Konferencziya Razrabotchikov Igr]Received an award the at any of the Russian Game Developer's Conferences (Конференция Разработчиков Игр).notifications2003 / 20154 games
Ladders (Ropes;Vines;Grid fences;Rappelling;Abseiling)Anything used to climb up or down a vertical surface, regardless what it looks like, or how or even if it's attached to anything.notifications1980 / 20201481 games
Lava[magma]An environmental hazard, though may have actual uses or dynamics outside of the initial danger it poses.notifications1985 / 2018104 games
LEGO GroupAnything created by the LEGO Group.list_alt0 game
LettuceFeatured in gameplay or story. The leafy green. Eaten raw or sometimes cooked. The basis for many salads.notifications2 games
Light bridgesBridges or similar platforms that are formed of light or other supposedly intangible form of energy.notifications1986 / 202030 games
Logic gatesThe most basic element of binary (boolean) computing, can be used with enough effort to construct actual processors inside virtual worlds.notifications1982 / 201640 games
Luggage(Backpacks;Bags;Sacks;Pouches;Boxes)Besides whatever basic inventory space the player has, they can also have additional pouches, bags, backpacks, boxes, etc. that can be used for storing items.notifications1992 / 202038 games
M&M's Candiesnotifications2000 / 20097 games
Mac App StoreAvailable on the Mac App Store.notifications2014 / 20162 games
Mafia(Cosa Nostra)A crime organization of Italian/Sicilian origin which has also established in America.notifications1989 / 202016 games
Magic carpets[flying carpets]notifications1984 / 201627 games
Magic circles (Summoning circles)Drawn circles involved in ritual magic, often inscribed with various geometric shapes and runes.notifications1994 / 201511 games
Magic ingredients (Spell ingredients;Spell components)Magic spells require the use of special ingredients that may or may not themselves be of magical nature.notifications1992 / 201612 games
Magic jewellery[magic jewelry]Rings, neclaces, ear rings, etc. that have magic or magic-like powers associated with them.notifications1 game
Mahjong tiles[Mah Jongg tiles]notifications1985 / 201615 games
Mannequinsnotifications2005 / 20177 games
Marblesnotifications1998 / 200825 games
MasksMasks appear in unusual numbers or in unusually important status.notifications2011 / 201710 games
Meteoroids (Meteors)"Sand to boulder sized extraterrestrial matter"notifications2006 / 201511 games
MirrorsAn object with a specularly reflective surface is featured in gameplay.notifications1979 / 19859 games
Moai FiguresGame features Moai figures.notifications1983 / 2019222 games
Mobile energy shieldsIncludes mobile energy shield emitters that provide shielding to others besides themselves.notifications1991 / 20117 games
Modular vehiclesCertain or all vehicles' functionality can be extended or altered by use of modular components.notifications2011 / 20132 games
Money bagsLight colored plain canvas or cloth bags with a large contrasted currency symbol printed on them to comically reveal to all exactly what is inside.notifications1983 / 201754 games
Monkey barsIncludes monkey bars or any other structures or objects that are used in similar fashion, such as piping or ropes.notifications1984 / 201982 games
Moving platforms (Floating platforms)Features inexplicable platforms - that either float or are attached to some background machinery - which move up and down, left and right, and the player is required to jump from one to the other.notifications1982 / 2020280 games
Multiple Rocket Launchers[multiple launch rocket systems]Vehicles or towed weapon systems that deliver a barrage of unguided rockets.notifications1999 / 201412 games
Mutant plantsPlants that have mutated to a point at which they're barely or not at all recognizable.notifications2010 / 20115 games
National Security Agency(NSA)Deals with the NSA, an intelligence organization. Part of the executive branch of the U.S.A. government.notifications1996 / 201113 games
Necklaces (Pendants)[amulets]Any form of neck ornaments.notifications2010 / 20113 games
NewsPlayer has access to some in-world/mythos news service that reports more or less relevant news, possibly reports of their past deeds, events they participated in or upcoming events they may be interested in participating in.notifications2000 / 201639 games
Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla makes an appearance or the game deals with his creations, especially if this involves his scientifically less accepted ideas.notifications2010 / 201511 games
Nordic Game ProgramFunded by a grant from the Nordic Game Program.notifications2010 / 201618 games
NPC generators (Monster generators)An object that keeps on spawning NPCs until destroyed.notifications1985 / 2018162 games
NutsHard shelled fruits are featured in gameplay or story. Edible seeds of high oil content are often defined nuts despite the scientific inaccuracy of itnotifications1985 / 20094 games
One-way passagesIncludes passages, doorways, teleporters, etc. that can be only traversed in one direction no matter what.notifications1982 / 20098 games
Online ranking (Online highscores;Leaderboards)Uses online ranking/highscore lists.notifications2004 / 2017128 games
Orbital weapons[orbital weaponry]Either satellites or spacecraft providing weapon support from space (planet's orbit) to planet surface.notifications1995 / 201637 games
Paper charms(Paper talismans;Ofuda;御札;お札)[o-fuda]An item associated with Shinto (ofuda), Taoism (fu), and Hinduism (sutra). Usually seen as part of "traditional" Japanese magic especially when Onmyouji are involved, with common uses in exorcism and warding.notifications2003 / 201612 games
Pet (Pet system)The protagonist has or can have (usually one) animal companion that is not an integral part of the story or gameplay.notifications1989 / 201940 games
Phlebotinum (Unobtainium;Handwavium;Eludium;Wishalloy)Involves an exceedingly rare, valuable or inexplicable substance (or possibly device) that often has so many (often unpredictable) uses that everyone wants it, and it's (of course) important for the plot.notifications1995 / 202037 games
Pink RosesPink roses are literally [i]or symbolically[/i] present. Traditionally symbolize gratitude. Also grace, elegance, admiration and/or fun.notifications1998 / 20065 games
Planetary defense weaponsWeapon systems installed on the surface of planets or similar stellar bodies that are intended to defend against threats from space before they reach the atmosphere.notifications2010 / 20164 games
PlayStation Store (PlayStation Network;PSN)Distributed through PS network's store.notifications2000 / 2018265 games
PolycubesGameplay involves polycubes, shapes formed of one or more equal cubes joined face to face.notifications1995 / 20148 games
PolyhedronsDepicts polyhedrons prominently or in large quantities, or they're somehow relevant to the plot.notifications1 game
PolyominosGameplay involves polyominos, two-dimensional polygons made out of squares whose faces line up.notifications1980 / 201419 games
PortalsIncludes portals of some sort, used for rapid transportation from one place to another. Often these have the outer appearance of door frames with fancy light show.notifications1988 / 2020161 games
Potions (Vials)notifications1980 / 2020304 games
Power-upsIncludes various inexplicable objects that instantly increase the protagonist's power, temporarily or permanently.notifications1981 / 2020666 games
Pressure plates[pressure pads]Floor plates, pads, or such that react to sufficient weight pressing down on them (such as the player character, random objects, NPCs, vehicles, or anything else).notifications1990 / 2018156 games
Private Military Companies(PMCs;Private Military Contractors)notifications1995 / 201672 games
PumpkinSome are lanterns, a character's head, coaches pulled by horses, explosives, mistaken for a vegetables, talk, chucked more & farther than other fruit.notifications1983 / 201956 games
Purple RosesPurple roses are literally or symbolically present. Traditionally associated with enchantment, desire, or caution.notifications1995 / 20033 games
QuicksandAny surfaces that slowly sink anything on them deeper and deeper until finally suffocating them, though not necessarily lethal if too shallow. This is applicable regardless if it's sand or not, as long as it behaves the same. Not for realistic quicksnotifications1991 / 201616 games
Radar jammersAny devices, structures, or such that deny radar or similar information to be gathered, commonly making things invisible to radars, but not blocking detection by plain sight or such methods.notifications2007 / 20137 games
Radar scramblersAny devices, structures, or such that distort information gained by using radars or similar devices.notifications2007 / 20158 games
RadishesEditable pungent peppery taproot. The whole plant is editable. Some species are best cooked due to toughness. Commonly red varieties are seen.notifications2 games
Ramparts (Bulwarks;Barriers;Defensive walls;Fences)notifications1990 / 201763 games
Recall portal (Town portal;Recall teleport;Teleport home)Includes an ability, item, or other such that teleports the protagonist back to their home or nearest safe haven, such as the nearest friendly habitat.notifications1989 / 201990 games
Recipes, blueprints & schematicsInstructions how to cook, build, or otherwise craft certain objects can be found.notifications2006 / 201611 games
Red China(People's Republic of China;PRC;Communist China;中华人民共和国;Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó)Deals with the nation known as People's Republic of China but not necessary the region known as mainland China.notifications2 games
Red RosesRed roses are literally or symbolically present. Traditionally they symbolize passionate, romantic love.notifications1988 / 201949 games
Road signs(Traffic signs;Guide posts)[fingerposts]Player encounters usable (as in, useful) road signs or other direction guides.notifications2002 / 201825 games
Rose Bushes (Rose Trees;Rose Shrubs;Rose Vines)A shrub known for its beautiful rose flowers & sharp thorns.notifications1991 / 20095 games
RosesLiterally present flowers of the rosebush, often red, valued for their beauty, fragrance, as a food ingredient, & for romantic connotations.notifications1985 / 2016131 games
Rotating platformsIncludes platforms that rotate somehow, either by themselves or with applied force. Often the rotating either forces timing or it must be otherwise taken into actual use, especially in games involving physics.notifications2009 / 201317 games
Rubber ducksA floating generally yellow-billed yellow duck which is a popular bath toy in western culture is present in these games.notifications2012 / 20134 games
Rube Goldberg machine (Roland Emett things;Storm P machines;Pythagorean devices;Jean Tinguely sculpture;Heath Robinson machine)An overly complicated device to accomplish a simple task in an entertaining and/or satirical manner.notifications1985 / 201823 games
Sacrificial lamb(One for all)Includes an animal or a person to be sacrificed for the good of all others.notifications2001 / 20194 games
Safe pits(Teleport pits;Retry pits)[safety pits]Pits that teleport or otherwise move the player back to a safe location, usually nearby their last on-ground location.notifications2008 / 201722 games
Saguaro CactusA large tree-sized cactus & iconic symbol of the american southwest.notifications1978 / 20166 games
SaiA dagger-like weapon of Okinawan origin used in certain martial arts.notifications1989 / 201357 games
Scents (Smells)notifications2000 / 20106 games
Scrolls (Spell scrolls)notifications1982 / 201849 games
SeedsGameplay or story features plant seeds.notifications1991 / 201614 games
Skeleton keyIncludes a key that will open any lock, usually named skeleton key and is shaped like a skeleton, skull, or bone.notifications1986 / 201639 games
Slitherine PBEM(Slitherine PBEM++)Uses Slitherine's proprietary online service.notifications1 game
Smokes (Tobacco;Cigars;Cigarettes)Smokes or similar recreational inhalants, taken by burning the substance and inhaling the smoke, are present.notifications1979 / 201970 games
Social networksAny third-party social networks supported internally by games.list_alt0 game
Soul jar(Phylactery)Phylacteries or similar supernatural objects that preserve a part of a being (such as their heart or even their actual soul) that makes them effectively immortal, requiring the destruction of the phylactery before the being itself can be truly killed.notifications1996 / 201631 games
Soundtrack available(OST)The soundtrack is available for acquisition separately.notifications2013 / 201730 games
Soviet Union (USSR;Union of Soviet Socialist Republics;Союз Советских Социалистических Республик;Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik;CCCP;SSSR)Deals with USSR, a single party socialist state existent 1922–1991. Associated with Russia, the most populous country within. One of the Cold War superpowers.notifications1978 / 201744 games
Space suit (E.V.A. suit)[EVA suit]The protagonist is equipped with or can wear a space suit of one form or another.notifications1985 / 201938 games
Spacelanes (Wormholes;Warp conduits;Hyperspace gate networks)Either natural (e.g. wormholes, subspace conduits, etc.) or artificial (e.g. jump gate network) lanes between major stellar phenomena, commonly star systems, employed to accomplish FTL travel.notifications1990 / 202152 games
Speaking stones(Speaking statues)Certain stones, boulders, or other innocuous inanimate objects like statues have the startling ability to speak, even if they can't do much anything else.notifications2005 / 201511 games
Spetsnaz(Спецназ;Войска специального назначения)Deals with Spetsnaz, an umbrella term used to refer to any Russian special forces.notifications2005 / 201617 games
Splatter (Blood splatter;Ichor splatter)Creatures excessively splatter bodily fluids, blood or other vital fluids, when wounded, crushed, mutilated or otherwise harmed.notifications1986 / 2020644 games
Spring gunsnotifications2010 / 20155 games
Stage magicDepicts stage magic in one form or another.notifications1988 / 20084 games
Standing stones (Megaliths;Orthostats;Liths)Including any formations of standing stones, such as a stone circle or row.notifications1986 / 201716 games
Stash(Stash)[Bank]Player character has a "stash" of some sort where they can store excess items for later. This stash automatically moves with the player character though is often only accessible from a town or similar safe locale.notifications1988 / 201989 games
Stealth field projectors (Cloaking field projectors)Any devices, structures, or such that project a stealth field around themselves, thus cloaking anything within sufficient proximity to them, or that cloak distant objects.notifications2007 / 20084 games
Steam WorkshopA distribution system for user-created content on Steam.notifications2007 / 201747 games
Stepping stonesAny sparsely spaced footing, regardless if they're actually stones, that player usually jumps from one to the other while aiming their jumps carefully.notifications1982 / 201426 games
Stockpiles (Warehouses;Silos;Storehouses)Player can construct stockpiles or similar to store excess or currently unused goods.notifications1997 / 201836 games
Structure supportsStructures require supports to stay up, making destruction of the supports the fastest way to lose whole buildings.notifications1979 / 202034 games
Subtitleslist_alt0 game
Super prototypeFeatures a prototype version of some technology that is far superior to actual later production models. Usually these include a design flaw or some other unwanted feature that was removed from the later models explaining the change.notifications1993 / 201612 games
Superalloy (Supermetal)Includes an alloy, metal, or other material that if anyone had the choice, they would make almost everything out of it.notifications1996 / 201515 games
Supply stationsIncludes locations, devices, characters or other objects that can be used repeatedly to resupply on fuel, ammo, consumables, etc. Often without actually selecting or even telling them (activating them) you want to be resupplied. Completely for free.notifications2002 / 201528 games
SWAT(Special Weapons And Tactics)Deals with the SWAT, a counter-terrorist unit of the police in the USA.notifications1986 / 201314 games
Syringes(Syrettes)Tubular containers with needle attached to them, usually used to administer drugs intravenously or to extract blood or other liquids from a body.notifications2003 / 201719 games
Teens (Teenagers)Includes human [i]children[/i] 13–17 (possibly 18–19) years of age. Or children of other sentient creatures obviously in the same condition if not agenotifications1989 / 201254 games
TeleportersIncludes fixed devices or locations that teleport the player and anyone else to some other location.notifications1983 / 2020193 games
Tesla coilsnotifications1996 / 201823 games
Thoroughfares (Rails;Routes;Paths;Trails;Roads;Streets;Highways;Waterways)Includes any kind of thoroughfare that serves as something more than scenery.notifications1994 / 201860 games
Tower of BabelA tower built for humanity's glory, to reach Heaven, or other (often vain) purpose. Usually inviting the wrath of the local god, gods, or equivalent beings of power.notifications2001 / 20128 games
TracersIncludes tracer ammo, or other similar things that produce traces the player player can use.notifications2005 / 201631 games
Traffic signal systemPlayer can create and manage a traffic signal system of some sort.notifications2004 / 201610 games
TranscriptsPlayer has access to written record of what was said previously.notifications2013 / 20143 games
TrapsPlayer can encounter traps of one sort or another.notifications1982 / 2019154 games
Trash (Unusable junk)Player can find, collect and fiddle with large number of items that have no use what so ever.notifications1989 / 201558 games
TreesFeatures trees [b][i]as more that mere scenery[/i][/b]. They play a significant part in gameplay or story.notifications1981 / 2021106 games
Triad(Tong)[triads;tongs]A type of crime organization of Chinese origin, with its American counterpart the Tong.notifications2000 / 201228 games
Tripwiresnotifications2008 / 201620 games
Twitch integration(TwitchTV)Has integrated support for interacting with, likely to trivially stream gameplay there and possibly integration with Twitch community interaction.notifications2011 / 201719 games
Twitter integrationHas integrated support for interacting with Twitter, likely to automatically publish somehow significant actions in-game.notifications2009 / 201619 games
Tyrant (Dictator)Involves an oppressive ruler that bends, abolishes, ignores, and makes laws for (seemingly) personal benefit or amusement.notifications1999 / 202030 games accountRequires account at for online multiplayer, and possibly for even offline singleplayer.notifications2005 / 201426 games
Ultimate hitsPS1 and PS2 budget range in the NTSC-J regions.notifications1997 / 201915 games
Unusual currencynotifications1997 / 201519 games
UVL: DistributorsIncludes info on distributors.notifications1 game
Vending machinesMore or less functional vending machines that provide usable items for usually small amounts of money.notifications1993 / 20134 games
Ventilation (Air distribution)Player needs to establish and maintain ventilation in some manner. Not including air cooling or similar, this is more for replenishing breathable gases.notifications2003 / 20198 games
VHS tapesnotifications1 game
Wads of cashA bunch of banknotes strapped together to form a compact pile of presumably set number of specific bills for easy management of large sums of money.notifications2005 / 201614 games
Waste managementPlayer needs to establish and maintain waste management in some manner.notifications1991 / 201910 games
Water distribution (Water supply network)Player needs to establish and maintain water distribution in some manner.notifications1994 / 201625 games
WaterfallsA natural wall of water. Characterized by water continuously falling down a significant distance and in excessive quantities, usually a sign of more exotic locations and often used to hide caves or other things beyond.notifications1992 / 201637 games
Whirlwinds[cyclones]A vortex of wind, likely harmless to humans and similarly large creatures, but may throw about objects and smaller animals.notifications1 game
White RosesWhite roses are literally or symbolically present. Traditionally they symbolize purity & true love (pure love)notifications1988 / 200610 games
WindmillsStationary machines that translate the force of the wind [b]directly[/b] into rotational motion.notifications1994 / 201827 games
World championship(World Cup)Involves any world championship/cup event.notifications1974 / 2015251 games
World core (Planet core;Center of the Earth)Involves the world's core somehow, as destination, location, a plot object, or such.notifications1988 / 201620 games
World tree(Yggdrasil;Irminsul)A colossal tree that supports the heavens, the world itself (the ground essentially), or any number of other things.notifications1987 / 201618 games
WreckageDestroyed vehicles, buildings and such leave wrecks that block movement and whatever else. Usually these can be salvaged for resources or used as cover.notifications1997 / 201633 games
Yellow RosesYellow roses are literally [i]or symbolically[/i] present. Traditionally they symbolize joy & friendship.notifications1988 / 20048 games
YggdrasilRefers to "Yggdrasil", an immense tree that is central in Norse cosmology.notifications1997 / 201517 games
YouTubeHas integrated support for interacting with YouTube, likely to trivially submit gameplay videos there.notifications2008 / 20127 games
YuPlayRequires login at YuPlay service.notifications2013 / 20142 games
Zip-linesA cable, rope or such mounted on an incline commonly with a pulley or something else that does its job. Allows rapid one-way transit.notifications2008 / 201954 games
