Mind control

Other (objects, etc.) theme

The story or gameplay features some type of control over the minds of others, whether done by the protagonist(s), their allies, their enemies or someone or something else.


The first video game about Mind control was released in 1985.

Electronic Arts, 2K Games and Vivendi Universal has published most of these games

The method and permanence is irrelevant.

Some possible methods:
- Psychic mind control
- Demonic/spiritual possession
- Brainwashing (through conditioning, through use of a brainchip/bug, and others)
- Hypnotic suggestion

For more personal cases of mind control, see possession.

The demonic possession applies for this only in some fringe cases (because it's most often permanent/irreversible without killing the host), please consider tagging such cases with something more appropriate.

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Mind controlling

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