Other (objects, etc.) entity

Besides whatever basic inventory space the player has, they can also have additional pouches, bags, backpacks, boxes, etc. that can be used for storing items.


Alternate names: Backpacks, Bags, Sacks, Pouches, Boxes

The first video game about Luggage was released in 1992.

Klei Entertainment, Almost Human Games and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

See also: containers (for similar objects around the environment)
The effect of luggage can vary depending on how the inventory works overall. Though most often they simply increase ease of management.
* Infinite inventory space : eases management
* Slots : increased inventory space, since each slot can contain a bag that can contain 1 or more items.
* Weight : eases management at expense of carry weight.

This does not include "upgrades" to inventory capacity.


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