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The first Europe video game was released in 1972.

SSI, Paradox Interactive and Ubisoft published most of these games.

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Continents, Eurasia

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Scandinavia, Balkans, Iberia, Apennine peninsula, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Mediterranean, Russia, Great Britain, Northern Europe, Finland, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe, Poland, Norway, Malta, Kingdom of Prussia, Iceland, Island of Ireland, Romania, Austria, Karelia, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Estonia, Eastern Europe, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia


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Linux 93
C64 52
Amiga 42
ZX Spectrum 36
Apple II E 34
Atari ST 28
Amstrad CPC 28
Atari 400/800 23
Mac OS X 23
X360 23
Mac OS Classic 22
PS3 19
PS2 14
NES 12
NEC PC9801 6
TRS-80 6
Xbox One 5
PS4 5
Wii 4
PS 4
Xbox 3
Mega Drive 3
Nintendo DS 3
Tandy Coco 3
Win3.1 3

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