Unrestricted violence

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Player is free to hurt and kill anyone, from random pedestrians to puppies.


The first video game about Unrestricted violence was released in 1987.

Ubisoft, Interplay and Rockstar Games has published most of these games

Implied: (enforceable)
* Neutral NPCs

* Friendly fire
Generally any games where the player can harm civilians and others who are completely outside the depicted conflict itself. No immortal characters who can't be harmed, no forced weapons free zones, no automatic non-hostile recognition (turning off attacks when facing them) and so forth.

Only for games where actual third parties exist.

Some games may even go out of their way to throw these third parties in the line of fire intentionally (such as in Carmageddon series).

This also implies that there's no unrealistic penalty on doing any harm to anyone outside the conflict.