Magic: Verbal

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Magic is invoked by speaking, singing, shouting, or otherwise vocalizing gibberish or words of power or similar.


Alternate names: Singing, Chanting, Vocalizing
Name variations: sung, chanted, vocalized, spoken

The first video game about Magic: Verbal was released on April 5, 1996.

Beamdog , Interplay and Bethesda Softworks has published most of these games

One of the oldest forms of magic present in folklore and such, witches were famed for cursing people for example, which was commonly done by uttering a short ominous rhyme or similar. A dying curse or similar is also common. Carried over to fantasy with wizards chanting magic spells other than curses.

In modern examples this commonly involves foci and/or somatic component.

Can be blocked by muting the magic user, either by a gag or some less orthodox method.
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Variations: Somatic, Verbal, Symbolic, Focal, Innate