Natural hazards

Other (objects, etc.) theme

The player must face wind, cold and other natural hazards.


The first video game about Natural hazards was released on August 9, 2002.

Capcom, Bay 12 Games and Ubisoft has published most of these games

* Weather
* Temperature
Many quite ordinary things can provide obstacles difficult to overcome.

Some examples:
* Cold weather threatening to freeze you over.
* Wind pushing you off a precipice
* Currents or waves swiping you away near or in larger bodies of water.
* Rain slicking up surfaces, making any cold worse, and so on.

These are not in the scale of natural disasters, such as whirlpools, tornadoes, and so on. And only when they're dangerous and not simply an inconvenience.

Passive threats like puddles of lava, watery bodies (when the character is incapable of swimming), etc. should not usually be counted.


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