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A moon (Natural satellite)Includes any natural satellite as location, not just Earth's moon.notifications1977 / 2021235 games
Abstract Setting (Abstract Location)Takes place in somewhere that cannot really be located or identified as a place. Or it is a place other than 2D or 3D space.notifications1980 / 2021404 games
Acre, IsraelIncludes the city of Acre as a location.notifications2007 / 20083 games
Africa (Dark Continent)All or at least a significant portion of the story takes place on the African continent.notifications1982 / 2020394 games
Air ducts (Air vents)Involves the protagonist navigating through air ventilation ducts or similar structures not intended for human occupation for any purpose.notifications1993 / 2020146 games
Airport (Airstrip;Airfield)Features an area dedicated to the landing and taking off of aerodynamic-flight vehicles to.notifications1984 / 201742 games
Alabama, USAIncludes the state of Alabama as location.notifications1989 / 20095 games
Alaska, USAIncludes the state of Alaska as location.notifications1982 / 201924 games
Alcatraz (Escape-proof prison)[alcatraz island]Features a prison that's officially impossible to escape from with zero escapees so far. Often the protagonist becomes the first to ever escape from there.notifications1981 / 200911 games
Alien EarthEarth, as we know it, no longer exists. Having been transformed, either on its own or with help of others, into something decidedly alien.notifications1994 / 201546 games
Alien localesAny locations that try to deliver a sense of this-is-not-on-Earth.list_alt0 game
Alien planet (Alien world)Takes place on a world that resembles little if at all of our Earth.notifications1975 / 2020138 games
Altered reality (Distorted reality)Somewhere, along the line, you encounter a place that has its laws of physics or other natural features warped beyond reality.notifications1999 / 201620 games
Amsterdam, NetherlandsIncludes the city of Amsterdam as location.notifications1986 / 19924 games
Amusement park(Theme park)notifications1994 / 201940 games
Animate environmentEnvironments have noticeable movement here and there, regardless if this has any purpose.notifications2000 / 20149 games
Animate world (Cartoon world)A setting where every conceivable object has a tendency to be a person or otherwise alive, from mailboxes to cars to trees.notifications1993 / 20135 games
Antarctica (South Pole)All or at least a significant portion of the story takes place on the continent of Antarctica (the region around south pole).notifications1983 / 201839 games
Anti-magic zones (Null magic zones;Null power zones;Anti-power zones;Dead-magic zones)Areas that for one reason or another prevent magic or some other powers from being used within them.notifications1995 / 201211 games
Apartment building (Block of flats;Tenement)A significant portion of the story is spent in an apartment building.notifications1990 / 201658 games
Aquatic realm(Underwater realm)[Aquatic nation;Underwater nation]Depicts a realm, kingdom, nation, or such that is located underwater. Likely populated by mermaids or other aquatic sentients.notifications1999 / 201512 games
Arabia (Arabistan;Arabian subcontinent;Arabian peninsula)Includes the region of Arabian peninsula as a location.notifications1986 / 201513 games
Archaeological siteslist_alt0 game
Archaic EarthA fictional representatin of Earth in the distant past.notifications1981 / 2018141 games
Archeonlaannotifications1 game
ArchipelagoIncludes an archipelago, a chain or cluster of islands, as a location.notifications1988 / 201215 games
Arctic circle (North Pole)Takes place in the Arctic circle region of the Earth (or contextually in the 10° isotherm); for the whole game or at least a significant portion of itnotifications1988 / 201623 games
ArdennesA region that stretches from Belgium to Luxembourg to France.notifications1980 / 198410 games
Area 51Involves the urban myths of Area 51, the location itself or incidents related to it.notifications1995 / 200720 games
Arizona, USAIncludes the state of Arizona as location.notifications1989 / 201423 games
Arkansas, USAIncludes the state of Arkansas as location.notifications1989 / 20098 games
Artificial biosphere (Closed ecological system;CES)Includes an artificial closed ecosystem as location.notifications1999 / 20065 games
AsiaAll or at least a significant portion of the story takes place on the Asian continent.notifications1982 / 2019423 games
Austin, Texas, USAIncludes city of Austin as a locationnotifications1 game
Autumnal (Fall setting)The events are set in autumn/fall-like setting, with trees losing their leaves, browning plants, heavy rains and thunderstorms, cold weather, etc.notifications1993 / 202194 games