3+ factions(Three way conflict)[3 or more factions]There are 3 or more factions actively participating in the depicted conflict and aren't allied with each other.notifications1985 / 2020144 games
3D printing(Additive manufactring)Type of object construction where they're produced by layering the raw materials in place instead of constructing them piece by piece and assembling.notifications1997 / 201812 games
Abilities, spells, skills, etc.Any tags referring to abilities and such in general without being restricted to certain sub-type (e.g. magic) or something plain or commonplace (e.g. locomotion).list_alt0 game
Ability charges(Spell charges;Skill charges;Multi-charge spells;Multi-charge abilities)Certain abilities, skills, spells, or such stack up 2 or more charges that replenish over time after being used, allowing multiple rapid uses of the ability before it enters actual cooldown where it can't be used at all.notifications2009 / 201810 games
Ability criticals(Spell criticals)Abilities, spells, or similar can get "critical hits" much like basic attacks.notifications2003 / 201516 games
Ability ranks(Skill ranks;Spell ranks)Abilities, skills, spells, etc. have ranks besides just saying you can do it or not.notifications2006 / 20166 games
Abnormal limbsPlayer has to deal with strange non-human limbs.notifications2014 / 20155 games
Accidental dischargeCharacters can accidentally fire their weapons, such as from shock (pain, electric, etc.)notifications2003 / 20042 games
Accused of plagiarismnotifications1 game
Acrostic textA type of writing where each first letter, syllable or word of each line or paragraph forms out a hidden message.notifications3 games
Action system[Action points]A time-keeping system where available time is split into number of actions the characters can perform per turn, usually limited to 2 actions: such as move&attack or long/double move, and some special cases taking both actions.notifications1986 / 201838 games
Active ragdoll physicsCharacters that are ragdolled maintain some degree of control and are still able to perform certain actions.notifications2014 / 20173 games
Active reload(Reload: Sped)Reloading can be sped up under certain circumstances, such as by repeatedly hitting reload button or hitting it at a specific time.notifications2005 / 201830 games
Active/Passive detectorsDistinguishes between active and passive detectors, where active ones usually give more information but also reveal your location, while passive ones give less or even no information but do not reveal your location. Especially if these are toggleable.notifications2000 / 20136 games
Actual deathIn the course of the game a player is shown an actual death that happened in reality, or gets to cause an actual death during the game.notifications1998 / 20136 games
Adaptive audio(Adaptive sound effects)Sound effects change depending on what's going on, especially if this includes sound effects for the user interface or such.notifications3 games
Addiction (Simulated addiction)The protagonist - and possibly other characters - may get addicted to one or more substances.notifications2008 / 201516 games
Aerial warfarePlayer commands some military air force(s).notifications1975 / 201691 games
Aerokinesis (Air manipulation;Air magic)Player character can control and/or generate air or other gaseous substances to some degree, regardless of how or why.notifications2000 / 20188 games
Aim sway (Weapon sway)Aim sways or otherwise wanders around a bit on its own.notifications2006 / 20124 games
Air burstingSimulates or imitates the effects of detonating explosive devices mid air instead of after they hit or penetrate a target (or hit ground or other non-target).notifications3 games
Alert states(Alert postures;Alert levels)Player can control alert state, such as blue, green, yellow, red alert/condition.notifications2003 / 20042 games
All for one(Inverted sacrificial lamb)Inversion of sacrificial lamb where all is sacrificed for the good of the "lamb" instead of the lamb being sacrificed for the good of all.notifications2008 / 20145 games
Allergies(Hypersensitivity disorders)[allergy]Simulates allergies to a degree.notifications1996 / 20152 games
Alone (Alone against the world;Hostile world)Player never meets any friendly or even neutral people during the game/story.notifications1982 / 2018429 games
Alpha strike[alpha striking]The act of deploying all weapons or similar to a single target simultaneously.notifications1995 / 201318 games
Altered stateslist_alt0 game
Alternating protagonistThe protagonist changes between chapters or other events completely outside of player's control.notifications1986 / 2018199 games
Ambient temperaturePlayer interacts with environmental heat and/or cold.notifications1987 / 202043 games
AMBIGUOUS: Action PointsThis can either refer to `time units´ or `action system´.notifications3 games
Ambiguous: BMX(Bicycle motocross)BMX alone doesn't signify much and is used to refer to either Freestyle BMX or BMX Racing depending on context.0 game
Ammo regenerationAmmunition regenerates or otherwise is produced out of thin air as time goes by effectively providing player unlimited ammo.notifications2012 / 20195 games
Amnesia Fortnight #1First edition of Double Fine's game jamnotifications1 game
Amnesia Fortnight #22nd edition of Double Fine's Game Jamnotifications1 game
Amnesia Fortnight #33rd edition of Double Fine's game jamnotifications1 game
Amnesia Fortnight #4 (Amnesia Fortnight 2012)The 4th edition of Double Fine's game jam.2012 / 20145 games
Animal tortureDepicts intentional torture of animals.notifications3 games
Animated charactersCharacters are animated rather than set of static images. Should be used only if unusual, such as games where they're normally static (visual novels, for example).notifications3 games
Animated scenesIncludes animated scenes. Should be used only if unusual, such as games normally composed of static images like visual novels.notifications1 game
AnomaliesStrange abnormal occurrences that have no (clear) explanation within the mythos.notifications2007 / 201517 games
Antagonist awareness (Clairvoyant antagonist)The antagonist expresses awareness of the protagonist's actions, location, etc. Often taunting them from afar somehow.notifications1982 / 201744 games
Anti-epilepsy[anti-epileptic]Includes option for or is advertised as epileptic friendly or designed as such. Such as by slowing down or completely removing any flickering or rapid contrast changes the game may have by design.notifications2011 / 20139 games
Anti-humanitarian warfareAny depictions of warfare involving things banned by international humanitarian laws, such as by Geneva and Hague conventions.list_alt0 game
Anti-UtopianSeemingly utopian but at the cost or result of fatal flaw(s) such as oppression, exclusion, lies or suffering, that when shown, reveals a false utopianotifications1 game
Anticipatory facingTurrets, characters, and others face a direction automatically they think they're most useful to do so before the need for it. Likely direction from where the first targets appeared in previous confrontation.notifications2009 / 20102 games
Anxiety (Fear)Simulates anxiety and its effects on the player character, their friends and/or minions.notifications1994 / 201836 games
Arcane technology[supernatural tech;magic tech]Includes devices, machinery and whatever else that interacts with the supernatural.notifications2003 / 20156 games
Armor experience(Clothing experience)Rather than the character wearing an armor becoming more practiced and skilled in using it, the armor itself gains power through its use.notifications2 games
Army of One [One Man Army]The protagonist deals death as if they were a whole army company. Especially if the opponents treat them as such.notifications1989 / 2017142 games
Art shiftDuring play the art [i]style[/i] changes significantly for whatever reason.notifications2004 / 201510 games
Asphyxiation(Oxygen;Drowning)Player has to deal with asphyxiation or limited supply of whatever substance they require for breathing (such as oxygen). Including situations that remove or supplant the breathable substance, such as drowning, vacuum, gases, etc.notifications1981 / 2020183 games
Asymmetric factions (Unique factions)The factions have asymmetric gameplay.notifications1980 / 2017113 games
Asymmetric non-irregular gridThe shapes in the grid are asymmetric but not irregular.notifications2012 / 20142 games
Attack/defense adjustCharacters' attack/defense values can be adjusted on the fly, usually shifting points from attack to defense and back.notifications1994 / 20158 games
Attacking[attacks]list_alt0 game
Attribute drain(Stat drain)Player may lose character attributes (strength, intelligence, agility, etc.) or similar statistics temporarily or permanently.notifications3 games
Attribute-based equipmentItems, even trivial ones, can't be used unless you meet certain basic and often quite arbitrary attribute limitations.notifications1996 / 201854 games
Auctions (Auction house)[auctioning]Player (character) has access to auction style trading, commonly between other players where they place items for sale and designate minimum price and time how long the auction is open, possibly with a buyout price as well.notifications1977 / 201218 games
AudioAny tags relating to audio, sound effects, and such.list_alt0 game
Auras[aurae]Fields surrounding characters or other creatures with varying effects which are often limited to friendly or hostile creatures.notifications2000 / 202021 games
Auto-move(Autocruise)Allows somehow to automatically move somewhere, such as toggle for walk forward.notifications2010 / 20167 games
Automap (Automatic mapping)Automatic world mapping is included, either by default or by some additional in-game device.notifications1979 / 2020472 games
Automated explorationExploration (mapping, revealing fog of war shrouded regions, etc.) happens automatically or player can initiate automatic exploration by designating explorers.notifications2001 / 201510 games
Autosave points (Checkpoints)Automatically saves the game progress at certain locations or when certain events occur.notifications1992 / 2020549 games
Available in a BoxWith the onset of ubiquitous digital distribution. It is becoming notable for a boxed version of a game to be sold.notifications1981 / 2021181 games
Ballistics (Projectile physics;Bullet physics;Bullet drop)Models projectile physics by allowing them to bounce off and penetrate certain materials as well as drop due to gravity, possibly including effects of wind and others.notifications1983 / 2018231 games
Bank serviceIncludes a bank-like institution or service to which you can store wealth and/or items for safekeeping.notifications1974 / 201013 games
Based on real eventsAdvertises being based on real events, whether this is true or not however might be different.notifications1986 / 20162 games
Battle aura (Power glow)Characters gain an aura, a halo, or a generic glow whenever they're preparing, charging or simply holding ready their powers, be those of martial fighting, magic or science.notifications1988 / 20117 games
Best Seller SeriesA budget re-release line of presumably best seller games.notifications1996 / 201529 games
Beyond comprehensionA notable part of the plot involves a Thing that is beyond comprehension, so alien that your mind reels from the truth and shows only some vague approximation of what it truly is. Often an extra-dimensional entity of incomprehensible complexity.notifications1998 / 20115 games
Bilingual dialogueTwo or more characters speak multiple languages between each other understanding each other seemingly perfectly. Likely done for comedy if the other language lacks subtitles.notifications2000 / 201512 games
Binary logicPlays with the concept of binary logic, where things have only two alternatives with nothing in between. Commonly involves extremists who think you're either with them or against them.0 game
Binaural tones(Binaural beats)Uses binaural tones/beats in supposed attempt to affect the player's consciousness.2010 / 20120 game
BioluminescencePlayer encounters numerous light emitting flora and fauna.notifications2001 / 201878 games
Blackout(Power outage;Power failure;Power blackout)Simulates blackouts, where parts or the entire electrical network has its power cut off for one reason or another.notifications2 games
Bleeding (Hemorrhaging)[Haemorrhaging]Protagonist and other characters may get severe wounds that bleed profusely, eventually leading to the character's death if not taken care of.notifications1994 / 201850 games
Blind acquisitions(Blind purchases)Player is presented with purchases or other acquisitions where they're not told what that thing actually does (and this is not limited to any sort of gambling).notifications2005 / 201615 games
BlindingPlayer can be virtually blinded (e.g. whole screen turning white), losing visual feedback completely or near completely, forcing them to function by memory of the area or by audio cues rather than sight.notifications2005 / 20142 games
Blindness(Blind theme)Uses blindness as a theme, gameplay mechanic, or such. Not necessarily playable by actual blind person.notifications4 games
Blood magicDepicts magic powered by blood of either the caster or others be they willing or not. Often depicted as evil magic much like necromancy.notifications2005 / 201521 games
BloodlessDespite characters getting shot, stabbed, or otherwise mutilated, there's no blood.notifications1975 / 201998 games
Bloodmist (Blood clouds)So excessive blood splatter that it appears as large-ish mist or cloud-like phenomena (especially if pointedly created as a slowly evaporating cloud).notifications2007 / 20179 games
Boss arenasConstrained areas from where players usually can't escape before the boss is defeated. Mostly of interest when the game otherwise does not constrain itself to small areas.notifications2002 / 201951 games
BreadcrumbsDisplays or otherwise indicates the route player has taken so far or possibly what's already been explored.notifications2012 / 20162 games
Break meter(Poise;Posture;Stability)Involves a secondary meter, hidden or not, that when broken makes opponents more vulnerable, either causing more damage, stunning them, making them vulnerable to special attacks, or something along those lines.notifications2009 / 201929 games
Breakable doors[Destructible doors]Doors in games are commonly indestructible, here they are not.notifications1992 / 201789 games
BreedingSimulates procreation to a degree, with animals, characters, etc. creating offspring outside of players control.notifications1991 / 201831 games
BrownoutSimulates brownouts, where efficiency of various electrical systems is reduced as the energy supply is insufficient or capped.notifications2007 / 20166 games
Budget rangesAny re-release budget ranges.list_alt0 game
BuildersBuilding anything requires people, robots or such that build them.notifications1994 / 2020134 games
BurningThings, especially characters and other creatures, catch on fire and burn for a time.notifications1982 / 2019139 games
Buy as UpgradePlayer can or must purchase a standalone game as an upgrade to a standalone product already purchased. (Do not use for DLC or add-ons.)notifications1 game
Cairo Pentagonal Tiling Grid (4-Fold Pentille Tiling)A tiling pattern made of bilaterally but not radially (pentaradially) symmetrical pentagons. Or, hexagons made of 4 pentagons.notifications1 game
Calendric time[Calendar time]Progress of time is tracked by weekdays, months and years or other similar counting methods.notifications1988 / 201533 games
Canada Media Fund(CMF;Fonds des médias du Canada;FMC)CMF has provided funding for the game, a form of equity investment that can in some instances be bought out.notifications2012 / 201721 games
Card game elementsAny tags referring to concepts originally or only relating to card games. Not including card games themselves.list_alt0 game
Carnographic(Gorn)There isn't simply some instances of gore, splatter, and graphic violence, but they're rather (almost) a constant.notifications2002 / 202037 games
Carry capacity: SlotsCarry capacity is limited by the number of available slots. Some items may take more than one slot and some items may be stacked within single slot.notifications1983 / 2020259 games
Carry capacity: Type(Category)Carry capacity is limited per item type.notifications2013 / 20185 games
Carry capacity: WeightCarry capacity is limited by the weight of the items.notifications1979 / 201891 games
Changing environmentThe environment changes over time [i]on its own[/i] outside of player interaction with it and outside of changes invoked by plot.notifications2011 / 20125 games
Character advancement: Negative effects(Flaws)Character advancement also adds negative effects on top of the normal positive ones.notifications3 games
Character backgroundPlayer can designate a background for their character which essentially covers what they were prior to the beginning of the game or prior to entering training in their chosen profession.notifications2003 / 201514 games
Character creationPlayer creates one or more characters to play with, from defining their physical and mental attributes to what skills they have.notifications1981 / 2020326 games
Character linked classClasses are linked to specific characters. Usually each notable character having a class completely customized for them to a point where anything class-restricted names the character rather than their class.notifications2001 / 20193 games
Charged jumpPlayer can charge up the jump power to control how far or high they jump.notifications1990 / 201723 games
ChatterThe protagonist and/or their friends randomly chat with themselves or others, occasionally pointing out their observations about the environment, people they see, and other things.notifications1995 / 201616 games
Cheap deathIn the depicted mythos, death is not an insurmountable obstacle. There exists technology, magic, or something else that makes returning to life somewhat trivial. Regardless if this is readily available to all (protagonist usually has easy access to it).notifications1995 / 201965 games
Chemical elements[periodic table]Deals with chemical elements somehow, either as part of the gameplay or as a thematic element.notifications5 games
Chosen one (Champion)The protagonist is chosen by someone of authority, such as a ruler, to do something important alone for whatever reason.notifications1985 / 2019175 games
Chromatic aberrationSimulates the distortion effect of a flawed camera lens where colors separate visibly.notifications2012 / 202072 games
Cinematic inconsistencies(Cutscene inconsistencies)Cinematics have content that is inconsistent with in-game content.notifications2005 / 20138 games
Class linked genderCharacter gender is linked to their chosen class.notifications1996 / 201946 games
Class-basedCharacters are defined by their class template that dictates what they can do and how they progress.notifications1984 / 2021747 games
Class-based equipment (Class restricted equipment)All or certain (specialist) items, tools and such can't be used at all unless the character is of certain class.notifications1990 / 2019145 games
Clone conundrumDeals with the various issues such as human rights, who is who, etc. associated with clones of people, especially if they share each others memories and personalities.notifications2000 / 201517 games
Closed beta(Founder's program)[Early Access]Employed a closed beta phase at some point, allowing some people to play the unfinished game for a time before release. Either limited number beta keys involved and/or invite only. Includes things like Early Access.notifications2013 / 201929 games
Closed economyThere's a finite amount of actual money in the game world. So if someone hoards it all up, no-one can get any except by getting it from the one who hoarded it.notifications1979 / 20139 games
Collapse depth(Crush depth)Simulates collapse depth, the depth at which a submersible's hull will collapse and rupture due to pressure. Especially if this varies with submersibles.notifications2010 / 20189 games
Collapsible environmentnotifications2009 / 20154 games
Colonialism(New World)Involves discovery and settling of new continents, worlds, or such. Such as in progress establishment of settlements in such a place.notifications1971 / 202132 games
Color-coding[Color coding]Any tags dealing with the strange habit of designers to color-code various elements in a way that makes them immediately distinguishable as something based on their coloration.list_alt0 game
Combat auto lootDuring or after combat all (revealed/known) loot is automatically collected for the player without any input from them.notifications1994 / 201731 games
Comic book cutscenes (Graphic novel cutscenes)Cutscenes are delivered in comic or graphic novel format.notifications2001 / 201525 games
Commodore Max brandedThese game were originally made for the Commodore Max. 100% compatible with the Commodore 64.notifications1 game
Conditional realismAny tags that are only conditionally realistic. Which usually means the depiction you find in games isn't realistic, but the concept itself isn't unrealistic.list_alt0 game
Conductive waterWater conducts electricity and likely has gameplay related to this.notifications1996 / 202012 games
Conflicting goals(Mutually exclusive goals)Player is given multiple overall goals that conflict with each other and can not be accomplished together.notifications1 game
Consensus time(Time moves only as you do)Time moves only when everyone agrees it does. Usually revolving around the player character being the only one who does not constantly agree to it and thus time moves only when the player character agrees with the rest.notifications6 games
ConstructionsTags related to buildings and other structures.list_alt0 game
ConsumablesAny tags related to so called consumables.list_alt0 game
ContagionsAnything that is spread passively by those infected by it, often by touch or proximity.notifications2009 / 20165 games
