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Either natural (e.g. wormholes, subspace conduits, etc.) or artificial (e.g. jump gate network) lanes between major stellar phenomena, commonly star systems, employed to accomplish FTL travel.


Alternate names: Wormholes, Warp conduits, Hyperspace gate networks

The first video game about Spacelanes was released in 1990.

MinMax Games, Electronic Arts and Infogrames has published most of these games

* Warp travel
Although warp travel without these can commonly be accomplished, the requirements tend to be too high for it to be useful.

In game terms this is a convenient excuse to limit player's access to certain parts of the universe. Limiting the paths they may take to reach them, and generally prohibiting access in general (e.g. in case of hyperspace gate networks, where each gate requires an access code). In other cases this may simply save fuel or time over traveling without the aid of the spacelanes.

In strategy games this allows blocking or limiting access to systems, allowing different tactics or accomplish even complete isolation from the rest of the universe.

Note that this is NOT specifically for wormholes or such stellar phenomena itself, and thus they should NOT redirect to this (nor should this tag be considered to indicate their presence). They're only mentioned as synonyms due to their common use in fiction as spacelanes.

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