UVL maintenance: Confusable

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Any games that can be easily confused with another game by same or similar name on same or related platform.


The first video game about UVL maintenance: Confusable was released in 1954.

Level 9 Computing, Continental Software and Atari has published most of these games

This is a maintenance tag for finding games that are easily confusable within game listings yet have no intrinsic way of directing to the other game the user may have wanted instead. Usually there may be an article linking or mentioning the other game, but game relations could be used for this too.

Should not be used between games on different platforms unless the platforms are tightly related (e.g. Megadrive cartridge and Mega-CD which are actually same platform, just different media). For other examples: PS1, PS2, and PS3 is a group one could confuse things with, FDS, NES and SNES are possibly confused, as well as Xbox, X360, and Xbox One, the various NEC PCs, and so on.

Parent group

UVL: Maintenance


Linux 609
Windows 84
Amstrad CPC 67
Mac OS Classic 57
Ohio Scientific 47
Memotech MTX 46
Atari ST 42
Atari 400/800 41
Apple II E 37
Tandy Coco 36
Amiga 35
C64 35
Coleco Adam 30
BSD 28
HP-41 26
BeOS 24
NeXT 21
Unix 20
NES 19
ZX Spectrum 18
Nascom 16
Arcade 15
GB 13
Mac OS X 12
TRS-80 12
DEC PDP-1 12
Solaris 11
Newton 9

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