Planet Earth

Locations theme

All or part of the story takes place on Earth of the Sol star system.


Alternate name: Terra

Use the tag under the following condition:
- The location of the game takes place on serveral continents. For example "global strategy" games or when a player character visits several locations around the Earth throughout the story like Indiana Jones.

Do not use the tag if:
- The location can be further specified with other more specific location tags (e.g. for specific countries, towns etc.)
- For abstract games that are "supposed" to take place somewhere on Earth, but the location itself has no meaning (e.g. in simple sport games, board games etc.)
Earth: Real world, Fantastic Earth, Archaic Earth, Alternate history, Future Earth, Dying Earth, Lost lands

Parent: (not to be marked in most cases)
* Sol star system

* Luna
* Extraterrestrial - including planets, the interstellar/-planetary space, and such.
* Parallel world - in case it's within the same "universe" as Earth

* Constructed universe
Since nothing in the game flags tell where the game takes place (not even hinting on it, except with historical games), this is to identify cases which definitely are set on Earth, even if the more specific location is fictional.

This is in relation to the "real world", so this does NOT apply to cases where the planet or world is called Earth but has no relation (world map is randomly generated) to the real thing.

However, fictional locations on Earth do count.

The first Planet Earth video game was released on January 28, 1947.

Electronic Arts, Activision and Konami published most of these games.

Parent group

Sol star system

Child groups

Real world, Future Earth, Fantastic Earth, Archaic Earth, Lost Lands, Moon: Luna, Arctic circle, Antarctica, Not quite Earth

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