Locations theme

All or part of the story takes place in (deep) space. Either as is, on some form of a vessel, or artificial structure (such as a space station).


Alternate name: Deep space

The first video game about Space was released in 1971.

Atari, Electronic Arts and Mastertronic has published most of these games

* Space flight, simulation
* Space station, location
* Spacecraft (also as location)
* Extraterrestrial

Related: (oddities)
* Flat space
* Space friction
This should make identifying space strategy games, space flight, and other "in space" games much more easier from their earthbound kin in uniform manner.

Child groups

Spacelanes, Warp travel, Space flight, Flat space, Astrophysics, Space friction, Dark space, Spacecraft, Small spacecraft, Medium spacecraft, Large spacecraft, Space station, Silent void

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