Contextual movement(Contextual mobility)Player character moves differently by choice depending on what they are on or what they're near of.notifications2014 / 20156 games
Controllable helplessnessPlayer can control the protagonist even in seemingly hopeless or helpless situation, regardless if the player can actually improve the situation.notifications1983 / 2018114 games
Controller reference(Controller allusion)One or more of the game's titles (redundantly) references, directly or indirectly, the controller they're for or meant to be played with.notifications2010 / 201716 games
Corporate warfareDepicts corporations warring against other corporations.notifications1993 / 201524 games
Correct Release DateThe entered release date is correct despite what stated in screenshots and other media.notifications1982 / 20152 games
Corrupted termsAny tags that refer to something the meaning of which has been corrupted since their heyday.list_alt0 game
Cover system: Automatic(Autocover;Automatic cover usage)[auto-cover;auto cover]Player characters will automatically take cover if not told to do otherwise.notifications2006 / 20175 games
Cover system: ContextualPlayer character will change movement and positioning based on context to use cover or pop out of cover without specifically doing so from secondary actions, such as peeking around a corner when one tries to aim a gun.notifications2009 / 20134 games
Crafting toolsSome or all crafting requires tools (other than those provided by potential worksites) to perform the job.notifications2009 / 20126 games
Crafting worksites[crafting sites]Some or all crafting involves finding (or creating) a location where the things can be crafted, such as a workbench or tool set, or you can build one yourself.notifications2003 / 201838 games
Crafting: Jewelrynotifications1 game
Crafting: RestorativesPlayer can craft healing or other restorative items or objects.notifications2012 / 20132 games
Crashing(Harmful collisions)Characters, vehicles, etc. an collide harmfully with the environment.notifications2011 / 20183 games
Creative subtitlesSubtitles are used in creative manner, such as involving some kind of animation or unusual placement, to reflect the contents, the context, or the way they relate to everything.notifications2014 / 20175 games
Creature familiarity(Enemy familiarity)Characters gain bonuses or extra actions to dealing with creatures they're more familiar with.notifications2013 / 20162 games
Cross-map triggers(Cross-level triggers)Some triggers in one map cause changes in another, such as a control room in one map changing the state of a drawbridge in another.notifications1995 / 20083 games
Cross-region accounts(Cross-server accounts)Accounts work on multiple disparate regions. Requires clear regioning of the game, such as to North American and European servers.notifications1 game
CrouchjumpPlayers can jump higher by crouching at the height of the jump.notifications1998 / 20138 games
Crowdfunded(Crowd financed)[Crowdsourced]Any game project that used crowd funding.notifications2008 / 2021589 games
Cryokinesis (Ice magic)Player character can control and/or generate ice/cold to some degree, regardless of how or why.notifications1995 / 201623 games
Cuneiform Language0 game
Currency (money)Uses consistent abstract medium of exchange such as coins of intrinsic or fiat value, government or bank issued notes, credit, or an abundant consistent commoditynotifications1974 / 2021700 games
Cutscene incompetence(Cinematic incompetence)During one or more cutscenes characters, especially the protagonist, display excessive incompetence that they according to all other evidence should not fall victim of.notifications2004 / 20156 games
Daily challengesEach day the game generates one or more challenges for players to tackle, usually with online leaderboard that resets or cycles with each day. In some instances these have limited tries per player.notifications2012 / 201713 games
DamageAny tags relating to how damage is dealt, modeled, or other effects it has including types and any interactions with things.list_alt0 game
Damage drop-off(Damage falloff;Damage reduction at range)[Damage fall-off;Damage dropoff]Damage lowers with distance.notifications2003 / 201716 games
Damage types, resistances and invulnerabilitiesDamage is split into various types that may or may not be unrelated to each other, providing the basics of damage type resistance and immunity/invulnerability.notifications1985 / 2019161 games
Dark choicesPlayer is made to choose between two or more options where each and every one of them are clearly the bad choice. Thus there's no real lesser of two evils, but rather one evil or another, or extremely drastic measure over an utterly foolhardy one.notifications2012 / 20133 games
Dated eventsCertain events happen on specific in-mythos dates like 18th of February or every second Sunday of August.notifications1988 / 201514 games
Day-one DLC[day one DLC;day 1 DLC]Separately purchasable DLC was made available on release.notifications2009 / 201739 games
Dead on displayDead people are or have been put on display, either for intimidation, reverence, or some other reason instead of left to be, buried, or cremated.notifications2008 / 201919 games
Deadly sidesGoing past the left or right side of the screen or scene causes death or other loss condition.notifications1995 / 201746 games
Deaf friendlyEither conveys no vital information via sounds or provides closed captioning for them.notifications3 games
DecensoredOriginally censored but later updated to remove the censoring.notifications2009 / 20133 games
DefenselessThe protagonist lacks any direct method to protect themselves, mainly the lack of any capability to fight off anything that attacks them. This forces player to run away or otherwise evade enemies rather than fight them.notifications1979 / 201874 games
Degrees of Success(DoS)Rolls to succeed, challenge vs skill comparisons, etc. don't have a hard threshold of success and failure but have multiple grades ranging from failure to partial success to full success, possibly padded with catastrophic failure and exceptional success.notifications3 games
Delayed releaseReleased notable time period after the game was finished. Possibly to avoid competition with other titles.notifications2008 / 20129 games
DELETEnotifications1 game
DELETE: Dupe of GCOS0 game
Demo save importPlayer can import saves from demo version of the game into the full game in one manner or another, whether this is automatic or requires player to manually do something (except hacking or similar).notifications2012 / 20155 games
Demographic: ChildrenClearly marketed as a game for children (pre-teens), possibly even exclusively so.notifications1992 / 201411 games
Demographic: FemaleClearly marketed as a game for females, possibly even exclusively so.notifications1992 / 20125 games
Demographic: Male(Target audience: Male)Clearly marketed as a game for males, possibly even exclusively so.notifications1 game
Depth fog (Ambient fog;Cull fog)Uses a depth fog or similar effect, either to simulate fog or to hide rendering cut-off point.notifications1994 / 201846 games
Desperate powerSome characters (especially if protagonist) gain more power (in any form) as they become more wounded, beaten down, or otherwise nearing defeat.notifications1992 / 201319 games
Destructible environmentThe environment can be destroyed in a more or less limited fashion, but often leaving the base level structure intact.notifications1985 / 2020366 games
Destructible itemsItems that the player can pick up and use, place in their inventory and so forth can be destroyed while lying about.notifications1991 / 201539 games
Development styleslist_altnotifications2000 / 20158 games
Dialog: Actions(Physical actions)Dialog occasionally includes physical actions as options, regardless if this actually is any different from spoken actions.notifications1986 / 20159 games
Dialog: Time limitPlayer has limited time to choose their responses and possibly perform other actions during them, before some default choice is selected or even one not available otherwise.notifications2005 / 201620 games
Dialogue logPlayer has access to a log of past dialog content.notifications1 game
Dice physics[physics dice]Dice are rolled by simulating physics of them rolling around and landing one way or another instead of directly reading RNG output.notifications2007 / 201611 games
Dice poolResults of rolls are determined by rolling multiple dice simultaneously, either summing up the dice, counting dice that break a threshold, or some other method.notifications1992 / 201617 games
Dice pool: Variable[Variable dice pool]Uses dice pool where the number of dice can change depending on circumstances.notifications2009 / 20168 games
Dice rerollPlayers and possible NPCs can at times opt to reroll.notifications2015 / 20168 games
Diet choicePlayer has choice of what the protagonist can or is willing to eat.notifications1 game
Dimensional travel (Planar travel)Involves traveling between dimensions or planes of existence, whether this is voluntarily or not.notifications1988 / 2020140 games
Disc-locked content(On-disc DLC)Separately purchasable DLC content is delivered on the game's original release disc.notifications4 games
Distorted hearing(Impaired hearing)[audio]Something can cause the protagonist's hearing to get distorted or otherwise impaired. Especially cases where the hearing is always distortednotifications2004 / 202024 games
Distorted vision(Impaired vision)Something can cause the protagonist's vision to get distorted or otherwise impaired. Especially cases where the vision is always distortednotifications1994 / 2020218 games
Disturbed natureNature, its laws and the natural order of things have been somehow disturbed, broken, or altered in the depicted scenario.notifications2005 / 20169 games
Divine absence(Absent gods;Dead gods)God or gods are missing, dead, abandoned the world, or just unresponsive to the mortals, and this is causing problems in the world.notifications2005 / 201316 games
Dolly zoom(Vertigo effect)Originally a photographing technique that involves the depth of an image to change so the scene stretches while the focal element seems unchanged. Accomplished by adjusting focal length while moving the camera away or towards the focal object.notifications2001 / 201618 games
Dominion (Area of Influence;Sphere of Influence)[AOI;SOI]Gameplay involves dealing with areas of influence or similar regions that indicate how far and wide one has some form of influence.notifications1993 / 201747 games
Doomclock(Doomsday Clock)Features some kind of doomclock that ticks either with time or certain events forward towards the end.notifications2011 / 201915 games
Double life(Secret identity)The protagonist leads a double life.notifications1 game
DrunkennessCharacter in the game have the option to drink alcoholic drinks until drunk.notifications1983 / 202016 games
DynastyDeals with a line of rulers that come from the same family/bloodline.notifications2012 / 20142 games
Earthquake (Quake)Player experiences one or more quakes and potentially their aftershocks.notifications1984 / 201955 games
Economic DeclineThe player must deal with a widespread situation of economic decline.notifications1 game
EconomyAny tags relating to economy simulation.list_alt0 game
Ecosystems (Biomes)Simulates multiple disparate ecosystems to a degree.notifications2011 / 202017 games
Educational content: Culturenotifications1986 / 20168 games
Elastic surfacesPlayer encounters and must deal with elastic surfaces of any kind.notifications2011 / 20159 games
Electrical conductionSimulates electrical conduction.notifications1 game
ElectrokinesisPlayer character can control and/or generate electricity to some degree, regardless of how or why.notifications1994 / 201646 games
ElevationElevation has effects on gameplay besides Line-of-Sight.notifications2000 / 201720 games
Elevator battleA fairly simple scene where player is attacked during an elevator ride somehow. Commonly involves an open elevator of some sorts at a side of a building or a freight elevator.notifications1995 / 201943 games
Enemy parity(NPC parity)Enemies use much of the same systems player does. This is especially of interest for systems-driven games or similar where player can learn about the systems by observing enemies.notifications2002 / 201816 games
Enemy power up on death(Enemy powerup on defeat)Your opponents power up when you are defeated, such as gaining a level or some other buff that makes them harder to defeat the next time you encounter them.notifications5 games
Enemy route indicatorSomehow displays the route your opponents will take.notifications2010 / 20156 games
Energy regeneration: SlowEnergy regenerates so slowly it's hardly of any use when you run out and need more.notifications1992 / 20109 games
Energy regeneration: StuntedEnergy regeneration works only up to a point (such as restoring a partial segment to full but not beyond it, or up to a certain percentage of full energy), never fully restoring it.notifications2012 / 20162 games
Energy regeneration(Mana regeneration)Energy used by magic, electric devices, special skills or other things automatically regenerates over time.notifications1994 / 2020202 games
Energy upkeep reserve (Mana upkeep;Magic point upkeep)Magics or other energy consuming actions may require a portion of your maximum energy to be set aside as upkeep for as long as that magic or action remains.notifications2006 / 20168 games
Enlarging protagonist(Growing protagonist)The main character increases in size, beyond what is normal for them (that is, not including growing back to their original size after being shrunk).notifications1982 / 201813 games
Epic powersThe protagonist possesses powers that are epic in scale, affecting colossal things such as whole worlds or even farther. Mostly of interest when normal scale is much smaller.notifications2008 / 20126 games
Epileptic VisualsMore than most, these games pose a higher risk of seizures due to flashing, specific contrasting patterns, or other known visual factors.notifications1986 / 20174 games
Equipment abilities(Equipment actions)Characters gain new abilities or actions with new items that do not explicitly need that item to do or should be doable with other equipment as much.notifications2013 / 20178 games
Equipment experienceRather than the character using some kind of equipment becoming more practiced and skilled in using it, the equipment itself gains power through its use.notifications2000 / 201512 games
ErosionSimulates erosion, natural elements moving away solids to another location (e.g. river moving sediment downstream), to a degree.notifications2011 / 20123 games
Eternal firesYou've just entered a location that hasn't been visited in ages (if ever) by intelligent creatures, yet you find torches, fireplaces, and such happily burning as if someone had just switched and lighted them all for your pleasure.notifications2010 / 201710 games
Event log(Activity log)Has a log of recent events player can peruse.notifications2007 / 201625 games
Evil genius (Evil wizard;Evil intellectual)[Mad scientist;Mad wizard;Insane scientist;Insane wizard]A single - presumably highly intellectual - person is causing trouble in the world.notifications1985 / 201749 games
Executive meddlingLead designers, writers, or such have voiced their displeasure at executive meddling with their vision, usually in form of marketing people requiring something be changed in a game to better sell it.notifications1 game
Exile (Banishment)Plot deals with exile/banishment.notifications2012 / 20133 games
Experiencelist_alt0 game
Experience: AttackExperience is gained simply by attacking, regardless if this defeats the opponent or possibly even causes any harm.notifications1988 / 20145 games
Experience: Deeds (Quests;Missions;Tasks;Objectives)Experience is gained by doing various deeds, such as completing or progressing missions, tasks, quests, or other objectives.notifications1979 / 2020231 games
Experience: Defense[Defence]Experience is gained by defending oneself, even if this is just being hurt and taking hits otherwise with no active attempt.notifications1988 / 20145 games
Experience: DropsExperience is awarded from collecting dropped experience nuggets.notifications2008 / 201616 games
Experience: EncountersPlayer character(s) gain experience from resolving encounters, whatever those may be and whatever they may involve.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Experience: ExplorationExperience is awarded for exploration, finding or visiting new (possibly hidden) locations or location markers.notifications1979 / 201515 games
Experience: Killing-Blow BonusIn addition to a base experience system, more experience is awarded to a character that delivers a killing blow.notifications1989 / 20203 games
Experience: Kills/Defeats (Murder;Slaughter;Destruction;Defeats)Experience is awarded for killing, destroying or otherwise defeating things, usually living creatures.notifications1978 / 2021837 games
Experience: Level matchNew characters that join your team have their experience adjusted to match yours, making it unnecessary for you to prioritize getting them into your team early on for reasons of avoiding xp grind.notifications1998 / 201728 games
Experience: Literal (Character advancement: Literal experience;Learn by doing)Experience (and thus advancement) is gained by literally doing what you want to get better at, meaning you get better at swimming by swimming, get more accurate with guns by shooting with them, get better at preparing food by cooking, etc.notifications1984 / 2018127 games
Experience: LockpickingExperience is awarded for opening locks without the proper key, be it door, chest, or other locks.notifications1998 / 201417 games
Experience: Method / StyleExperience is awarded based on the method, manner, or style of doing something.notifications2011 / 201615 games
Experience: NoneExperience points do not exist despite being an RPG or having a character advancement system.notifications1985 / 202032 games
Experience: ObjectsExperience is awarded from collecting certain objects or using certain items (e.g. potion of experience).notifications1985 / 2020123 games
Experience: OtherExperience is gained from an unusual activity or source.notifications1988 / 201520 games
Experience: Passive(Idle;Time)Experience is gained passively for doing nothing at all, or alternatively from aging.notifications1 game
Experience: Plot progress (Game progress)Experience or other advancement points are awarded for progressing through the plot/game.notifications1984 / 201936 games
Experience: SharedAny experience gained in a group is shared between all members of the group regardless of participation in what prompted the gain.notifications1988 / 201774 games
Experience: Tenuously LiteralExperience/advancement gained by activity tenuously connected or entirely disconnected to the skill that is improved. Dog bites increase max speed. Apply poison to knifes to gain max strength. Move silently to improve left-hand attacks.notifications1 game
Experience: TradingExperience is awarded from trading and related activities.notifications2002 / 20072 games
Experience: UndefinedSource of experience gain is unknown or otherwise undefined.notifications1991 / 201947 games
Experimental technology (Prototype technology)Depicts experimental or prototype technology in practical use.notifications1992 / 201747 games
Exploding criticalsCriticals can crit. Essentially a system that tests if you do a critical and if successful, it tests it again.notifications1 game
Explored indicatorSomehow shows what places you've already explored (fully or not) or been to. Mainly when this is not otherwise indicated, such as via automap.notifications1 game
Exponential costsCost of buying more of the same thing increases with each one you already have of it.notifications2009 / 20122 games
Extermination war(Extinction war)Plot involves a war or such where one side of the conflict primarily aims to fully exterminate a race or species.notifications1998 / 20168 games
External documentationMost of the game documentation is only available in sources external to the game package and runtime. Such as tutorial or other information only available on a website when the game is played without a browser.notifications2011 / 20144 games
External notificationOffers notification services through external systems, such as e-mail or SMS.notifications2009 / 20102 games
Fake crash(Fake BSOD)Pretends the computer, console, or such has crashed, displaying more or less convincing error screen, such as BSOD for Windows, kernel panic screen for Linux, and so forth.notifications2002 / 20165 games
Falloff deathFalling out of the play field results in death. As opposed to transitioning to a different area. This can coexist.notifications1983 / 201311 games
False advertising(Misleading advertising)[False advertizing;Misleading advertizing]Promotional material for the game near or post release show things that are not in the game or use other advertising material not present in the game in similar form. Or otherwise use misleading advertising.notifications1992 / 20137 games
False HintsThe game is purposefully designed with a source of hints within the game that gives outright false information. Lies, basically.notifications1987 / 20146 games
False historyHistory as you know it is a lie.notifications2007 / 201112 games
FalsehoodsA collection of specific occurrences of non-truth.list_alt0 game
Fame (Infamy;Recognition;Notoriety)Player is assigned a score that tells how famous they are, how likely people are to have heard of you and know of your deeds.notifications1987 / 201526 games
Famicom Disk FaxFamicom Disk System games featuring the ability to send in your high scores via fax for the chance to win prizes. The game usually came on blue disks.notifications1987 / 19884 games
Family projectDevelopment team has only members of the same family, whether this is immediate, extended, in-laws or such.notifications2006 / 20159 games
