Language: Pictographic

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Language such as speech or writing is represented through the use of pictographs.


The first video game about Language: Pictographic was released in 1989.

Amanita Design , Colibri Games and Teotl Studios has published most of these games

Generally one could assume pictographic "language" should be universally understandable as it does not require understanding of any written/spoken language. However this may require understanding cultural idioms, expressions, sayings, etc. the developers have decided to use as foundation for the pictographs, for example pulling one's leg is not understood as joking in many non-English languages, so pictographs for that may be taken quite literally by those not familiar with the English idiom.

This is categorized under language due to the more universal nature of the word pictograph which is not limited to representing speech or writing through them. There are no actual pictographic language(s).