Pre-release states

Other (objects, etc.) concept

CancelledAny games that were cancelled, abandoned or forgotten, usually due to financial or legal issues.1983 / 2016481 games
In developmentNot yet properly published/released, but is still in active development, or was when the game entry was last updated.1984 / 2019461 games
Not PublishedKnown or claimed to have been finished with sufficient information to indicate so, but for some reason was not published in any manner. May have been influential or reworked into another game, and may yet to be published anyway.1982 / 201651 games
On holdAny project that has entered the vague state of being "on hold". Often result of financial problems with developer or publisher/producer as resources are allocated elsewhere until they get enough capital to continue the projects.1987 / 201515 games
PrototypeGame remains officially unpublished but somehow available to someone in prototype/demo form. In rare cases, it may see some form of publishing at a future date1977 / 2020629 games
UnconfirmedEntries added before official (public) confirmation has been made for the game (thus these are not necessarily even in development).2013 / 20153 games
VaporwareAny games that were or still are considered vaporware. Usually requires that news about the game pop up repeatedly over several (3-5+) years but nothing tangible appearing.1990 / 201812 games