Fan translatedHas a translation to one or more other languages available as provided by fans of the game rather than anything official (though may be approved [but not supported] officially).notifications1998 / 20117 games
FatelessDeals with people who have no fate unlike everyone else or at least most others. Likely only the protagonist (or the protagonist's kind if it's somehow different) is said to be this.notifications1995 / 201716 games
FatigueCharacters suffer from extended periods exertion or staying awake, ranging from simple fatigue to more drastic ailments. Usually fixed by a good night's rest.notifications1982 / 201861 games
Feather fallIncludes a limited use device, ability, spell, or such that allows the protagonist to fall from great heights without fear of dying or injuring themselves from the drop.notifications1996 / 20154 games
Feedback(Impact;Sense of weight)Any concepts that relate to sense of weight, impact, or general feedback to player character's physical actions.list_alt0 game
Financial and business modelslist_alt0 game
Finite ammoAmmo even for the starter weapon can run out. This tag is mostly useful if unusual, such as for scrolling shooters.notifications1978 / 202141 games
First-party title[First-party game]Developed by platform manufacturer's own development studio or produced&published by the platform manufacturer for it. Explicitly platform exclusive except in cases where same platform manufacturer has multiple active platforms.notifications1981 / 2018215 games
FlankingSomehow simulates the benefits of flanking, such as giving bonuses to hit chance, greater chance of lethally wounding, etc.notifications2004 / 201825 games
Flat damage reduction(Flat damage soak)The combat mechanics involve flat damage reduction, which reduces the incoming damage by flat amount rather than proportional (e.g. 10 points instead of 10%). This makes certain weak attacks have absolutely no effect.notifications2001 / 201712 games
Flat space (Two-dimensional space)Space, despite its lack of any limitations on movement and positioning, is depicted as a flat expanse of nothing.notifications2000 / 201743 games
Flower motifnotifications2004 / 20063 games
Follow in someone's footsteps[follow in the footsteps of someone]Plot involves someone following in the footsteps of another, usually someone's descendant following the footsteps of their parents/ancestors. Also including attempts to avoid doing exactly that.notifications2003 / 20146 games
Font optionsPlayer is given options for fonts, such as size, style, and possibly coloration and other visual decoration such as backgrounds.notifications3 games
Forced berserkingSome characters, possibly the protagonist, can cause others to go berserk, attacking friend and foe without distinction.notifications2012 / 20166 games
Forced polymorph(Forced shapechange)[baleful polymorph]Some beings in the setting can force others to take some other form. Commonly lasts only a short while.notifications1985 / 201747 games
Forced suicideInvolves someone or something forcing another to commit suicide by any means, be it mind control, intimidation, or such.notifications2001 / 20176 games
Forced teleportPlayer character(s) or NPCs can forcibly teleport other non-friendly characters elsewhere.notifications2010 / 20138 games
Former vaporwareWas considered vaporware for a long time but came out eventually anyway.notifications2003 / 202022 games
Fractionals[fractions;decimals;irrational numbers;real numbers]Player deals with fractional numbers to some degree instead of or in addition to plain integers.notifications2000 / 201411 games
Free slicing(Freeform cutting)Allows slicing characters and/or objects as the player wishes instead of along predefined cutting points.notifications2010 / 201714 games
Freeze framesUses freeze frames, pausing the scene completely for a moment, likely panning the camera around some subject of interest.notifications2013 / 20174 games
FreezingThings, especially characters and other creatures, can be frozen to a degree.notifications1995 / 201625 games
Friendly FirePlayer can attack their own side purposefully or by accident or be attacked themself in similar manner.notifications1979 / 2018228 games
Full voice-oversEvery conceivable bit that could be spoken out loud, is.notifications1995 / 201511 games
Fully refunded expensesCancelling a purchase, or selling something back, gives money and any resources back in full.notifications2013 / 20142 games
Fusion mode(Fusion dance;Fusion super mode)Two or more characters somehow fuse their powers for even greater power. Usually involves only one character remaining behind with the others merging together or disappearing until the end of the fusion.notifications1994 / 20158 games
G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness(G-LOC)Simulates G-LOC in some manner.notifications2012 / 20157 games
Game mode developer discrepancyNot all game modes were made by the same developer. This often leads to the game modes being very different from each other.notifications2006 / 20208 games
Game mode discrepancyThere are differences for same thing depending in which game mode you encounter or use it. For example shotgun might be instant kill at close range for singleplayer nide while it does not do so in multiplayer.notifications2010 / 20156 games
Gameplay innovationGames that really started something new.notifications1971 / 2017118 games
Gas hazards(Aerosol hazards)Includes areas where dangerous gases are present, whether these cause direct damage, asphyxiation, poisoning, or some other effects. This also includes aerosols, spores, and other similar and similarly dealt with hazards.notifications2003 / 201614 games
Gender bender[gender bending]Character gender is swapped at some point of the game, possibly permanently.notifications1985 / 201419 games
Gender choicePlayer can choose the gender of the main character.notifications1974 / 20211052 games
Gender effectsPlayer's gender choice has more gameplay effects than whatever is seen in character creation. Such as completely different dialog trees, actions not available to the other gender, NPCs behaving differently, etc.notifications2012 / 20165 games
Gender-neutral (Androgynous protagonist;Ambiguous gender)The protagonist's gender can't be determined, there is no protagonist, or otherwise does not make assumptions about player (character) gender or similar.notifications1982 / 202079 games
GenerationalPlayer controls several passing generations of people.notifications2009 / 201812 games
Generic pickupsVarious pickups have as little detail attached to them as there can be even though what they contribute to is not treated in similar manner. Such as if weapons use different kinds of ammo, but there's only one kind of ammo pickup that fills any of thnotifications2 games
Geokinesis (Earth manipulation;Earth magic)[lithokinesis;geomancy]Player character can control and/or generate earth, soil and related things to some degree, regardless of how or why.notifications2000 / 20128 games
Ghosted motionMovement of some things, such as certain characters or actions can have the character or the action have one or more ghost of itself (or slow motion blur trails) move slightly before or after the actual thing.notifications1998 / 20159 games
GlareSimulates glare to some degree, making it difficult to see in presence of a bright light.notifications2001 / 20114 games
Glitch visualsThe visual design includes glitches occurring in varying frequency and severity, regardless if these have any meaning or function outside of the visual design.notifications2005 / 201747 games
Global organizationInvolves an organization that works in all corners of the world (or even all corners of the universe if it's in space age).notifications1994 / 201417 games
Global Positioning SystemPlayer is either constantly aware of their position in the world or can trivially ascertain it, such as by opening their map.notifications1999 / 20104 games
Gradual expenses(Partial expenses)Expenses are charged as needed in small bits when possible, such as paying for individual materials to build the end product as needed rather than the end product itself. Or player can put small parts of the total payment in at a time.notifications2007 / 20145 games
Grant funded[grant funding;grant-funded;grant-funding]Received funding in form of a grant from some organization or government.notifications2010 / 202024 games
Gratuitous titillation(Borderline erotica)Borderline erotica without actually pushing over certain boundaries to be such.notifications2014 / 201511 games
Gray choices(Ambiguous choices)[grey choices]Player is made to choose between two or more options in which none seem better or worse than the other or are vague on their effects, especially when all options are bad.notifications2008 / 201630 games
GridUses a grid of any shape or type.notifications1973 / 20213472 games
Grid of Wang TilesFour right triangles form a square arranged in a standard square grid.notifications2 games
Grid-ExtradimensionalAny grid using more than 3 dimensions.notifications1 game
GridlessDoes not use a grid where one is to be expected. In strategy and war games for instance.notifications1992 / 201927 games
Ground effectSimulates the aerodynamic concept known as ground effect that gives aircraft increased lift and reduced drag near fixed surfaces.notifications1 game
Group (Squad-based;Party-based)Player is part of a group and can issue some form of instructions to (or, in some instances, assume full control of) the other members.notifications1975 / 20211151 games
Group leader (Squad leader;Party leader)Player has direct control of only the leader, with little indirect control of the the others.notifications1996 / 201672 games
Guerrilla (Guerrilla warfare)notifications2008 / 20168 games
Guild (Trade union;Labor union;Labor organization)An association of craftsmen in a particular trade working towards common goals.notifications1991 / 201825 games
Hallucinations (Delusions)Player character experiences hallucinations of varying severity.notifications1988 / 201955 games
Hammerspace(Malletspace)Player character stores abnormally large objects in their pockets or other luggage that should NOT be able to hide them, especially if such pull-out-of-pocket action is shown.notifications1988 / 201848 games
Healing itemsPlayer can carry about healing items and use them when necessary.notifications1980 / 2020700 games
Healing stations (Health stations;Medical stations)Player can find stations, devices, characters, or other objects that can be used repeatedly to heal wounds and possibly other ailments.notifications1984 / 2020189 games
Health buffer(Temporary hitpoints)Player can gain a secondary health bar that is depleted before the actual health is ever touched, this can exist in form of temporary hitpoints, armor, shields, or pretty much anything but functions the same.notifications1995 / 201788 games
Health regenerationThe protagonist regenerates health automatically over time.notifications1982 / 2021529 games
Health regeneration: Activity LevelsActivities offer several rates of regen (even to none), ie: combat (slowest), combat-ready, running, walking, standing, sitting, lying down (fastest).notifications1 game
Health regeneration: SlowHealth regenerates so slowly it won't save you even if you get a few moments of peace. Requires long downtime between battles to help at all.notifications1995 / 202038 games
Health regeneration: StuntedHealth regeneration works only up to a point (such as restoring a partial segment to full but not beyond it, or up to a certain percentage of full health), never fully restoring it.notifications2001 / 201754 games
Heat transferHeat transfers, seeking thermal equilibrium. Especially if player interacts with this somehow.notifications1987 / 20185 games
Held jumpJump height is dependant on how long the jump button is pressed, but this is not pre-charged, jump starts (near) immediately upon pressing jump button and drop starts soon after releasing it or reaching maximum height.notifications2015 / 20163 games
Hexagonal gridUses grid of 6 sided convex shapes.notifications1976 / 2019752 games
Hold/tap toggleHas option to toggle the need to repeatedly tap a control to just holding it in place.notifications3 games
Home(House owning)Player has or can have a home of some sort with attached activities, though may only serve minimally as a stash and/or diegetic information display of things like achievements and other inconsequential bits.notifications1983 / 201974 games
HUD malfunctioningThe HUD may occasionally malfunction, usually when it is explained (e.g. hi-tech visor or cybernetic eye with info feeds) and thus can be (temporarily) damaged.notifications2008 / 201314 games
Human resources(Human cattle)Humans (or anything equivalent sentient species or protagonist's own species) are treated as rather literal resources, harvested for spare (body) parts or other materials or used as whole as components in something.notifications1997 / 201519 games
HumanismDeals with humanism, philosophical and ethical ideas that value humanity as individuals and as a collective.notifications3 games
Humanity's wake[after humanity;after humans]Events after the end of the human species.notifications1988 / 201528 games
HumiditySimulates humidity and its effects to a degree.notifications2011 / 20123 games
Hunger(Starvation)[starving;malnutrition]Player must keep their characters and/or minions fed with solid or semisolid sources of nutrition lest they suffer starvation and possibly death.notifications1974 / 2021492 games
Hydrokinesis(Water manipulation;Water magic)Player character can control and/or generate water or other liquids to some degree, regardless of how or why.notifications2010 / 201512 games
Hygiene (Cleanliness)Simulates hygiene to a degree, possibly having effects on social interactions, health, or some other things.notifications2001 / 202116 games
Hypermuscles (Muscular hypertrophy)Involves characters with abnormally prominent musculature. Realistically these are either very dedicated bodybuilders (who also possibly - but not necessarily - ingest certain nutrients), or people with muscular hypertrophy.notifications2003 / 201622 games
Hyperthermia(Heatstroke)Simulates effects of hyperthermia in some manner, including things like excessive sweating, heatstrokes, and anything else.notifications1 game
Ignored vandalismNPCs pointedly ignore the protagonist's vandalism (or never hold him/her accountable for it) as they go about stealing from them, destroying their property, and otherwise terrorizing short of directly mugging and/or killing the people themselves.notifications2012 / 20175 games
Ill-equippedYou start out your quest to save the universe with a stick, or the near equivalent of.notifications1981 / 2020125 games
ImmobilePlayer does not control movement from place to place – nor is moved by the game itself – despite the game type usually including that. Not including level selection or similar.notifications2007 / 20147 games
Impact angleSimulates the effects of impact angle, such as penetrating with direct hits, scraping at medium angle, and glancing/ricocheting at extreme angle.notifications2003 / 201613 games
Impact shockGetting hit, shot, or such can send the player character/vehicle reeling, shaking, staggering, or such, messing up with aim, micro stunning and/or other things.notifications1 game
Imperfect healingAny immediate healing the player can use can not accomplish perfect results.notifications1992 / 20189 games
Impossible geometry (Impossible objects;Undecidable figures;Impossible figures;Impossible architecture)Somehow deals with impossible geometry.notifications1996 / 201413 games
In-genre gameplay innovationInnovates in some significant way within a genre, but not in a way that is notable for other types of games. Generally involves breaking out of the mold that other games establish for the genre.notifications1981 / 201510 games
Incarnated Divine Beings (Incarnated Angels; Incarnated Demons; Incarnated Deities)Features unearthly divine spirits housed in earthly bodies. (vulnerable earthly bodies, not just in appearance only)notifications1982 / 201875 games
Incomplete multiplayer informationIs known to have multiplayer but lacks details on it.notifications1 game
Inconclusive endingThe ending leaves the original or biggest issue unsolved without having made it a non-issue or without a proper sequel hook.notifications2001 / 20175 games
Indigenous Residents (Natives)Interaction with (or avoidance of) indigenous residents effects gameplay.notifications1981 / 200010 games
InfestationDeals with the presence of abnormally large quantity of parasites, rodents, aliens or other pests that normally wouldn't be expected to be in the presented location(s).notifications1997 / 201111 games
Infinite resources[Unlimited resources;Endless resources]As long as you have access to a source of a resource, you can collect from it indefinitely or resources regenerate indefinitely after being depleted.notifications1995 / 201935 games
Infinite shop stock(Endless shop stock)Shops and similar sources of things have infinite stock, never running out of items or other supposedly finite things.0 game
InformationAny tags referring to information player is given.list_alt0 game
Information warfarenotifications4 games
Instant killersRegardless of how many hit points the player character has, there are still things out there that can kill them outright.notifications1991 / 2018103 games
Intentionally brokenGame is broken on purpose, such as bugs discovered (or added) before release, being left unfixed, without time or budget limitations. Sometimes to cover up lack of promised features.notifications2014 / 20153 games
Interactive dialoguesIncludes dialogues where the player has some control over the course they take.notifications1985 / 2019319 games
Interest incomePlayer gains income through interest, usually by depositing wealth in a bank, giving out loans, or some such.notifications1974 / 201421 games
Interface puzzleLearning to operate the game interface is one of the goals of the game.notifications1 game
Internal visionPlayer can see the insides (organs, skeletons, etc.) of characters, vehicles, etc. without having to open them up. So far used mostly to graphically depict how people are hurt by various attacks.notifications2011 / 201515 games
InvasionThe plot involves hostile invasion of territory in some manner, such as as part of war of aggression.notifications1996 / 201626 games
InventoryPlayer has an item storage of unspecified capacity they can access.notifications1979 / 20211711 games
Inverse time(Reverse time;Backwards time)Time is inverted with the game starting from the end of the story and progresses towards the beginning, and not simply by taking events out of chronological order but rather everything happens in reverse order.notifications2012 / 20145 games
Investors (Financiers)Gameplay involves investors funding your project(s). With player primarily trying to keep the investors satisfied with you and thus keep funding the project(s). May involve trying to find (additional) investors.notifications1981 / 201415 games
Invincibility frames(Invulnerability frames)[iframes]Employs moments of invincibility tied to certain animation frames, such as certain dodges. This tag is only when the iframes aren't specified better with something else.notifications2009 / 201925 games
Involuntary actionsThe protagonist may suddenly decide to do something that is not what the player commanded them to do, whether or not this was voluntary for the protagonist either. Only when this happens out of scripted events (cutscenes).notifications1992 / 201810 games
Irregular gridA 2D space of irregular or arbitrary divisions used as if it were a regular grid. Divisions such as divided territories (but not settlements) on a mapnotifications1982 / 2017208 games
ISC LicenseA simplified BSD & MIT amalgamation. Effectively grants credit to & simultaneously absolves the author of all issues of morality created by their worknotifications2009 / 20152 games
Item chargesIncludes items with multiple depletable charges/uses, when these are distinguishable from item stacks.notifications2010 / 201818 games
Item comparisonOffers easy way to compare two or more items, usually by displaying them side-by-side and possibly highlighting differences.notifications2011 / 202027 games
Item pickup: GlobalThere's no range limits to where you can pick-up items. This may however be limited to drops by enemies ("loose items") and not things placed in the environment.notifications2007 / 20147 games
Item pickup: Stash excessUpon trying to pick up items you can't store in your inventory, the new item is stored in your stash automatically.notifications1 game
Item rechargingDepletable charges/uses from certain items can be replenished without buying the item again. Such as filling an empty bottle. Even if such items have only one use, as long as the depleted item can be recharged.notifications2010 / 201818 games
Item setsIncludes item sets that when used together impart additional bonuses or effects.notifications2000 / 201937 games
Job systemA variant of class system where characters can freely (no limit how many times) swap between classes (jobs), retaining pretty much everything they had in them. Although mostly the currently selected job is actually usable.notifications2002 / 201923 games
JukeboxOffers some way to play all or most music/songs of the game as player sees fit.notifications1995 / 20145 games
Junk inventory(Autosell inventory;Quick sell inventory)Player can designate items as junk that still keeps them in the inventory but removes them from normal browsing, usually with the purpose of quick selling all items marked as such and speed up inventory management.notifications2011 / 201614 games
Karma (Alignment;Reputation)Player character's deeds affect the manner in which they're known, regardless of how well or far.notifications1985 / 2019119 games
Keycodes (Key sequences;Access codes;Passwords)Player is required to locate keycodes - and possibly to fill in missing characters in them - to gain access to something.notifications1987 / 201953 games
