Other (objects, etc.) concept

Uses a grid of any shape or type.


The first video game about Grid was released in 1947.

SSI, Koei and Paradox Interactive has published most of these games

Most non-polygon based games use grid of some sort in the background to align environments, props, etc. these should NOT be included in this tag. Most of these are much better described with the tile-based tag anyway. There are few games that are confusing in this, such as Minecraft and related games, but that is still tile-based and not grid-based (characters are not locked to that "grid").
* Grid move

Related: (environment rendering)
* Tile-based - can appear grid-based if the tiles are uniform sized/shaped, but notably character movement and other actions are not locked to that grid.
* Pre-rendered backgrounds

Child groups

Irregular grid, Triangular grid, Hexagonal grid, Rectangular grid, Microgrid, Volume grid, Grid of Wang Tiles, Cairo Pentagonal Tiling Grid, Asymmetric non-irregular grid

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