Captured Resources

Other (objects, etc.) theme

When 1 side of a conflict can capture a resource & is immediately able use it to counter attack or defend.


Alternate name: Raided Resources

The first video game about Captured Resources was released on July 1981.

THQ, Origin and Pony Canyon has published most of these games

This is very likely always applicable with NPC inventory.
Collecting food for eating does not quite qualify; since food is not generally accepted as viable defensive or offensive weapon. Ammo does not make a complete weapon by itself (usually). A resource that must be processed or prepaired in anyway before use does not count. Stealing an loaded weapon that can be immediately fired at the enemy is a great example for this tag. Also vehicles, if the player(s) can board an attacking ship and commander it. All sorts of transportation can fall under this category. Also to qualify, this must be a resource that the opponent was actually using, and the player can capture and use in the same way. Powerups collected from destroyed enemies don't count, unless enemy actually used said powerup in the same way the player now can. Spoils of war only count if the spoils can be put to use immediately on the battlefield at the time of capture, and not after an inventory taken after the battle has ended.


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