License: Cross-platform

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Single purchase from at least one official vendor entitles customer to copies on multiple platforms.


The first video game about License: Cross-platform was released in 1998.

Valve, Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard has published most of these games

Traditional licensing requires a customer to make separate purchases of a game for each platform they wish to run it on. For example, purchasing the Mac, Linux, Amiga versions require 3 purchases, each with their own copyright and EULA. However, some companies allow customers legitimate access to all available versions with a single purchase. So that can install it on 3 different platforms using only one purchase.

Note, this is not for cases one purchase entitles many versions (ie: Mac/Windows/Linux/Amiga) but one or more other purchases are required for other versions (ie: separate WiiWare purchase)
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