Konami the bestRe-released japanese games published by Konami in Japan.notifications1 game
Land warfarenotifications1975 / 2018131 games
Language: PictographicLanguage such as speech or writing is represented through the use of pictographs.notifications1989 / 201513 games
Last of a kindThe protagonist is one of the last or [i]the[/i] last representative of a kind.notifications1994 / 201611 games
Latent ability (Latent power;Potential)[latent abilities;latent powers;dormant powers]The protagonist has potential for something great and may or may not know of it before it rears its ugly head.notifications2004 / 20095 games
Lego geneticsGene manipulation works by injecting specific traits like hairyness, extra alien arm, horse leg, etc. specific things to other beings.notifications2000 / 20155 games
Lens flare (Diffraction spike)A visual artefact seen in photography, video recording, telescopes, and others where lenses are used. That said, human eye sees the effect quite differently than what cameras and such do, but the camera variety is often used regardless.notifications1999 / 201623 games
Level drainPlayer may lose levels or other measure of character progress, temporarily or permanently.notifications1985 / 200918 games
Level timer(Play timer)Includes a timer for how long you've taken to play through a level. May be shown during play, likely to aid speedrunners than anything actually tangible for the game itself.notifications2014 / 20153 games
Level-based equipmentItems, even trivial ones, can't be used unless the player character has reached a specific character level.notifications1992 / 201677 games
License GNU Affero General Public LicenseDistributed under the GNU Affero license. Free to use for any purpose, study, improve, & redistribute. Not free to restrict. Network use requires full compliancenotifications2007 / 201611 games
License-postfreedomReleased under a Free or Open Source license but later became proprietary. Any current copyright holder can do this to a FSF/OSI licensed code.notifications2000 / 20104 games
License: BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution license)Distributed under the BSD license.notifications1991 / 201669 games
License: Choice of licensesAuthors of these games have specified multiple licenses that users and other developers may select at their option.1 game
License: Common Development and Distribution LicenseBased on the MPL & SPL. Not GPL compatible [b]by design[/b]. Open Source & Free Software.notifications1 game
License: ContradictoryA subset of [url=/groups/info/license-vague]License: Vague[/url]. License or copying information contains conflicting terms. ie: '$5 Freeware' or 'Public Domain but no commercial use', etc...notifications1988 / 201718 games
License: Creative CommonsA license primarily intended for artistic products such as graphic art, stories, etc.notifications1997 / 2018137 games
License: Eclipse Public LicenseDistributed under the EPL license.notifications1 game
License: Freely Redistributable Source / Freely Redistributable SoftwareFRS was before Free Software, GPL & Open Source were systematically legally defined. "S" stood for "software" (binaries only) or "source".notifications1 game
License: GNU GPL 1 or 2 (GNU General Public License)Distributed under the GNU GPL license (ver. 1 or 2). Free to use for any purpose, study, improve, and redistribute. Not free to restrict said freedomsnotifications1987 / 20171331 games
License: GNU GPL version 3Distributed under the GNU GPL Version 3 license. Which includes clauses allowing fundamentally different uses & restrictions not existent in GPL 1 & 2notifications1994 / 2020202 games
License: Illegal AspectsCompliance with one or more aspects of the licensing terms of the software are a violation of law either by the copyright holder and/or the end user.notifications1 game
License: Lesser GNU Public LicenseLicensed under the terms of the LGPL. Intended to apply to code libraries that [b]can[/b] be mixed with code under licenses incompatible with GPLnotifications1987 / 201742 games
License: Microsoft Public LicenseAvailable under Microsoft's least restrictive license. It is OSI and FSF approved but not compatible with the GNU GPL.notifications1 game
License: MIT / X11 / PFSL / ISC / ExpatDistributed under the MIT license, X11 license, ISC license, or any other license that meets the standards of a Permissive Free Software License.list_altnotifications1983 / 201684 games
License: Mozilla Public LicenseDistributed under the Mozilla Public License. MPL is based on the modified BSD license & the GNU General Public License, having elements of both.notifications2006 / 202019 games
License: New BSD (3-clause BSD;Simplified BSD License)The BSD license with the advertising clause. Source & binary are redistributable & derivitivible, but must retain copyright & license & 'no endorsement' by original authornotifications2006 / 201712 games
License: Open Software License 3.0An OSI approved license designed for developers.1 game
License: PNG/ZLIBDistributed under the PNG/ZLIB license.notifications2000 / 201725 games
License: Public DomainCopyright holders have formally and irreparably relinquished all rights to these games. No one owns it, nor can it be owned ever again (in theory).notifications1979 / 2020205 games
License: YawarakaSimular to the BSD Licensenotifications2006 / 20073 games
Life powered(Cast from hit points)Some actions, abilities, attacks, etc. are powered by draining away the player character's life (hit points).notifications1990 / 201722 games
Limited capacityCarry capacity is limited in more ways than the quantity of ammo you can carry.notifications1981 / 2020617 games
Limited darkness[partial darkness]Includes significant quantity of dark locations or periods of darkness, prompting the use of light sources or vision enhancers, but not so much as to be called universally dark.notifications1983 / 2020356 games
Live actorsSome or all characters are acted by real people or animals (not just voice acted). May be limited to cutscenes, videos, or similar.notifications1990 / 2017186 games
Load recapDuring loading a game the current goals or recent events are recapped to remind the player what they were supposed to be doing next.notifications2007 / 20169 games
Loans(Debts)Player can take out loans and thus going into debt, or possibly even give them out and gaining additional income via debt interest.notifications1982 / 201627 games
Locational health (Multiple health pools)Each individual part that can be damaged has its own health, lowering the health of individual part may lead to death, the part tearing off, crippling it, or simply reduced performance with it.notifications1988 / 201857 games
Locomotion(Movement)list_alt0 game
Login rewards(Daily rewards)Player is rewarded for the simple action of logging in or launching the game, usually limited to once per day and sometimes given increasing rewards for consecutive days logged in.notifications2012 / 20215 games
Long range warfareWarfare at such range that discerning enemies from friendlies and/or neutrals is (extremely) difficult.notifications2006 / 20136 games
Loose GripA protagonists hands (prehensile members) can slip or ungrasp completely do to some not readily seen cause such as fatigue and/or a physical force.notifications1 game
Loot: Random (Random item drops)NPCs drop semi-random items when they're enough hurt.notifications1982 / 2020192 games
Lost equipmentPlayer loses all or at least the most vital equipment at some point in the game.notifications1987 / 2020104 games
Lost powers (Lost levels;Lost abilities)The protagonist has lost or loses her powers, abilities, skills, spells, etc. intangible that make them presumably great and powerful. A notable part of the story is either spent reclaiming them or coping in their absence.notifications1991 / 201739 games
Lost technology (Forgotten technology)Involves technology for which the means or knowledge to produce them has been lost with no hope of recovering (e.g. due to a global catastrophe). This technology usually far exceeds the capabilities of tech the people now create.notifications1993 / 201512 games
Low violence mode(No blood mode)Has an option to reduce the violent content, such as lowering or completely removing the amount of blood shown.notifications1 game
LoyaltySimulates loyalty and its effects on the friends and/or followers.notifications1 game
Loyalty program(Loyalty pricing)Gives extra benefits or better price for people who own previous titles from the same publisher/developer. Usually in form of a notable discount.notifications1 game
LyingPlayer is given the choice to willingly dispense false information, obscure the truth, or possibly withhold critical information (when such action is harmful to others).notifications2012 / 20154 games
Machine civilization (Robot civilization;Machine culture;Robot culture)[Machine civilisation]Features a machine civilization of some sort. Not just a mass of automatons, but an actual civilization created and run by more or less sentient artificial beings.notifications1984 / 201559 games
Magazine cover giftFirst released (usually for free) as a cover-disc or cover-tape in magazines.notifications1983 / 1995526 games
Magic (Mystic powers)Features anything definitely magical or strange mystic powers.notifications1974 / 20213091 games
Magic fail(Spell fail)[magic failure;spell failure;spell fail chance]Magic can fail, either by chance or other reasons besides targets resisting or being immune to it.notifications1989 / 201921 games
Magic is science (Scientific magic;Natural magic)Magic is depicted as scientifically studied and quantified concept with predictable results.notifications2003 / 20106 games
Magic: Innate (Thought)Magic is invoked by thought or simply by "doing magic" (like breathing or circulating blood). Magic user performs no perceivable actions to do magic.notifications1995 / 20128 games
Magic: Rare(Low magic)[rare magic]Magic exists but is very uncommon, extremely difficult, relatively limited in power, and/or reserved for a select few. Tolkienian magic for example.notifications1979 / 201628 games
Magic: Sigils(Runic)[runes;symbols;symbolic;sigillary]Magic is invoked by sigils of power, usually drawn by the magic user when needed or activating previously drawn sigils somehow.notifications1992 / 201430 games
Magic: SomaticMagic is invoked by visible bodily movement, gestures, dancing, or anything else similar except for spoken words.notifications1992 / 201744 games
Magic: Verbal (Singing;Chanting;Vocalizing)[sung;chanted;vocalized;spoken]Magic is invoked by speaking, singing, shouting, or otherwise vocalizing gibberish or words of power or similar.notifications1996 / 201731 games
Mail (Postal service;Internal email)Player has access to mail service, either for sending and receiving textual messages or actual in-game items like in postal service. Commonly exists for communication between players who aren't on-line at the same time.notifications2004 / 20094 games
Mail orderPlayer can purchase certain items, goods, services, etc. that are delivered to them at a later date, as if by mail order (whether literally or figuratively).notifications1986 / 20153 games
Maintained jumpPlayer maintains the upward motion of the jump with the jump button held and releases it at any time to start the downward part of the jump. In other words, higher jump with longer press of the jump button, but they start immediately upon pressing it.notifications2011 / 201621 games
Maintenance Tag: Unknown Requirements for OSPrecise operating system, system software, system ROM, BIOS versions, or similar system requirements, are currently unknown & should be addednotifications1986 / 2020114 games
MalfeaturesAny tags describing a feature that is usually viewed as plain negative or even as bugs (despite lacking the usual requirement of being an error in code).list_alt0 game
Malfunctioning(Duds;Unreliable tools;Jamming)Tools, vehicles, and whatever else have a possibility to malfunction under certain conditions, though usually only when they become too worn down.notifications1978 / 201853 games
Mana burn (Energy feedback)An overload or literal burning of energy that harms whoever has it. Commonly has little to no effect on regular people.notifications1994 / 201643 games
Mandatory lossPlayer is given a fight they're meant to lose.notifications1986 / 201931 games
Mandatory recipes & blueprintsPlayer can not craft, cook, build, or such anything they don't have the recipe, blueprint, or similar instructions for even if they know how what is required and how to do it otherwise, such as from previous playthroughs.notifications2006 / 20158 games
Market failure (Financial failure)Failed to cover its development costs or produce enough profit to even partially fund subsequent projects.notifications1981 / 201418 games
Market previewPlayer has access to information about prices, demands, and such for far away markets, allowing easier way to plan what to trade and where.notifications1999 / 201313 games
Martial lawMartial law is in place within the depicted setting.notifications2011 / 20206 games
Mass murderDepicts or is about mass killing of non-combatants.notifications1997 / 20157 games
Match-locked characters(Match-locked vehicles)Characters, vehicles, etc. are locked in game matches until the end of the match, unusable in new matches even if player leaves the match early (e.g. leaving a last man standing match early after their own death).notifications2010 / 20166 games
Matchmaking Rating(MMR;Elo rating system)Uses any kind of matchmaking rating system to calculate relative skill of players, usually to match relatively similarly skilled people against each other in multiplayer. May use variables besides those signifying skill to match people.notifications1998 / 201666 games
Measurement options[Measurement system choices;System of units choices]Player has choice between measurement systems, such as between metric and imperial.notifications1 game
Melee impact(Hit impact)Melee strikes actually impact with opponents, swings stopping (possibly with haptic feedback and/or slight screenshake accompanying it) when they meet hard enough resistance instead of passing through like air.notifications2012 / 20143 games
Meta ConsequencesThe choices, actions or lack of action [i]made by the player[/i] have non-obvious consequences outside of the game.notifications1 game
Meta interfaceBesides the normal interface you work with to play the game, it also simulates a different interface within itself for the player.notifications2007 / 20167 games
Metahumor(Meta-jokes)Jokes about jokes.0 game
MicrogridUses grid-size that is significantly smaller than most entities placed on that grid, most notably the player character and other creatures.notifications1990 / 201516 games
Mind upload(Brain upload;Consciousness upload)[Soul upload]Deals with consciousness of a person copied into fully artificial system and continuing to function relatively in similar manner to the original in that artificial system.notifications2001 / 201726 games
MinigamesIncludes minigames on the side or in the main game, but these are only small diversion rather than what the game is about.notifications1987 / 2019179 games
Minimum damage(Guaranteed minimum damage)Harmful effects are guaranteed to do at least some amount of damage, however insignificant, regardless of damage nullifying features on the target of the effect.notifications1985 / 20104 games
Minimum rangeSome things need to be at least at a certain minimum distance before they can be used at all, or are incapable of doing anything below that distance. Such as artillery not being able to fire in the first 50 meters around it.notifications1998 / 201621 games
Minion permadeath(Minion permaloss)[minion permanent death;minion permanent loss]Minions, troops, etc. when they die off, you have no immediate ways to regain someone with similar skillset or traits, possibly even never as they may have been unique individuals.notifications1994 / 201862 games
Minion, unit & structure statisticsProvides statistics on the performance of individual minions, underlings, structures, etc.notifications2011 / 20147 games
MisfortunePlot involves events spiraling out of control, with any success usually proving to be a failure or simply invoking greater dangers/threats. The protagonists are likely to suffer from despondency eventually.notifications2010 / 20116 games
Misleading choicesPlayer is given choices that lead to something completely different than they were about.notifications1997 / 20142 games
Misleading title screenTitle screen of the game is misleading somehow, such as having false information or some crucial information is missing.notifications1 game
Mixed licenseDistributed under mixed licensing.notifications2 games
Mixed realityTwo or more distinct types of reality are mixed together.notifications1988 / 19917 games
Mixed time(Mixed time-keeping)Mixes two or more methods of time-keeping simultaneously, such as turn-based and real-time.notifications2014 / 20155 games
Modular structuresStructures are modularly built from variety of pieces.notifications2011 / 20152 games
Moon phasesSimulates moon phases to a degree with noticeable effect one way or another.notifications2006 / 20155 games
Moral choicesThe player is presented with moral choices which may stray the story or side-story to different directions. A common tool for character building in RPGs.notifications1997 / 201755 games
Morale(Simulated morale)[simmorale]Simulates the effects of morale on any creatures, especially the player's troops and the main character(s).notifications1981 / 201888 games
More GendersGame includes genders other than Male and Female.notifications1 game
Multi-classingClass-based system where player can select multiple classes, though usually limited to 2 or 3. This often limits the development of the primary class.notifications1989 / 201939 games
Multi-function abilitiesSame ability, skill or spell can be used to do large number of different things.notifications2 games
Multi-purpose resourceFeatures one ore more resources that are used for 2 completely unrelated purposes, for example bullets being also used as money.notifications1999 / 20159 games
Multi-stage abilities(Combo abilities)Includes abilities, spells, skills, or other actions that pass through multiple stages, changing what they do with each use. Usually resets after a short while if not triggered again.notifications2009 / 20143 games
Multinational organizationDepicts a multinational organization, group, or similar where people from different nations work together towards common goal(s).notifications1991 / 201635 games
Multiplayer: Defunct(Shut down)Multiplayer service of the game was shutdown. Unless the game offers direct connection option, this means multiplayer is completely unavailable.notifications1 game
Multiplayer: Gun GameA multiplayer mode where scoring (e.g. killing other players) gradualy improves the player's weapon, usually by swapping it to a more powerful one.notifications2000 / 201531 games
Multiplayer: LeaguesMultiplayer is split into leagues. Usually for the purpose of splitting ranked multiplayer community into segments of roughly equal skill with some kind of gating to higher and lower leagues.notifications2009 / 20154 games
Multiplayer: Looking for Group(Looking for more)Includes an inbuilt feature to look for other people to play with outside of matchmaking.notifications2009 / 201512 games
Multiplayer: NPC alliesOne or more of the included multiplayer modes includes NPC allies regardless if bot-replacements for humans are possible. Usually less powerful individuals that provide a constant push and action in the games even if the players themselves do nothing.notifications2009 / 201527 games
Multiplayer: Pre-game commitmentPlayer has to commit to a significant choice, such as character/class or loadout before entering a game where they can discuss the overall plan with the other allied players.notifications2011 / 20158 games
Multiplayer: PrivateHas one or more options of private games, such as password lock, friends only, group/clan only, etc.notifications2011 / 201923 games
Multiplayer: Quick join(Instant action)Offers quick join or instant action option which finds a game that has free player slots and connects to that without much thought given to it. Usually favoring more populous games but ignores relative skill level of players (no matchmaking).notifications1 game
Multiple calendars[multicalendar]Dates, years, etc. are given using multiple calendars instead of just one.notifications3 games
Multiple currenciesUses more than one incompatible but perhaps exchangeable currency systems.notifications1995 / 20157 games
Multiple experience pools (Multiple types of experience)Player can gain more than one type of experience, usually split by activity type.notifications1985 / 201840 games
Multiple narrators[multinarrator]notifications6 games
Multispecies organizationDepicts a multispecies organization, group, or similar where people from different species work together towards common goal(s).notifications2007 / 20128 games
Mundane dangersThe protagonist is hurt or even killed by very mundane things that shouldn't really hurt anyone. Fatal allergy to something being one of the most realistic instances of this.notifications2000 / 201414 games
Murder penaltyKilling anyone, possibly limited to people, imposes a penalty of some sort.notifications5 games
Naturalistic (Mundane;No Magic)Not necessarily realistic. Has nothing overtly fantastic, be it magical, paranormal, psychic, mystic, super powers, technomagic, nor magical technology.notifications1970 / 20214172 games
Nature simulationlist_alt0 game
Naval warfarePlayer commands some military naval force(s).notifications1975 / 2017166 games
Necessary evil (Lesser evil)Plot involves someone notable performing "evil" deeds because of necessity for them to achieve certain "good" goals.notifications2003 / 20168 games