AvalonIncludes the mythical island of Avalon as a location or otherwise features it as prominent plot element.notifications5 games
Barrage zone(Artillery fire zone;Area bombing zone)Player encounters and must traverse a barrage, artillery fire, or area bombing zone with shells, bombs, or other munitions striking at random or in patterns.notifications2005 / 20157 games
Bathroom (Restroom;Loo)Includes at least one bathroom as a location.notifications1984 / 201526 games
Bishop Ring(O'Neill cylinder)Includes a Bishop Ring, or a place akin to such (e.g. O'Neill cylinder), as a location.notifications1992 / 201711 games
Boreal setting (Boreal climate;Subarctic climate;Taiga)Includes boreal climate setting. Characterized by corniferous trees (especially evergreens) and relatively lush flora.notifications2004 / 20115 games
Boston, Massachusetts, USAIncludes the city of Boston as a locationnotifications1985 / 201536 games
Bridge[bridges]A significant time is spent on or under one or more bridges.notifications1979 / 201850 games
Brothel (Bordello)notifications1995 / 201937 games
Buenos Aires, Argentina[Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires;Autonomous City of Buenos Aires]The capital and a port city of Argentina.notifications2013 / 20144 games
Bunkernotifications2009 / 201625 games
Busy environment (Distracting environment)The surroundings are alive with activity, small and large, that distracts the player from what is important. Regardless if the distraction is intentional or not.notifications2006 / 201713 games
Cairo, EgyptIncludes the city of Cairo as a location.notifications1990 / 201211 games
California, USAIncludes the state of California as location.notifications1978 / 2018118 games
CampA temporary outdoor accommodation usually composed of one or more tents.notifications2009 / 20115 games
Canyon (Gorge)[valley]Includes a canyon as a location, a valley lined with steep (usually rocky) walls.notifications1982 / 202094 games
CaribbeanIncludes the Caribbean islands and/or Caribbean sea as a location.notifications1980 / 202076 games
Carnival (Funfair)Features any kind of carnival.notifications1981 / 201513 games
Castle(Private fortified residence)All or part of the story takes place in a castle keep or its bailey, or similar protective structure.notifications1979 / 2021585 games
Cemetery (Graveyard;Burial grounds;Catacomb;Crypt;Mausoleum)Includes any kind of cemetery as location, whether above (graveyard, mausoleum, etc.) or underground (crypt, catacomb, etc.).notifications1982 / 2021322 games
CharonIncludes the planet Charon (moon of Pluto, or companion planet of the dual planet system of Pluto) of the Sol star system as location.notifications1988 / 20112 games
Chicago, Illinois, USAIncludes the city of Chicago as a location.notifications1979 / 201781 games
Chichen Itzanotifications1 game
Chinatown"a section of an urban area with a large number of Chinese residents, usually outside of Greater China." --Wikipedianotifications2004 / 201210 games
Cincinnati, Ohio, USAIncludes the city of Cincinnati as a location.notifications1 game
Circusnotifications1977 / 201686 games
City: Menden, GermanyA 3rd century AD onward settlement that's alternately been ruled by many outside authorities between periods of independence as long as 400 years.1 game
City: Seoul, Korea (Seoul Special City;서울 특별시;서울 特別市)Capital of South Korea. Formally capitol of Korea, The Korean Empire, & the Baekje Kingdom (18 BC).notifications1988 / 20056 games
Cliff (Cliffside)Features one ore more cliffs as a location.notifications1988 / 202029 games
Collapsing structure (Sinking structure)Includes a structure that's collapsing or otherwise being destroyed as a location.notifications1986 / 20119 games
Colonynotifications1982 / 20114 games
Colorado, USAIncludes the state of Colorado as location.notifications1983 / 201615 games
Columbus, Ohio, USAIncludes the city of Chicago as a location.notifications1 game
Connecticut, USAIncludes the state of Connecticut as location.notifications1989 / 20095 games
Constrained localeThe events of the game take place in very limited location, such as single building (e.g. castle) or other smallish area.notifications1986 / 2018118 games
Construction siteA place where a structure is being built serves as a location.notifications1981 / 201658 games
Crawl tunnels[crawlspaces;crawl spaces]Very small tunnels one can't pass through while standing up and possibly not even while crouched, requiring either crawling with abdomen touching the ground or even changing one's size to accommodate.notifications1996 / 201629 games
Dallas, Texas, USAIncludes Dallas as a location.notifications1982 / 19927 games
Damascus, SyriaIncludes the city of Damascus as a location.notifications2007 / 20083 games
