Simulated insanity

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Simulates insanity in one form or another.


The first video game about Simulated insanity was released on June 24, 2002.

Klei Entertainment, 5pb. and Red Hook Studios has published most of these games

Should not be confused with the general presence of insanity or insane people, those belong in the domain of dementia tag.

Like simulated fear, this may also be target of ridicule from players who fail to grasp the situation in cases where the insanity gets "in the way" of gameplay. It's a bit like, "Hey! He's insane! Great!", when its only story based and occurs in cinematics, but when the insanity part starts happening as part of gameplay they go all "WTF?!" and curse the game to hell for interrupting their fun and calling the thing unrealistic and whatever.

Example effects:
* Impaired or distorted senses (vision or hearing)
* Hallucinations
* Involuntary actions
* Odd whispering