Negative wealth(Negative capital)Player can have negative wealth where their usable wealth goes below zero.notifications4 games
No agenda(No motives)The reason why the protagonist is doing what they're doing is not revealed for a good portion of the game if at all.notifications2011 / 201822 games
No Amazon Standard Identification Number (NO ASIN)Not yet listed (or has been deleted) from This is a maintenance tag.notifications1981 / 201241 games
No boss arenasGameplay is not limited to carefully constrained area during boss fights, letting player to go anywhere they wish, possibly as a result allowing fleeing a boss battle without failing it.notifications2011 / 20152 games
No cooldownsThere are no cooldowns on abilities or items to be used again, allowing them to be used extremely rapidly regardless of what they do.notifications1 game
No deck buildingDespite being a collectible card game or card battle game, player can not build custom decks.notifications2009 / 201210 games
No fantastic recoveryAverts a common trope in popular fiction where recovery from disfiguring wounds, forced polymorph, or such, does not produce perfect or near perfect recovery, leaving the person at least partially and quite noticeably disfigured.notifications2009 / 20122 games
No generic enemiesEvery enemy you encounter is unique, with possible exception with animals and similar but anything that could be a person is unique.notifications2014 / 20156 games
No HP system(No health point system)[no hit point system]notifications2012 / 20142 games
No pause menu(No in-game menu pause)Opening the base in-game menu (usually opened with start button, esc key, etc.) does not pause the game.notifications1 game
No platform licensePublished without license on a platform that normally requires such. May have as such involved reverse engineering the platform itself.notifications1990 / 19914 games
No ResaleThe company providing the game has attempted to prevent subsequent transfer of ownership.notifications1993 / 20152 games
No shop restockingShops and other sources from which you can buy things never restock, eventually indefinitely running out of things to sell.notifications2006 / 20145 games
No squad healthSquads or similar groups of units don't have shared or generic health that covers all members of the squad but instead tracks each individual squad member individually. Only if this is unusual (e.g. most strategy games).notifications1 game
No stray fire(No stray bullets)It is impossible to cause stray fire (as in, hit something other than the one targeted), excluding anything that is defined as affecting an area, capable of overpenetration, or similar.notifications2009 / 201512 games
No voice-oversThere are no voice overs despite being recent enough that such are commonplace and made by developer/publisher who should've been able to fund such part of development.0 game
No-one left behind[none left behind]Plays with the concept of leaving no-one behind, endangering oneself and possibly others just for the sake of not leaving anyone. Often foolhardy and/or excessively heroic.notifications1993 / 201316 games
Noise indicatorIncludes an indicator for how much noise you're making, possibly complemented with inclusion of how much your environment is making noise.notifications1999 / 201720 games
Non-choices(False choices)Player is given options to choose from but same thing happens regardless of what the choice was, even when this is a series of choices.notifications2001 / 201613 games
Non-Euclidean geometrynotifications2011 / 20134 games
Non-standard colors[non-standard colours]Uses non-standard coloring schemes for objects and elements.notifications1994 / 20066 games
Non-working age[retirement;children]Characters exist sapping resources but being in non-working age where they either are too young or too old to actually work, creating a buffer of needs with no (immediate) benefits in return.notifications2009 / 20165 games
Noodle incidentReferences one or more significant events, possibly multiple times, but never actually shows or explains what they were.notifications2004 / 20133 games
NPC ammoNPCs have limited ammo supplies like player instead of usual unlimited.notifications1998 / 20144 games
NPC anxiety (NPC fear)Simulates anxiety and fear on NPCs to some degree.notifications1994 / 201326 games
NPC asphyxiation(Oxygen;Drowning)NCPs have issues with asphyxiation in certain situations, such as drowning, being exposed to vacuum, oxygen supplanting gases, fire depleting oxygen, etc.notifications2006 / 201413 games
NPC body draggingNPCs purposefully relocate unconscious or dead characters.notifications1997 / 20158 games
NPC disarmingNPCs can somehow disarm the protagonist and others.notifications2010 / 20147 games
NPC environmental vulnerabilityNPCs are vulnerable to environmental hazards, such as traps, open fires, and such the same as players are.notifications2011 / 201811 games
NPC fleeing(Enemy fleeing)Under certain circumstances some or all enemy NPCs will try to flee from the player character. Usually not including wild animals or similar that can be expected to do so regardless of anything, especially not if this is limited to them.notifications1995 / 201619 games
NPC last known position behavior(NPC last seen position behavior)[last known location]NPCs behavior is partially dictated by last known positions of certain things, such as where they last saw the protagonist or an enemy. Possibly firing blindly into brush with presumed enemy is or going to scout it out long after the enemy has departed.notifications2009 / 201729 games
NPC map crossing(NPC level crossing)Some or all NPCs (can) cross over area load boundaries (screens, maps, levels, sectors, or whatever the game partitions the game world with), not being stuck in some area just because it requires level load to go over there.notifications2016 / 20172 games
NPC mercyNPCs can show mercy, such as stopping attacking you if you're clearly losing & are willing to acquiesce to conditions (ie: leave & never return).notifications1 game
NPC reinforcementsNPCs can call in reinforcements from outside of the play area or outside of the immediate vicinity.notifications1 game
NPC reloadingNPCs need to reload their weapons as much as the player does, giving somewhat predictable pauses in their firing other than random stops as well as visible/audible feedback of it.notifications2012 / 20155 games
NPC schedulesNPCs follow certain schedules, regardless if they're static or dynamic, such as going to sleep at night, eating dinner, working for most of the day, spending free time during evening, etc.notifications1982 / 201866 games
NPC stunningNPCs can stun the player character for any amount of time.notifications1998 / 201818 games
NPC suppressive fireNPCs employ suppressive fire tactics, firing in an area (even if they know they're guaranteed to not hit anyone) where they know or suspect enemies to be in to deny them chance to relocate or return fire.notifications2009 / 20145 games
NPC UI interaction[NPC user interface interaction;NPC 4th wall interaction]Certain NPCs interact with player's user interface, such as messing up with player's user interface, using said interface, or interfering with its use.notifications2015 / 20175 games
NPC world change awarenessNPCs are aware of something changing in the world, for example they will notice a door is closed when it wasn't earlier, an item is somewhere where it wasn't before, etc. Specifically when they weren't observing the change.notifications2014 / 20159 games
Object ComponentsObjects/Weapons have multiple components that can be substituted and may or may not have other uses.notifications1 game
Object imprinting (Psychic imprinting;Empathic imprinting)Objects, mainly tools, gain traits of the person using them or the place they're stored in.0 game
Objective indicator (Task indicator)Shows where the current objective is located in one way or another.notifications1990 / 2019328 games
Odd natureNature and the laws of nature behave strangely in comparison to reality, but the depicted natives see nothing strange about it.notifications3 games
Offscene deathGoing off scene in any direction (falling down, going off the sides, jumping at the top, etc.) causes death or other loss condition.notifications1991 / 20134 games
Old faith(Old religion;Old gods)[Old deities]Deals with an older faith, its beliefs, or its gods. Usually something that was supplanted by the depicted current major religion some time ago.notifications1998 / 201612 games
Old skool surveillance(Visibly flawed surveillance)Surveillance system that clearly leaves holes in what they're surveying. Often with security cameras that show their view cones and move about in predictable patterns that leave holes through which the player can slip by.notifications1999 / 201642 games
On holdAny project that has entered the vague state of being "on hold". Often result of financial problems with developer or publisher/producer as resources are allocated elsewhere until they get enough capital to continue the projects.notifications1987 / 201514 games
Online passRequired the use of an online pass. Such as separately purchased online subscription, a serial key delivered along with the retail game, or some other method that limits the availability of online gaming to new purchases of the game.notifications2011 / 20124 games
Open betaEmployed an open beta phase at some point, allowing anyone to play the unfinished game for free for a time before release. Usually in hopes of stomping out all remaining technical issues but possibly also for marketing.notifications2001 / 201833 games
Optional running commentarySupplemental commentary material by the creators that plays or can be read at various locations explaining how or why they did things as they are.notifications2001 / 201639 games
Optional tasks(Side quests;Optional objectives;Secondary objectives)Player has optional tasks they may perform for one reason or another.notifications1982 / 2020394 games
Orbital dropsTroops, vehicles, supplies, etc. are dropped from orbit to surface as-is without aid of drop pods or drop ships.notifications2009 / 20116 games
Out-of-place charactersCharacters that appear very out of place, such as the mailman of a nearby village delivering mail in some buried city you just unearthed.notifications2005 / 201613 games
Out-of-turn actions (Reactions)[Reaction fire]Characters can perform certain actions outside of their own turn.notifications1992 / 201648 games
Over-expositionExplains everything in almost technical detail, especially if this is by characters who shouldn't know or care about such minute details for everything, not to mention not care to explain it all to someone asking about it all.notifications1994 / 20155 games
Overburdening[overloading]Character, vehicle, etc. load weight is somehow part of gameplay besides as a limit for how much you can carry. The effects of overburdening can start to happen as early as at 20% of total capacity or only after going over 100%.notifications1995 / 202046 games
Overdraw discardDrawing more than certain number of cards or such causes the new ones to be discarded.notifications2014 / 20154 games
OverkillDefeating opponents can be overdone and is rewarded with some more spectacular death/defeat sequence than normal. Often results only in gibbing of the subjects, or turning them into explosions of gore, even when such makes no sense.notifications1994 / 202096 games
Overloading[overburdening]Character, vehicle, etc. maximum load weight, volume, or such can be exceeded. Usually leaves the thing immobile, but still gives the option, possibly to allow using super-heavy equipment on the spot or make inventory management easier.notifications1995 / 201510 games
Overpenetration (Penetrating projectiles;Piercing projectiles)Certain projectiles can pass through multiple targets.notifications1990 / 201771 games
Overtime(Extra time)A time extension to prevent a tie/draw from happening or to let some currently contested thing get settled.notifications2007 / 201510 games
Pain (Simulated pain)Getting hit, falling significant heights, being electrocuted, etc. cause the subjected character (especially in case of the protagonist) to reel in pain or otherwise temporarily becoming incapacitated.notifications1994 / 201553 games
PanspermiaA theory involving the transportation of life from planet to planet.notifications1 game
Paper doll(Visible equipment)Uses paper doll like inventory and equipment system with the chosen equipment reflected in-game outside of the paper doll manager.notifications1995 / 201645 games
Passage on demand[Scenery on demand;Scenery as you go]A passage, area, or similar forms around you as needed (and often disappearing as you move away from it). Commonly a passage over a chasm.notifications1990 / 201617 games
Past characters(Previous characters;Old characters)[meet old characters;meet previous characters]Player gets to meet old player characters, their graves, or some other remains of them.notifications1985 / 201410 games
Past creations(Previous creations;Old creations)Player can find their old creations, their remains or ruins, or some derivatives of them [i]in new playthroughs[/i].0 game
PatentsAny concepts that are patented somewhere in the world. Unlike other concepts these are worth having even if just one game would be in it.list_alt1997 / 20080 game
PawnThe protagonist is used or otherwise manoeuvred without their (initial) knowledge towards goals they may not agree with.notifications1999 / 201539 games
Pay-once MMO[Buy to play]MMOs for which you only pay once after which it's playable like any other game with no need to pay subscription if one even exists. Pay-once bit does not extend to expansions or possible microtransactions.notifications2005 / 201915 games
Penetrating explosions(Passthrough explosions)Explosions pass through matter that is not destroyed or moved by them, causing harm to things that should've been safe. In other words, explosions ignore indestructible level geometry and other things that should shield from them.notifications1997 / 20147 games
People resources(People harvesting;Organ harvesting)[Human resources;Human harvesting]People (humans or whatever constitutes the setting's sentients or equivalent) are harvested in their entirety or some part of them, and not for their ability to do work as themselves.notifications1992 / 202053 games
Per-character relationsRelations are tracked per-character in addition to or instead of overall or per-faction.notifications1975 / 201750 games
Percentage damage(%health damage)Some attacks or sources of damage cause it as percentage of the target's current or maximum health.notifications2009 / 20157 games
Periodic autosaves (Timed autosaves)Game progress is periodically (usually every 5 to 15 minutes) saved without any action from the player needed.notifications1996 / 201983 games
Periodic calamities(Periodic natural disasters)Certain kind of calamities, such as natural disasters, periodically threaten the player on fairly regular basis, especially if these are as predictably common as night and day cycle.notifications2008 / 20176 games
Periodic dangers(Circadian dangers;Daily dangers)Includes dangers (such as enemies) that are only present during a certain period of a day, such as the night.notifications1998 / 201840 games
Permanent level drainLevel drain when it occurs is permanent and does not restore with time or have any simple restoration mechanics.notifications1985 / 200918 games
Permeable environmental materials(Porous environmental materials)Some environmental materials are permeable, letting liquid and/or gas pass through them while blocking passage otherwise.notifications3 games
Persistent minions (Persistent units)[permanent minions;permanent units]Minions or similar stick around with the player across missions, maps, etc. However, this does not mean they can not be lost. Should only be used when unusual, such as in strategy games.notifications1994 / 201697 games
Personal questThe protagonist is trying to achieve something they themself decided to do for themself.notifications1992 / 201555 games
Perspective-based realityReality changes according to how (from what direction, or even possibly through what) or what specifically you look at.notifications2007 / 20149 games
Phase transitionsSimulates matter phase (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma) transitions to some degree.notifications2009 / 201914 games
Photo ModeThe ability to pause the game and take screenshots moving the camera around and eventually altering other elements.notifications2005 / 202075 games
Physical magic(Contact magic)Features physical magic, where magic is performed purely by touching things and/or enhancing ones own body or traits.notifications2007 / 20202 games
Picture-in-picture(PiP)notifications1990 / 201720 games
Place swap(Position swap)[swap places;swap positions]Player can swap positions with willing or neutral characters, possibly even with hostile ones.notifications1994 / 20138 games
Planetary destructionWhole planets, moons or other immense astral bodies can be destroyed.notifications1988 / 201517 games
Platform best sellerAccording to VGChartz Pack-in games should not be considerednotifications1981 / 201117 games
Platform reference(Platform allusion)One or more of the game's titles (redundantly) references, directly or indirectly, the platform they're for. Not including fan titles.notifications1978 / 2017556 games
Platinum range (Essentials range)PlayStation (from PS1 to PS4, including handhelds) budget range in the PAL regions that attained 400,000 worldwide in Europe on the first six months. Later renamed to "Essentials" for PSP in 2010 and PlayStation 3 in 2012.notifications1994 / 2011204 games
Player comparisonOffers comparison of how the player performed in comparison to other players. Possibly plain statistics or what choices they made across gameplay.notifications2012 / 201510 games
Player profilingCollects information about the player - usually anything related to playing habits, success, preferences, and such - and sends it to the developer/publisher. Commonly anonymous.notifications1 game
Player tauntingPlayer specifically is taunted, mocked, ridiculed, etc.notifications1983 / 20157 games
Point of no returnPlayer is told at one or more points that proceeding will prevent them from returning, possibly causing active quests to be cancelled/abandoned, etc. Usually when player is about to start game ending mission or cause large status change to the game world.notifications2012 / 201717 games
PollutionPlayer has to deal with pollution outside of plain hygiene and waste management.notifications1990 / 20169 games
Poor item gripCharacters (especially player characters) can lose either randomly or due to certain circumstances grip on items they're holding in their hands. Not cases of intentionally causing loss of grip (e.g. disarming).notifications2013 / 20169 games
Post-credits scene[Post-end credits scene]notifications1993 / 202029 games
Post-release name change(Post-release rename)At some point [i]after[/i] initial publishing, these games officially had their names changed without it being a separate release in different territory. Usually online-only releases.notifications1999 / 201211 games
Post-release stateslist_alt0 game
Power flickerInsufficient energy output/production causes devices, buildings, and others to flicker back and forth between operational and inoperative state.notifications2007 / 20104 games
Power negation (Power dampening;Power nullification;Silencing)Player character can somehow negate powers (such as magic) of others, or be subjected to such themselves.notifications2003 / 201812 games
Pre-combatPlayer has action choices before actual combat begins that affect it in some significant manner, either before combat mode starts or as part of setup phase for combat mode (the latter only when this includes something that can't be done otherwise mid-combnotifications7 games
Pre-order bonusPre-ordering the game gives the player free day 1 DLC content or other in-game goodies (such as things normally acquired via microtransactions).notifications2013 / 201611 games
Pre-release stateslist_alt0 game
Prehensile hairnotifications1992 / 201859 games
Premature task completion(Premature quest completion)Player can complete quests or other such tasks before actually acquiring said tasks.notifications1998 / 201716 games
Price info (Value info)Just by looking at things you get info on their approximate value, average price, last known price, or similar without having to remember it yourself or visit a shop to see what they really offer for it.notifications2005 / 201423 games
Proprietary licenseDistributed under a license that witholds and/or restricts source code & rights granted by law, usually for commercial purposes & is almost always unique per gamenotifications1970 / 202112779 games
Protagonist does everythingFor some obscure reason, the protagonist is called out to do every single thing, even though most of it falls out of their job description, area of expertise, or even common sense. Especially if actual specialists are easily reachable in the situations.notifications1984 / 20108 games
Pseudo-rape(Agonophilia)Either acted out rape or simply the non-con partner "warming up to the idea" after a while. Mostly seen in erotic fiction as a type of rape where the non-con partner actually likes it (possibly after the fact) and wants to be the victim again.notifications1 game
Pseudo-realMakes false claims on the events happening being real or even being happening Right Now.notifications1999 / 20144 games
Psychological TheoryAbove average knowledge of psychology and/or psychological theory plays an important role in gameplay.notifications1 game
Puppet animation(Modular animation)Individual pieces (pieces of clothing, possibly smaller pieces of the body, whatever they hold, etc. not just limbs) of characters are animated as separate entities.notifications2004 / 201737 games