Dayton, Illinois, USAIncludes the city of Dayton as a location.notifications1 game
Daytona Beach, Florida, USAIncludes city of Daytona Beach as a locationnotifications1990 / 20202 games
Death worldTakes place on an exceedingly inhospitable world.notifications1995 / 201539 games
Delaware, USAIncludes the state of Delaware as location.notifications1989 / 19924 games
Denver, Colorado, USAIncludes the city of Denver as a location.notifications1988 / 19924 games
Derelict (Ghost ship)[ghostship]Features a derelict ship or space craft as a location. Possibly having gained new occupants since being abandoned or haunted by the undead.notifications1992 / 201830 games
Derelict graveyard (Ship graveyard)A graveyard of derelicts: ships, spacecraft, or other vehicles.notifications2000 / 20189 games
Dimensional breach (Dimensional convergence;Dimensional invasion;Hell on Earth)Two or more dimensions have decided to exist simultaneously at the same place, or other dimension is bleeding over into another. Usually involves alien flora, fauna, and other strange things to be sighted, one may even question their sanity, and so on.notifications1999 / 201522 games
Dol GuldurSauron's stronghold in Mirkwoodnotifications1 game
Dream world (Imaginary world)All or a portion of the game takes place in a dream world or similar place.notifications1985 / 2019123 games
Dry climate (Arid climate)Includes dry climate setting.notifications1979 / 202197 games
DungeonA labyrinthine place riddled with traps, home to monsters and villains, and place to find various treasures. Often pillaged by dungeon delvers, heroes and adventurers.notifications1974 / 2023229 games
Easter IslandIncludes Easter Island as a location.notifications2 games
Ecozones (Terrestrial ecozones;Biogeographic realms)list_alt0 game
Electric CircuitTakes place in a electric circuit, or the game characters are based on it.notifications1 game
EnglandIncludes England (part of Great Britain) as a location.notifications1982 / 2021195 games (17 characters)
EstoniaIncludes Estonia as a location.notifications1991 / 20097 games
Ether (Aether)A non-place somewhere (e.g. between dimensions). Often characterized by lack of any planet or other large firmament, but contains small islands, or even artificial structures, floating in a starry ocean without sun or moon.notifications1993 / 202125 games
Eureka, California, USAIncludes the city of Eureka as a locationnotifications1980 / 201621 games
Excavation (Archaeological site)[dig site]Includes an archaeological site of any sort.notifications1992 / 201929 games
ExtraterrestrialSet somewhere away from Earth, but still within the same universe where Earth actually exists or existed.notifications1971 / 20211128 games
FactoryIncludes a factory or similar manufacturing facility as location.notifications1983 / 202257 games
Fantastic EarthYour regular Earth except it has fantastic elements such as ogres, trolls, dragons, witches, and so forth intermixed with the normal as if they always were there.notifications1981 / 2019282 games
Fantasy World setting (Constructed World setting)notifications1982 / 2022264 games
FarmIncludes a farm, agricultural or livestock, as a location.notifications1981 / 201627 games
Fictional cityTakes place in a fictional city on Earth.notifications1979 / 202085 games
Fictional locationSet in some made-up location on Earth.notifications1984 / 2020150 games
Fictional universe (Constructed universe;Earthless universe)[no Earth]The story takes place in a fictional world or universe in which Earth does not, will not and has not existed anywhere.notifications1986 / 2022246 games
Flat worldTakes place on a flat world (known or not, but not simply believed), as the planet Earth was believed to be before its round shape was established to be true.notifications1992 / 201030 games
Flood (Flooded area;Flood zone)Includes a flooded location.notifications1982 / 201556 games
Florida, USAIncludes the USA state of Florida as a location.notifications1986 / 202022 games
Fog (Mist)notifications1999 / 201826 games
Fomalhaut star system (Alpha Piscis Austrini)Includes the Fomalhaut star system (the star is visible from Earth in the Piscis constellation) as a location.notifications1993 / 20039 games
Forest (Woodland;Woods)An area dense with trees.notifications1977 / 2021964 games
Fortress(Fortification)All or part of the story takes place in a fortress or similar protective structure not meant as a residence of anyone important.notifications1985 / 202071 games
Frontier (Border;Borderland)A region at the edges of something resembling civilization or safety.notifications1999 / 201811 games
Future EarthA fictional representation of Earth in distant future, where recognizing it as Earth has become difficult.notifications1983 / 2018108 games
