Unknown past

Other (objects, etc.) concept

What the protagonist did or was before the beginning of the game is never revealed.


Alternate name: Blank past

The first video game about Unknown past was released in 1990.

Bethesda Softworks, LucasArts and Mindscape has published most of these games

This is not a true case of obscured identity, but rather failure from game designers to actually characterize the protagonist beyond what they do in the game, making them appear like deus-ex-designer beings who didn't exist before the point the designer decided where and when the player should begin the game.

One blatant example of this is that the protagonist never meets people they knew before the game's events.

Limitations: (things that should not be tagged)
* Presence of profession tags, though occasionally these can be ignored (e.g. character is not indicated to having been employed in that profession).
* Character is sufficiently young (pre-teens/toddlers).
* Some game genres unless they have qualities that dispel this, e.g. sports and puzzles.
* Sequels that follow the same character (later released prequels not included in this limitation).
* Amnesia, even if they never recover their memories of the past.