Pyrokinesis (Fire manipulation;Fire magic)Player character can control and/or generate fire to some degree, regardless of how or why.notifications1994 / 201765 games
Pyrrhic victoryAs part of the major events in the overall game (story), there's a victory achieved at such loss the winners might as well count it as a loss.notifications1999 / 200816 games
Quick turn(180° turn)Includes a shortcut to quickly do a 180 degree turn.notifications2013 / 20153 games
Race choice (Ethnic group choice)Player can choose the race of the main character.notifications1982 / 201530 games
Radiation (Radioactivity)Player has to deal with radioactivity and radiation poisoning.notifications1977 / 201849 games
Radio tapFor some obscure reason, the player can hear the enemy's radio chatter.notifications1998 / 201326 games
Rage meter(Bloodlust;Focus;Adrenaline)Player gains "rage" or some other vague power from beating up their opponents or doing something else significant, which in turn (briefly) unlocks more powerful moves, additional bonuses or enables other actions/features such as activation of super mode.notifications2002 / 2018141 games
Rampant creationSomething artificial escapes quarantine, gets broken and functions inappropriately, or does their job too well.notifications2 games
Random genderPlayer character is assigned gender randomly.notifications1 game
Random NPC healthNPC health is randomly chosen whenever they're generated/spawned rather than having a static one.notifications1 game
Random protagonistThe protagonist is either randomly chosen from a set of them or randomly generated with little to no player control.notifications2012 / 20187 games
Random start gearStarting equipment is randomized.notifications2012 / 20186 games
Random starting equipment(Random starting gear)The equipment player starts with is randomized.notifications2012 / 20169 games
Randomized keycodes(Randomized passcodes)Keycodes or such are randomized between playthroughs, forcing players to actually find or figure them out instead of relying on walkthroughs or memory of previous playthrough and skipping content.notifications2015 / 20162 games
Ranked multiplayer(Multiplayer: Ranked)notifications2009 / 201725 games
Rare conceptsAny tags that describe concepts that are rarely or barely ever seen, and not just because of tagging not being thorough.list_alt2000 / 20030 game
Re-animated dead(Revived dead)Any kind of re-animated dead and not just supernatural undead. Including resurrected and similar entities.0 game
Reactive narratorThe narrator reacts to various things the player does or sees instead of only relaying pre-scripted exposition.notifications2011 / 20165 games
Real clockShows actual time of day for the player instead of in-game time of day (which may actually be the same).notifications2010 / 20167 games
RecoilSimulates recoil to some degree, throwing aim off target rather than usual bullet dispersion increasing for a moment or simply nothing at all.notifications1997 / 201759 games
Recrafting (Reforging;Recooking;Rebaking)[cyclic crafting]Some crafted or otherwise player created items can be used as "ingredients" for other things they may craft.notifications1 game
Rectangular grid (Square grid;rectgrid)Uses an ordinary grid of 4 sided convex shapes (rectangles, squares, etc.).notifications1973 / 20212651 games
Refillable liquid containersLiquid containers can be refilled instead of disappearing into the ether completely upon use.notifications2002 / 201812 games
Reflected deeds[Wendigos]The actions one takes are reflected upon their physical appearance, such as making evildoers look monstrous to reflect their inner monstrosity.notifications2003 / 201618 games
Region lockedCan only be played on a console with specific region code, an OS installation with specific region selected, or activated online while connected from specific kind of IP address.notifications2007 / 20136 games
Reincarnation(transmigrationofthesoul;metempsychosis;rebirth)The soul and/or spirit lives again in a newborn body after the death of its old one.notifications2001 / 20154 games
Reload: ConditionalReloading can only be performed when certain conditions are met.notifications1978 / 20163 games
Reload: PassiveReloading happens even when the thing isn't held out, continuing as the player swaps to other weapons or tools.notifications2012 / 20144 games
Reload: Phased(Pauseable)Reload works in phases or is pauseable. In both cases reloading can be interrupted but is not reset/cancelled entirely but rather continues either exactly or nearly where you left off.notifications1984 / 20122 games
Rental serviceCertain services, people, tools, or such can be rented for a limited time.notifications2008 / 20157 games
Repair limitThings with durability can only be repaired a limited number of times.notifications3 games
Reputationlist_alt0 game
Resource industryDeals with any industry producing basic resources, such as food, minerals, oil, and so forth.notifications1983 / 201523 games
Resource respawningResources one might forage, mine, cut down, etc. respawn occasionally even if it makes no sense.notifications2016 / 20182 games
Resting reset(Reset on rest)Resting or similar activity resets the world fully or partially.notifications2009 / 201932 games
Result estimation[estimated result]Shows estimated result of actions before you take them.notifications2006 / 20154 games
Revisited localesCertain locations are revisited for some reason.notifications1990 / 20158 games
Rise to power (Rise to rulership;Rise to supremacy)Deals with the protagonist's, a group's they work for, or some secondary character's (that the protagonist works with) ascension to power.notifications2010 / 20156 games
Rock-Paper-Scissors MechanicsGameplay mechanics includes some RPS-like component, which is at its core: X counters Y, Y counters Z, and Z counters X.notifications1984 / 201944 games
Roller coaster battle(Train battle;Minecart battle;Tram battle)A high-speed battle scene usually in open train, tram, or minecart where player is conveyed through route often similar to roller coaster ride as they fight off attackers.notifications1 game
Rotting (Spoiling food)Organic substances, especially those used for food, eventually rot and spoil.notifications1985 / 201853 games
Route indicator (Route calculation)Player is given a full or almost full route to follow rather than some hotspots or the final destination alone, similar to GPS route calculation.notifications2009 / 202033 games
RumorsPlayer can hear a variety of rumors. Regardless if any of them are even remotely true.notifications1998 / 20165 games
Russian RouletteTraditionally played with a revolver pistol. This tag refers to principle of players taking turns choosing actions that risk elimination from a game or round by death of the player.notifications1978 / 20144 games
S-rank[S rank;SSS-rank;SSS rank]Uses ranking system that goes from (usually) F to A and then to S, possibly even to SSS beyond that.notifications2001 / 201811 games
Safe powers (Safe magic)Magic and such powers are perfectly safe for the user (and possibly allies) despite appearing extremely dangerous. Such as being able to toss explosive fireballs, rain acid, and summon tornadoes at their own feet without being affected by them themselves.notifications2001 / 201636 games
Safe zone (Safe haven;Weapons free zone)Includes one or more areas where the player character can not attack or be attacked by anyone. Enforced either by changed game mechanics or the player character simply refuses to attack.notifications1982 / 201685 games
Sand sea(Sand is water)Sand behaves like water when convenient, such as animals/monsters swimming around in it or people sailing on the sand with ships.notifications1993 / 201911 games
Sanitationlist_alt0 game
Satakore (サタコレ)Satakore means "Saturn collection". Satakore games are japanese Saturn games re-released and sold for ¥2,800.notifications1994 / 199867 games
Save anywhere (Location free saves;Unbound saves)Allows saving the game progress at any point regardless of location with few if any limitations (such as no saving during combat).notifications1981 / 2020511 games
Save on exit (Quit save)Saves or offers to save game progress when player exits the game.notifications1984 / 2018139 games
Save pointsAllows saving manually at specific locations, such as certain safe rooms or on level change.notifications1982 / 2020369 games
Scatter indicator (Dispersion indicator)Shows the possible area or locations in which something will land, such as the possible area where a thrown grenade would fall. Visualizes an area where something will land rather than its exact position.notifications2006 / 20167 games
ScenicThe scenery has received extreme attention to detail and depth, and player has numerous chances to admire it.notifications1989 / 201883 games
Scientific notationUses scientific notation to express very large or small numbers instead of plain numbers.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Score lossSome things can cause player to lose score (negative score change) rather than simply not gain more of it.notifications1994 / 201812 games
Scrapbook Visuals (Cutouts; Cutout Graphics)Visuals include photographs, pieces of photographs, shapes cut from a flat objects, and/or items that appear to have been flattened.notifications2007 / 20173 games
Screen noise(Analog video noise;Video white noise)Simulates analog video noise, usually seen as random interference all over the screen that at extreme end is just rapidly changing black and white dots ("snow") all over the screen.notifications1 game
Second windCharacters may, after exerting themselves for a while, suddenly become re-invigorated, regaining all or part of their health, energy, stamina, or such (or all of them).notifications2009 / 201915 games
Secondary classes(Trade classes)Includes secondary classes that are practicable outside of primary classes and do not count for multiclassing or sub-classing with primary classes, usually exist in form of crafting/exploration/solo-oriented classes in MMOs.notifications2009 / 20142 games
Secondary conflictA conflict that occurs at around the same time as the one you're dealing with. The secondary one may be completely unrelated to you, your goals, or such, but it significantly affects how you can go about doing your thing.notifications1992 / 201517 games
Segmented healthPlayer character's health is divided into segments.notifications2005 / 201414 games
Self-correcting realityReality, time, etc. doesn't like being tampered with and thus tries to correct itself or sends its minions to do this if it can't do it on its own.notifications2001 / 20169 games
Semi-automatic mapMap is automatically filled in but only when player prompts it, such as activating a sonar mapping tool, entering a cartography mode where the character fills in a handdrawn map, or some other thing.notifications1991 / 20127 games
Seniority choice(Age choice;Maturity choice)Player has choice of how old the character is, affecting story or gameplay.notifications2014 / 20164 games
Series changeNon-spin-off games that change the direction of a series.notifications1996 / 201112 games
Series name drop (Series name change)Bears no outward connection to the series they belong to because the series name was changed or removed altogether.notifications1995 / 201414 games
Settlement minigameSettlement, village, or such management as a minigame, side activity, or such without being a proper city-building or colony sim hybrid.notifications2002 / 20165 games
ShadowlessDoes not employ any form of shadow projection even though such should be visible.notifications1 game
Shared visionCharacters share vision, so if one sees an enemy (or some other thing of interest), the others see them too, giving vision beyond obstacles.notifications2012 / 20144 games
Shield regeneration (Energy shield regeneration)Energy shields automatically restore themselves to full power over time.notifications1991 / 201960 games
Shock materialAny tags describing content that is likely included only for the shock value attached to it.list_alt0 game
Shop restockingShops and other sources from which you buy things restock their supplies occasionally. Requires they can run out of items for a while but not indefinitely (except in case of unique items).notifications1997 / 20142 games
Shortcut openingA notable component of the exploration is opening or otherwise enabling shortcuts back to where you were were before, easing traversal back and forth the new areas you are exploring and the old ones and not just for single use kind.notifications2009 / 201821 games
ShrapnelThe shockwave of explosions is not the only danger they pose.notifications1998 / 20187 games
Shrinking protagonistThe main character decreases in size, to something smaller than their normal (that is, not including shrinking back to their normal size after being enlarged).notifications1982 / 201840 games
SidegradesThe alternative to upgrades, where equipment are not direct upgrades to others but instead have strengths and weaknesses compared to each other, leading to equipment choice to be either based on what you're dealing with and/or your playstyle.notifications2013 / 20143 games
Simon SaysMuch of the story or gameplay revolves around doing exactly what you're told, or somehow interacting with that expectation.notifications1982 / 201715 games
Simulated insanitySimulates insanity in one form or another.notifications2002 / 201631 games
Simulated lawAny tags referring to simulation of law or similar concepts.list_alt0 game
Sir Typhil's TaleTakes place in the shared universe of Sir Typhil's Tale created by Stand Off Softwarenotifications6 games
Skill-based equipmentItems, even trivial ones, can't be used unless you meet certain basic and occasionally somewhat arbitrary skill limitations (e.g. need 15 points in electronics skill to use voltage meter).notifications1999 / 201622 games
Slippery surfaces (Slick surfaces)[Ice;Grease;Icy surfaces;Greasy surfaces;Oily surfaces]Player encounters and must deal with slippery surfaces of any kind (anything that is notably lacking in friction).notifications1987 / 202045 games
Slow explosions(Slow-motion explosions)Explosions take relatively long time to go through compared to real explosions which are near instantaneous. Likely depicted as slowly expanding fireball.notifications1997 / 20003 games
Social decline (Moral decline;Social degeneration)Deals with social/moral decline in some manner, usually as a response to some catastrophe.notifications2012 / 20178 games
Soft ability capAbilities, skills, spels, etc. have a soft cap on their ranks which can be circumvented in some manner, such as gaining bonuses to ranks from external sources.notifications2015 / 20164 games
Soft time limitWhat time limit there is does not cause failure state by itself or by indirectly triggering something that guarantees failure.notifications1984 / 201610 games
Sound cues(Auditory cues)Sound is used as the [u]only[/u] method for finding or realizing something is there, or as the only cue for something for the player to react or act to. Excluding music and sound oriented games where this is expected to be the norm.notifications1977 / 201615 games
Space frictionSpacecraft are required to be in constant acceleration to maintain speed.notifications1987 / 201718 games
Space warfarenotifications1982 / 201612 games
Sparse musicMusic is played only in some rare circumstances, otherwise staying silent for most of the game.notifications2011 / 20185 games
Spatial logic (Spatial puzzle)Requires spatial-temporal reasoning. Visual, mental, actual manipulation of shapes/objects that have at least rudimentary realistic spacial relations.notifications1975 / 2017458 games
Spawn protectionEmploys some form of protection to prevent the player character dying soon after spawning in, such as the spawn happening only in safezones where enemies can't enter nor attack, or there's a brief invulnerability timer after spawning.notifications2007 / 20158 games
Specicide (Xenocide)Player can somehow cause the extinction of a whole species.notifications1985 / 20168 games
Species choicePlayer can choose the species of the main character.notifications1983 / 2019163 games
Species penalty(Race penalty;Species skill restrictions;Species class restrictions)Certain species, sub-races, or such can't ever become as proficient in some skill (or class) as another, no matter what. Or gets other significant penalties that no other get (to such degree).notifications1998 / 201418 games
Species uplift[uplifted species]The story somehow deals with species uplift, either the process, as a goal or past occurrence of such.notifications1992 / 202138 games
Species-restricted tasks(Race-restricted tasks)[Species-restricted quests;Species-restricted missions]Includes tasks, quests, missions or such that are only available to a subset of species/races or even just one.notifications1 game
Speech: Artistic languageThe characters speak some constructed language made purely for its artistic value (to sound cool).notifications1 game
Speech: Inuit(Greenlandic;Inuinnaqtun;Inuktitut;Inupiatun;Inupiat;Inuvialuktun)Despite the release locale and set language, some or all of the voice overs are in some Inuit tongue.notifications2014 / 20165 games
Speed limitsPlayer must observe appropriate speed limits when driving or otherwise moving around in public locations.notifications1999 / 20116 games
Speed of soundSimulates speed of sound, thus you can see lightning striking, explosions, people lifting their hands to their mouth to shout, gunshots and their effects in distance long before you actually hear them.notifications1 game
Spell chanceSpells, abilities, etc. have a chance to not trigger at all when used.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Spheroid worldInstead of regular flat surface of some unspecified size, the world is depicted as a sphere-like mass in-game.notifications1991 / 201740 games
Split currencyWealth is split into several types of cash of differing value.notifications1994 / 201613 games
Spoiler tags[includes spoiler tags]Includes non-obvious spoiler tags – as in, things that normally aren't spoilers but are in the context of the game – and/or an article describing them.notifications1983 / 201738 games
Spreading vegetation[plant reproduction]Plants, fungi, etc. reproduce and spread where suitable conditions are present.notifications2005 / 201516 games
Staining (Dirtying)Characters get stained by splattering blood, pillowing dust, or just water clings to them and their clothing.notifications2003 / 201922 games
Stamina (Endurance)Simulates character's ability to continuously perform strenuous physical activity such as running, carrying heavy objects and so on, draining the character's stamina and eventually preventing farther work-out before resting.notifications1993 / 2020213 games
Standby power(Phantom load)Simulates standby power, where devices constantly drain (small amount of) power even when not in use while connected to an electric network or power supply such as a battery.notifications2015 / 20164 games
Status effectsnotifications1987 / 2020155 games
Status effects: StackingSome or all status effects stack on their intensity/effect as opposed to only one instance of the status effect being allowed. Specifically status effects stacking with themselves, not with other unrelated status effects.notifications2012 / 20142 games
Steam TradingSupports Steam Trading which allows players to trade in-game items and such between players ignoring game boundaries in terms of what is tradeable for what (though usability is still likely restricted to the particular games).notifications2007 / 201310 games
Sticky surfacesPlayer encounters and must deal with sticky surfaces of any kind.notifications3 games
Stock artUses stock visual art of one type or another, usually seen with smaller developers using assets provided by their game making tool or acquired from other free or stock sources.notifications2009 / 20143 games
Stock sounds (Stock sound effects)Employs stock sounds, possibly remastered to fit better into the game experience.notifications1995 / 20116 games
Stop-motion animationUses digitized stop-motion images.notifications1995 / 201319 games
Store exclusiveExclusive to specific store on a platform.notifications1 game
Stormtrooper effectCharacters, beings, or such claimed or otherwise supposed to be extremely skilled at something show excessive incompetence when needing to use it against the protagonist.notifications1991 / 20089 games
Story: DispersedStory/plot is delivered via scattered pieces, usually diaries, newspaper cutouts, reports, recordings, and other such things. Most of which require player to examine them to get any of it.notifications1999 / 20144 games
Stray fire(Stray bullets)Missed shots can actually hit something.notifications1994 / 201522 games
Structure relocation (Building relocation)Most or even all structures can be relocated somehow.notifications1998 / 201514 games
Structure synergyPlacing certain types of structures near each other or connecting them somehow provides additional benefits, other than building X provides increased efficiency to connected/nearby buildings. Includes orchards, animal dwellings, and others as well.notifications2013 / 20172 games
Stumbling (Tripping)Player character and others can stumble, trip over, or such from poor maneuvering.notifications2005 / 202024 games
Stupid evilEvil for sake of evil, especially when that evil is actually more detrimental to the evil person, such as killing people who are helping them or required for certain things.notifications1998 / 201625 games
Style bonusPlayer gains bonuses (to score, cash, experience, whatever) for doing things stylishly or otherwise in more interesting ways.notifications2011 / 201818 games
Subspecies choice(Race choice)Player has choice of subspecies (non-ethnic race).notifications3 games
SuccessionDeals with succession, passing the mantle of something on to next person. Especially if this happens repeatedly for the same thing.notifications2012 / 20192 games
