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Single purchase from at least one official vendor entitles customer to copies on multiple platforms.

This depends on where the game is purchased (e.g. retail vs digital) and thus may not be true for all releases/platforms the game is on.
Traditional licensing requires a customer to make separate purchases of a game for each platform they wish to run it on. For example, purchasing the Mac, Linux, Amiga versions require 3 purchases, each with their own copyright and EULA. However, some companies allow customers legitimate access to all available versions with a single purchase. So that can install it on 3 different platforms using only one purchase.

Note, this is not for cases one purchase entitles many versions (ie: Mac/Windows/Linux/Amiga) but one or more other purchases are required for other versions (ie: separate WiiWare purchase)
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The first License: Cross-platform video game was released in 1998.

Valve, Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard published most of these games.

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