Recall portal

Other (objects, etc.) entity

Includes an ability, item, or other such that teleports the protagonist back to their home or nearest safe haven, such as the nearest friendly habitat.


Alternate names: Town portal, Recall teleport, Teleport home

The first video game about Recall portal was released in 1989.

Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment and Namco Bandai has published most of these games

Either this is a natural ability, a compulsory item, spell, or other feature that the players always carry with them when journeying out. Occasionally this is a single use item the player can buy at a reasonable price (e.g. Town Portal scroll).

Usually this exists for the reason of quickly returning to "town" to restock and sell any scavenged items.

There exists two variants of this: portal and teleport. Portal always allows quickly to return where you left, while teleport only provides quick way back to town. These are not always clearly one or the other, as the latter can easily manifest itself as a portal that dissipates the instant it's used, and the latter may offer some equally trivial way to return where the recall teleport was last activated.