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Simulates character's ability to continuously perform strenuous physical activity such as running, carrying heavy objects and so on, draining the character's stamina and eventually preventing farther work-out before resting.


Alternate name: Endurance

The first video game about Stamina was released in 1993.

Capcom, Eidos Interactive and Studio Wildcard has published most of these games

* Fatigue

* Autorun
Possible uses:
* Prevent sprinting for unnaturally long periods (usually characters run or jog by default)
* Make carrying insanely heavy loads of items impossible or at least slow and aggravating
* Make melee combat more realistic by forcing the player to go on defensive (not having enough strength left to swing their weapon with enough force)
* Preventing player from attempting to avoid being harmed by continuously hopping
* ... and generally improving realism

Players often find it unrealistic that the character can "run" only for so short periods of time, but they fail to realize the character by default is running or jogging and the thing they refer to as "run" is more like sprinting. Otherwise negative comments tend to come from those who wish for more fast-paced action.

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