Language content: Insignificant

Other (objects, etc.) theme

For games that give no instructions, significant story, nor any critical language based information; they can be intuitively operated without knowledge of any language.


The first video game about Language content: Insignificant was released in 1947.

Atari, New Breed Software and has published most of these games

Often the most you see in these are "Start", "1UP", and other similar short phrases that are easy to identify or used almost universally regardless where the game was made.

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Linux 882
BeOS 198
BSD 72
Mac OS Classic 55
Atari 5200 52
Windows 43
Android 41
OS/2 34
Atari 2600 30
Unix 28
Amstrad CPC 26
Tandy Coco 24
Solaris 19
Mac OS X 17
NES 17
ABC 80 16
Odyssey2 15
Atari 400/800 14
Interton VC 4000 13
Apple II E 13
Arcade 13
Memotech MTX 11
C64 11
custom 10
Pandora 9
Ohio Scientific 9
VIC-20 9
NeXT 9

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