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The first video game about Real world was released in 1978.

Sega, Atari and Ubisoft has published most of these games

This is for things that do not require altered perception of how reality works, e.g. there's no magic, no technological marvels, no mutants, no major geopolitical or geographical differences (alternate history), no talking toys, etc. In short, something you could believe to happen in almost everyday life, even if the depicted events are far from that. Such as a detective mystery, a war breaking out, terrorist attack, lost toy, etc.

This tag is not obsolete due to naturalistic tag.
Earth: Real world, Fantastic Earth, Archaic Earth, Alternate history, Future Earth, Dying Earth, Lost lands

* Present
* Past

Must qualify for naturalistic tag and not have any fantastic elements, such as strange or unknown (imaginary) creatures, nor be alternate history or alternate universe.

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Planet Earth, Naturalistic, Settings


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