Cardinal & ordinal navigation

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Navigation is accomplished by following cardinal (and/or their intermediate) directions or similar, not necessarily exact directions and may include non-compass directions such as "up" and "down". Not for fullblown compass-based navigation however.


Alternate names: Navigation via points of compass
Name variations: Intercardinal

The first video game about Cardinal & ordinal navigation was released in 1982.

Infocom, Free Spirit Software and Lankhor has published most of these games

Common in interactive fiction and some point&click adventure games as well as many MU*s.

Note that although the selectable movement directions may be described strictly as cardinal directions (north, east, south and west), these are not required to move the player into a place exactly in that direction, meaning a player may for example go west, south and east and yet end up where they started.

More advanced games may also have up and down, and some even have those for all directions instead of simply local up/down movement. Some other games may have custom "directions" usually described as objects or elements in the environment, such as a breaking in a fence with no particular direction assigned for it.

* Grid-based games should NOT be included (nor the variant of grid-based movement if the games are better described with that).

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