Law vs Good

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Plays with ideas of law, lawfulness, and following the rules being opposed to what is good. Especially if those laws themselves are impartial or even seemingly good themselves.


The first video game about Law vs Good was released in 1993.

Origin, Namco Bandai Games and Pony Canyon has published most of these games

The versus bit of the tag title does not need to be taken literally. It could be simply recurring choice for the player, or recurring dilemma in the plot, where player or some central characters must choose between what law demands and what is actually good.

This theme can expand to loyalty vs good as well, where a soldier, knight, or such is following their ruler's commands which when they were given seem to be for the good, encounters a dilemma where actually not going through with those orders would do good.

This can easily backfire when the good option actually brings problems which the laws were there to prevent.