In development

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Not yet properly published/released, but is still in active development, or was when the game entry was last updated.


The first video game about In development was released in 1984.

Deep Silver, Night Dive Studios and Devolver Digital has published most of these games

Usage note: Adding games that have not been released yet SHOULD mean You (yes, this is You, whoever adds the game) are willing to track their development and update the game entry as necessary until they are released or cancelled. This tag is simply courteous addition to signal their status as unreleased games. And the person adding this tag does not take over the responsibilities of the one who originally added the game either.

Refer to the editor guide for more details.

Games with this tag should be retagged with cancelled, vaporware, or incomplete after sufficient time has passed instead of keeping them with this indefinitely.

This tag is not was created with consideration primarily at commercial games and not the open source games that are forever maintained. Generally this means games that have not yet been released, for open source games this should mean games that are not "feature complete" in terms of gameplay or the story is not finished if one is being made. That said, this tag is rather more properly named "unpublished/unreleased" but also implies that they're actively worked on to get released/published unlike the not published tag.

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