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Available on Desura, a digital distribution network & game development community.

Desura is like Valve's Steam but not a direct competitor. In fact, they offer Steam keys for games they do not carry themselves. According to founders, it is aimed to fill the gaps in the market where Valve's Steam is lacking. It offers indie and open source games, other games not suitable for Valve's licensing. Steam games must have a native Windows version, for example (Some Android developers offer android-native games for desktop users through various methods). Desura does not require nor disallow any platform. Nothing forbids Wii homebrew games for instance (client compatibility not withstanding). Desura has Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android clients, and offers platform native games for each. Like Steam and GOG, emulation and games running on compatibility layers are also offered, if said game 'just works' as such (using wine, DosBox, or SCUMMVM for examples). Desura has also opensourced its client software (making potentially available to any platform).
Also different from Steam, Desura was first to offer tools for the indie community and indie game development and mods and they continue to offer the most choices. Desura also offers distribution for game mods for games that are not themselves available on Desura. Many Steam-only games are available through Desura's site and client for purchase an play (using Desura as a layer on top of Steam's software)

Desura provides and/or handles... (not necessarily anything notably different compared to other digital distribution services)
* A large international customer base (almost certainly larger than a indie dev would have to start with if they went it alone)
* Customer interaction forums and events.
* Developer/publisher set pricing at all market stages and decides on pre-ordering themselves
* Advertising and promotion, even before the release date.
* Real time stats from games.
* EZ mods and downloadable content management under developer/publisher control.
* Auto patching at developer's/publisher's option
* API integration at developer's/publisher's option.
* Beta testing as at developer's/publisher's option. Developer/publisher can decide/provide their own group if preferred.
* Mod and UGC tools if the at developer's/publisher's option.
* Tech support to developers/publishers.
* Crowd-funding options with investor rewards and investor interactions.
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The first Available on Desura video game was released on December 31, 1995.

Plug In Digital, Paradox Interactive and Shrapnel Games published most of these games.

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