Mind upload

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Deals with consciousness of a person copied into fully artificial system and continuing to function relatively in similar manner to the original in that artificial system.


Alternate names: Brain upload, Consciousness upload
Name variations: Soul upload

The first video game about Mind upload was released on March 2001.

Telltale Games, Eidos and Supergiant Games has published most of these games

Games and other fiction with cyborgs tend to have this in the background as part of cybernetic brains, but if they're limited to such, then they probably shouldn't be included for this.

A more fantastic variety has the upload be a transfer rather than a copy, which usually leads to discussions of a soul rather than a mind, where the mind can not exist with the soul thus only one instance of it can ever truly exist. Real science however points to any such "transfer" being a copy of the original, where both continue existing unless one is specifically terminated alongside it.

Reminder: This is not simply brain in a jar solution where the consciousness is separated from the body and connected to digital system. But rather the consciousness is separated from all of its organic matter in entirety, thus functioning as purely digital entity.