Power armor

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Player character wears or can wear a power armor or powered exoskeleton short of piloted robots.


Name variations: exoskeleton

* Body armor
This is for armor, not piloted robots such as mechas, despite the fact that powered exoskeleton does cover them. Easy to distinguish if you consider mechas have cockpits (where the pilot usually sits) and power armor require the user to move with the armor (because of the size; excludes control mechanisms tied to mimicking user movements). Anything significantly larger than their users are bound to be mechas and anything close to human size is bound to be power armor.

The idea for power armor seems to originate from Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers (1959) novel.

Possibly most notable games for popularizing power armor were Metroid (1986), Turrican (1990), Half-Life (1998) and Halo (2001). Other potential contenders are MDK2 (2000) and Tribes 2 (2001).

The first Power armor video game was released in 1984.

Nintendo, Interplay and Rainbow Arts published most of these games.

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Exoskeleton, Non-science fiction, Personal protection, SciFi elements

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