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Getting hit, falling significant heights, being electrocuted, etc. cause the subjected character (especially in case of the protagonist) to reel in pain or otherwise temporarily becoming incapacitated.


Alternate name: Simulated pain

The first video game about Pain was released in 1994.

Activision Blizzard, Eidos and id Software has published most of these games

Includes disabling controls or toning down the controller responses for a brief moment as the character flinches in pain. The magnitude of the effect may be relational to the damage caused or the amount of presumed pain such an attack would cause. The pain effect may last a significant period of time without being a literal injury.

Turn-based games need additional care as despite there being a clear response for being hit and all, the involved pain does not actually affect gameplay in the least.

Interrupting skill, spells and special moves is usually an additional feature. But do note that action interruption is not the only thing this should cause. This may be enough for turn-based games, although this would depend on the turn-based system implemented.

Games where a special skill or weapon with special attributes needs to be used to cause pain do NOT count.

This is generally in contrast to games where the characters get hurt and maimed yet shrug them off like nothing happened (except maybe for the screen flashing red and the character screaming).
Implied: (not enforceable)
* Graphic violence

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Ailments, Loss of player agency, Realism, Violence Concepts

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