Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player has an item storage of unspecified capacity they can access.


The first video game about Inventory was released in 1980.

Capcom, Paradox Interactive and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

This may be a full blown inventory screen, simple container menus, or item cycle buttons.

Generally seen as adventure/RP game trait.

* Cycle item buttons that are limited to weapons do NOT count.
* Fully automatized inventories should NOT be tagged (usually accessing the inventory manually is pointless except for verifying what items you're carrying).

Parent groups

Adventure game elements, RPG elements

Child groups

Inventory: Indisposable, Unlimited capacity, Unprotected inventory, Limited capacity, Carry capacity: Volume, Carry capacity: Tool slots, Carry capacity: Slots, Carry capacity: Weight, Carry capacity: Stacks, Shared inventory, Supplies in inventory, Junk inventory, Obsoleted assets

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