Sudden sentience (Sudden self-awareness;Unexpected sentience)Something that shouldn't have sentience (self-aware and dictating its own actions) suddenly finds itself to have that.notifications1994 / 20178 games
Super ScienceA variation of science fiction or even weird science where extremely high tech equipment and/or understanding of them is limited to very few people, even one person. The technology is usually not distributed/sold to public for some unexplained reason.notifications1992 / 201418 games
Superhuman powers (Superhuman abilities)This is for tags describing powers, abilities, or technology or some other thing that produces such effects that are clearly superhuman and can't be defined properly otherwise.list_alt0 game
Supernatural disasterDepicts a major supernatural disaster or events immediately caused by it.notifications2007 / 20155 games
Supply and demandSimulates supply and demand mechanics in economics, with selling price of items rising as the items become more scarce, and buying price lowering as they become more abundant.notifications1977 / 201924 games
Sweeping strikes (Cleaving)Single melee strike can hit multiple targets.notifications1995 / 201633 games
Symmetric factions (Identical factions)The factions have symmetric gameplay.notifications1992 / 201320 games
SynergyAny tags referring to some kind of synergy, where two or more things together provide a greater effect.list_alt0 game
Tag teamA type of team fight where only one character is actively controlled while the other waits nearby to be switched over (keeping fighting 1v1). In some instances both can act simultaneously (2v2 or even 2v1).notifications1984 / 201320 games
Tangible foes[Tangible enemes]Enemies block movement just by being there.notifications4 games
Target lead indicatorA simple computer aiming aid model which calculates the direction you need to shoot at to hit the target at their current movement vector.notifications2002 / 201615 games
Targeted jumpA method of precise jumping in otherwise imprecise system. Player somehow targets where to jump.notifications1997 / 20167 games
Task failure(Quest failure)Failing non-plot critical tasks does not allow repeat attempts. Besides denying task reward, this will also block progress in task chains.notifications1984 / 201517 games
Task tracker (Quest tracker;Mission tracker)Player has an automated tool, explained or not, that automatically tracks vital points of any tasks they've agreed to perform.notifications2000 / 2020212 games
Taunting lootPlayer is shown clear glimpses of loot that they can not get until [i]much[/i] later, especially if this happens frequently.notifications2014 / 20164 games
Technological disparity (Mixed technology)[Tech disparity]Low (primitive) and high technology are mixed on purpose in the depicted setting, such as swords and laser pistols being used at the same time by the same people.notifications1982 / 201855 games
TelefragA fatality or other often grotesque mishap that occurs when someone already occupies the teleport target location.notifications1995 / 201530 games
Temperatu scale optionsOffers options on what scale to use for temperature presentation. Likely has celsius and fahrenheit at minimum.notifications2018 / 20204 games
TemperatureTemperature by itself can refer to several things.list_alt0 game
Temperature changesTemperature of an area (a room or a larger area) can change on its own or by influence of player (character) or others.notifications1987 / 202011 games
Temperature unit choice(Choice between celsius, kelvin and fahrenheit)Player can choose which temperature unit to display, out of whatever is available. Likely celsius, kelvin and fahrenheit.notifications3 games
Templates[templating]Player can create templates, usually to speed up doing identical or similar groups of actions/tasks later.notifications2000 / 20169 games
Text macros(Chat macros)Has quick to use shortcuts for various pieces of text to send in-game, possibly customizable.notifications3 games
Text searchIncludes a text search filter to quickly find something from long lists of things.notifications2014 / 20168 games
ThaumaturgyAny tags referring to specific instances of miracle working that are not or can not be bundled or merged with other concepts.list_alt0 game
The subject of Ternary NumeralsFeatures a ternary numeral system (trinary/base-3).notifications1975 / 19792 games
TheoriesDeals an real life theory or theories. A theory is a group of true sentences which together support a particular conclusion.list_altnotifications1 game
Thermal conduction(Heat conduction)Simulates thermal conduction.notifications2003 / 20205 games
TheurgyA form of magic accomplished by compelling or persuading a god or gods to do it for you. Prayers bringing protection, good fortune, or other positive things to oneself and friends or harm to enemies.notifications1989 / 20168 games
Third optionPlayer is given clear options for what they can do, but the game also recognizes options beyond those clearly given. Especially if this happens repeatedly.notifications2000 / 20169 games
Third-partyThere's an extra person, group, organization, or something that takes somewhat active role in the depicted events but is not really part of them (steers clear of any conflicts if possible, does not challenge either of the ones fighting).0 game
Thirst(Dehydration)Player must keep their characters and/or minions watered lest they suffer dehydration and possibly death.notifications1983 / 201832 games
Threat displayA behaviour meant to scare away any potential adversaries, usually accomplished by making oneself look larger, baring teeth, brandishing weapons (if any), and making threatening noises. Done as a warning to which player may react appropriately.notifications2001 / 201421 games
Threat indicator (Detection indicator)Has some extra HUD or gameplay element that shows the protagonist is in danger even when the player does not know it. Often with several degrees of danger, from NPC suspicion, recognition, search, pursuit, to all out alarm.notifications1998 / 201850 games
TidesSimulates tides, or similar cyclic rising and falling of water level, to a degree.notifications2011 / 20134 games
Time limit (Time attack;Time trial)Imposes a time limit on either the whole game or for each level.notifications1971 / 20212406 games
Time span: Millennia[millenia]The story covers thousands of years.notifications1 game
Time span: VagueThe story of the game covers an indeterminate amount of time, with no clues on how much actual time passes.notifications2 games
Time Unit carryover[TU carryover]Some or all unused time units (or action points or such) are carried over to next turn.notifications2014 / 20177 games
Time units[Action points]Turn-based system that uses a point system (usually named TUs [time units] or action points) to simulate more real-time system where each action takes a varying number of them, such as walking one square takes 1-2, attacking takes 8-16, and so forth.notifications1992 / 201884 games
Time zonesSimulates time zones, with time of day being different around the world or on different worlds, instead the same one for all or similar limited system.notifications2018 / 20204 games
Time-lapse ImagesUtilizes time-lapse images.notifications1 game
Timed block attacksTiming blocks properly causes an attack to be performed in addition to it.notifications1 game
Timeout hunterOnce time limit is reached, or just certain time has passed, a hunter of some description is spawned that proceeds to chase the player until they finish the objective or are defeated.notifications1980 / 201837 games
Timing puzzlePuzzle that requires some kind of synchronization between the pieces, and forces the player to measure the time/rhythm of the different parts to solve it.notifications3 games
Title mentioned(Eponym)The game's title is mentioned in dialogue, cutscene or some other story related thing.notifications1983 / 2020526 games
TitlesPlayer character may gain one or more titles over the course of the game, such as Champion of Divine Bakery, Verminslayer, Chosen of Bob, or some such.notifications2005 / 20146 games
Titular character (Titular protagonist)Includes a character or such, commonly the protagonist him or herself, to whom the game's title refers to.notifications1983 / 2021585 games
Titular conceptInvolves a concept the game title refers to.notifications2000 / 20053 games
Titular entityInvolves an entity the game title refers to.notifications1999 / 201613 games
Titular eventInvolves an event the game title refers to.notifications1992 / 202020 games
Titular group (Titular organization)Involves a group (organization, company, faction, sect, gang, etc.) the game title refers to.notifications1991 / 201579 games
Titular locale[titular location]Involves a location the game title refers to.notifications1983 / 2018217 games
Titular objectInvolves an object, device, vehicle, or such the game title refers to.notifications1991 / 201859 games
Titular vehicleInvolves a vehicle or such the game title refers to.notifications1984 / 201731 games
Tombstones [Gravestones;Headstones]Features humorous quips or references written on tombstones as epitaphs. Likely things the authors couldn't fit anywhere else but didn't want to discard them.notifications1982 / 201772 games
Tornados (Twisters;Waterspouts;Typhoons;Hurricanes)[cyclones;vortexes;vortices]notifications1985 / 200323 games
Toxins (Poison;Venom)The protagonist can get poisoned to varying degrees and must deal with it somehow.notifications1982 / 202093 games
TractionSimulates variances in traction and loss of it.notifications2010 / 20165 games
TradeAny and all trade related tags.list_alt0 game
Trade with anyonePlayer can trade, barter, or such with almost anyone they encounter and is not limited to just actual traders, shops, or similar, assuming the other party is open to such activities (such as not being hostile towards the player character)notifications2007 / 201611 games
Transcendency(Ascendancy)Deals with reaching a higher state of being/existence. Usually becoming a higher non-corporeal being, a powerful spirit, demigod or even a full god or one that is indistinguishable from one.notifications1985 / 201451 games
Transdimensional (Dimensional overlap)Involves (the protagonist) existing in multiple dimensions/realities simultaneously or otherwise uses the concept as notable plot or thematic elementnotifications2009 / 20143 games
Transformative corruptionCorruption that transforms those afflicted with it in one or more ways. Especially when this is when simply an idea physically corrupts/transforms someone. This may overlap with body horror, general corruption themes, presence of mutagens, etc.notifications1994 / 201530 games
Transforming presenceThe presence of the protagonist or something they build/place transforms the surrounding area somehow, commonly with plants sprouting to life where they step. The effect is often temporary, though in some rare cases it's permanent.notifications1999 / 201819 games
Triangular grid[Triangle grid]Uses grid of triangles.notifications1988 / 201923 games
TrophiesObjects that have little practical value but can be used to decorate one's home, vehicle, clothing, etc. Usually awarded for significant deeds, such as slaying a terrible monster or rendering a great service to some person or people.notifications2004 / 20149 games
Tunnel visionA condition where person sees only the center (focal) part clearly or sees only that part with everything else indistinguishable.notifications1999 / 20149 games
Uncertain endingThe ending is uncertain if the heroes won, if things are better now, if what they did mattered, or any such spell uncertainty if that's the real end of the story or not.notifications1992 / 201610 games
UnconfirmedEntries added before official (public) confirmation has been made for the game (thus these are not necessarily even in development).notifications2013 / 20153 games
Unfixed bugsExhibits significant game breaking bugs even after having been moved out of support phase.notifications1980 / 201734 games
Unique minions(Unique underlings)Players minions, underlings, troops, etc. are all or mostly unique individuals and thus if lost something unique about them is lost as well.notifications1994 / 201757 games
Universal theatre (Universal theatre of war;Universal theatre of operations)notifications1994 / 201419 games
Unknown past (Blank past)What the protagonist did or was before the beginning of the game is never revealed.notifications1990 / 2017116 games
Unsteady camera (Unsteady perspective)The camera moves about on its own. Likely to give sense that you're seeing the things from someone's or something's eyes or from a camera carried around by someone than the artificial fixed view you normally have.notifications2010 / 201510 games
Unused content(Cut content)The data included with the game includes notable content that is not actually used in the game itself, often revealed by analysing the game data outside of the game.notifications2014 / 20154 games
Update retconDisregards or blatantly changes (story/mythos) facts compared to an earlier version of the game.notifications2004 / 20134 games
UpkeepYour hirelings, projects, or other things require resources to be diverted to them for them to continue working.notifications1990 / 201948 games
UVL maintenance: ConfusableAny games that can be easily confused with another game by same or similar name on same or related platform.notifications1970 / 20212581 games
UVL Maintenance: Generic tie-in tagNeeded when migrating the tie-in game type to tags, now these games have to be tagged more specifically.notifications1976 / 20192674 games
UVL Maintenance: Phonetic Title ListedAn officially used phonetic title is listed in the game entry as an alternate title.notifications1 game
UVL maintenance: SKU problemKnown to have missing or incomplete SKU information. Or has a known technical problem (such as improper barcodes on packaging, and such difficulties)notifications1983 / 201657 games
UVL Steam Coverage CheckThis is a maintenance tag to use when all the platforms involved have an entry.notifications2007 / 201751 games
UVL: Image IssuesThis is a maintenance tag. The stored images have some unexpected issues ( i.e. thumbnails were not generated )notifications1 game
UVL: Images are safe, but not 'front page appropriate'A maintenance tag to be removed from games later. For safe images that might give UVL visitors the wrong impression about UVL if seen on the main pagenotifications1 game
UVL: Refining neededAny tags that are or seem to be in need of refining, better or more clearly defining what they are about and providing examples if some of the proposed concepts are vague or limited in scope.list_alt0 game
UVL: Tags that may need renamingThis is maintenance tag for other tags that need their raw name changed. Usually a menial but time consuming task.list_alt0 game
UVL: Version synchronizationThis is maintenance tag for game entries that need to be synchronized with other more complete versions/ports of the game, such as copying basic game information and tags.notifications2009 / 20127 games
Vague storyThe story is told only bits and pieces that don't entirely connect if at all, leaving a lot to be made up by the players.notifications2011 / 20189 games
VAGUE: AdventureThis could possibly mean `adventure game´ or `adventure fiction´.list_alt0 game
VAGUE: Chat macrosThis either refers to `text macros´ or `voice macros´.0 game
VAGUE: Voice commandsThis either refers to `voice macros´ or `voice control´0 game
Vaguely NaturalisticWhile is has nothing overtly magical, paranormal, psychic, mystic, super powers, technomagic, nor magical technology, some elements are not clearly sonotifications1980 / 201816 games
Vanity items[Transmog;Glamor;Infusion;Infuse]Player has access to items that do nothing but change the characters appearance and possibly sounds, having absolutely no impact in actual gameplay. Usually these have separate slots from normal gear.notifications2003 / 202128 games
Variable ability power (Variable magic power)Player can use variable amount of power, force, time, etc. on performing a magic spell, ability or similar. Such as by selecting the power level each time the ability is used.notifications1993 / 201513 games
Variable gravityGravity is not uniform across a map, level, or other similar area with clear boundaries.notifications2010 / 20153 games
Variety bonusPlayer gains bonuses (to score, cash, experience, whatever) for varying the method of doing whatever gives a reward.notifications2013 / 20143 games
Vendor trashObjects that have absolutely no value for the player regardless of character build outside of being sold, and usually of sufficient monetary value to keep around specifically for that purpose. Usually things like jewellery, gems, and other trinkets.notifications1994 / 201865 games
VerseGame features words presented with metric and/or rhythm and most likely rhyming.notifications2 games
Veterancy (Unit experience)Your underlings gain experience when they participate and stay alive.notifications1984 / 2016124 games
VirginsDeals with virgins, regardless of the reasons for it, but puts some importance to the fact.notifications1 game
Vision indicator(Sight visualization)Player is given some form of indicator of where other characters can see.notifications1 game
Visionary plan (Plan of foresight)Story involves a plan set in motion long ago in anticipation of future threat.notifications2003 / 201113 games
Visualized trajectory[throw trajectory;projectile trajectory;trajectory indicator]Non-straight trajectories are visualized somehow for the player, usually for thrown objects.notifications2009 / 201855 games
Vocal powers (Power of Voice)[sonic powers;sonant powers]The player character expresses unusual powers with his/her speech, singing or voice in general.notifications2007 / 20114 games
Voice macros(Voice commands)Simple pre-defined voice overs that may or may not be actual commands. Commonly exist in place of or as supplementary to text chat, voice chat, and text macros.notifications2005 / 201618 games
Volume gridUses any shaped grid with volume.notifications1975 / 201460 games
Vorarephilia(Vore)Caters to people with vorarephilia, the act of being eaten or eating someone else. Divided into soft and hard vore, where the latter is gorey and grotesque while the former is harmless to the one being eaten.notifications2008 / 20105 games
VR: Room-scaleThe VR experience is meant to be experienced while standing with plenty room to move about without bumping into things, meaning motion controllers and full body tracking or at least position tracking within that room is included.notifications2016 / 20193 games
VR: SeatedThe VR experience is meant to be experienced while seated. This is the most basic VR experience as it likely means it doesn't use motion sensors besides head tracking if even that.notifications2014 / 20179 games
VR: StandingThe VR experience is meant to be experienced while standing.notifications2016 / 20174 games
VR: Vehicle locomotionVR experience is in something that clearly is identifiable as passenger in a vehicle.notifications1 game
Wardrobe malfunction damage(Clothing damage)Damage taken is presented as wardrobe malfunctioning to one degree or another, revealing more and more of specifically intimate bits.notifications2013 / 20188 games
Water (Liquids)Any tags related to how water or other liquids behave or how player interacts with it.list_alt0 game
Water walk[water walking;walking on water]Includes a limited use device, ability, spell, or such that allows the protagonist to walk on water as if it was solid ground.notifications2005 / 201813 games
Wavering aimAll or most ranged weapons (possibly even melee weapons) suffer from the aim wavering about, possibly getting worse the longer you aim.notifications1 game
WaypointsPlayer can set waypoints through which their characters or other units go through in order.notifications1997 / 201768 games
Weapon experience (Growing weapons;Weapon levels)Rather than the character wielding a weapon becoming more practiced and skilled in using it, the weapon itself gains power through its use.notifications2000 / 201814 games
Wetting[Drenching;Soaking]Things, especially characters and other creatures, can become wet/drenched. Alone this hardly does anything significant, so features that work with it are required.notifications2011 / 201611 games
Wild magicFeatures magic or other powers that have unpredictable extraneous results. Not for magic that has completely random effects.notifications2000 / 201511 games
Wind indicatorIncludes an indicator for wind direction and possibly speed.notifications1983 / 2018156 games
Window entry/exit[Window exit]Player can enter or exit locations through all or most windows (not counting armored windows or steel mesh reinforced ones or similar), by smashing the window if necessary.notifications1998 / 201724 games
WitnessesVarious activities (usually criminal) can have witnesses who can be eliminated in that capacity somehow (by bribing, killing, coercing, etc.)notifications2001 / 201210 games
Workers(Worker placement)Work sites need workers and player can assign and re-assign those workers at will. Likely involves managing a limited workforce.notifications1994 / 201861 games
World dominationThe plot involves someone (protagonist, antagonist, or some third party) trying to take over the world, galaxy, or the whole universe.notifications1991 / 201624 games
Xbox Classics (Best of Classics)Budget range for games on the Microsoft consoles in PAL regions.notifications2006 / 20134 games
Xbox LIVE GoldRequires Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to play (online) besides any other fees (such as the game's own subscription fee)notifications2 games
Zoned global lightingGlobal lighting is changed by zones. Simple way to provide mood lighting for zones without volumetric lighting or similar, but causes transition areas between such zones to behave oddly with light.notifications2011 / 20184 games
Zoophilia(Bestiality)2 games