Rube Goldberg machine

Other (objects, etc.) entity

An overly complicated device to accomplish a simple task in an entertaining and/or satirical manner.


Alternate names: Roland Emett things, Storm P machines, Pythagorean devices, Jean Tinguely sculpture, Heath Robinson machine

The first video game about Rube Goldberg machine was released in 1985.

Sierra On-Line, Viva Media and Spotkin has published most of these games

Initially and still primarily used as form of humor. However, such machines are also used as art (scupture) by various artists and is actually defined as a unique artform in Japan (called chindōgu). Such machines are also buildt for competitive sport. Finally, they are sometimes used as aledutainment.

Alternate names:
Bruce Petty Machine
Franz Gsellmann Weltmaschine
Storm P machine
susine à gaz
Heath Robinson contraption
Sukumar Ray khuror kol
Pythagorean devices
Pythagoras switch
Pitagora Suicchi
Kjell Aukrust invention
Reodor Felgen invention
Inventos del TBO
Inventos del tebeo
Zihni Sinir Projeleri

Some training programs, such as military, employ a type of anti-rubegoldbergdevice exercise. Trainees are given materials that purposely include seemingly usefull but actually superfluous parts to aid in a set task. They are told that all the parts for the task must be present at the conclusion of the task (but not told that all must be [used to complete] the task. Trainees are then judged on how quickly/efficiently they performed the task (using fewer parts in best) and followed instructions by not discarding parts the did not use.

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