Galilean MoonsThe four large moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei around January 1610.0 game
Garden (Botanical garden)notifications1981 / 201014 games
GeorgiaIncludes the country of Georgia as a location.notifications1985 / 20007 games
Georgia, USAIncludes the US state known as Georgia as a location.notifications1990 / 202022 games
Germany (Deutschland)All or part of the game takes places in Germany.notifications1970 / 2019172 games
Ghost town (Ghost city)A recently abandoned town, city, or similar habitat. Often with many things still fully operational.notifications1986 / 201917 games
Gion District, Kyoto, JapanIncludes the Gion district of the city of Kyoto, in the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan.notifications1 game
Great BritainIncludes the island of Great Britain as location, which covers most of the territory of United Kingdom.notifications1980 / 2018237 games
GreenlandIncludes Greenland as location.notifications2006 / 201111 games
Habitatslist_alt0 game
Hangarnotifications2000 / 20167 games
HauntingFeatures any location haunted by ghosts, demons, poltergeists, or other supernatural phenomena or entities.notifications1981 / 201624 games
Hawaii, USA (Hawaiian Islands, USA)Includes Hawaii or the Hawaiian Islands as a locationnotifications1988 / 200916 games
Heavy weather(Severe weather;Extreme weather)Player is subjected to heavy weather conditions, such as lightning storms, sandstorms, hailstorms, or other weather phenomena that is severely impactful.notifications2005 / 201916 games
HellIncludes Hell or equivalent location.notifications1981 / 2020113 games
Hellscapenotifications1994 / 201546 games
Hero school (Hero academy)There's a school or similar institution for heroes.notifications2005 / 20145 games
Hidden village[Hidden city;Hidden town]Features a village, town, or such hidden away from the rest of the world. The population either secretive, isolationist, or just oblivious to anything else.notifications1993 / 20135 games
HideoutA location meant for hiding, usually one of many. Commonly thieves, bandits, revolutionaries, and other outlaws have several of these to hide, gather, and plan their activities.notifications2005 / 201416 games
Hill land (Hill country;Hilly region)Includes any location with notably large number of somewhat small hills that can be relatively quickly traversed.notifications1995 / 201863 games
HiveIncludes a hive or hive-like location.notifications1992 / 202133 games
Hollow world (Hollow Earth;Hollow planet)Takes place in a world that's hollow from the inside, often with all action on the internal "surface" rather than the external, with the "sun" being the planet's core rather than a star the planet orbits.notifications1995 / 20105 games
Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California, USAIncludes Hollywood as a location.notifications1988 / 20047 games
Hong Kong (香港)Includes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a location.notifications1980 / 201834 games
HospitalIncludes a hospital as a location.notifications1981 / 201880 games
Hotel (Inn;Hostel;Motel)Includes any type of hotel-style establishment - that rents lodging and possibly other services to their customers - as location.notifications1996 / 201563 games
HouseA significant portion of the story is spent in one or more regular houses.notifications1982 / 201757 games
Houston, Texas, USAIncludes city of Houston as a locationnotifications1988 / 20072 games
Humid[wet]Includes any humid climate setting.notifications2000 / 202129 games
IdahoIncludes the state of Idaho as location.notifications1971 / 201314 games
Illinois, USAIncludes the state of Illinois as location.notifications1986 / 201724 games
Immaterial realmIncludes a place that is not physical, although it may be indistinguishable from physical place simply by its appearance.notifications2003 / 20143 games
In the belly of a whaleAll or part of the game takes place inside some creature.notifications1980 / 201953 games
Indian OceanFeatures the Indian Ocean as a location, including any islands or structures there and any craft traveling in the general area of it.notifications1989 / 20167 games
Indiana, USA (IN)Includes the state of Indiana as location. (IN)notifications1979 / 201610 games
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAIncludes the city of Indianapolis as a location.notifications1979 / 19843 games
IndoorsMost or all of the story is spent indoors or similar conditions with limited visibility and movement options.notifications1978 / 2021489 games
Industrial settingIncludes industrial areas and structures, such as factories, power plants, or construction zones as location.notifications1990 / 2022102 games
Insane asylum (Psychiatric hospital;Mental ward)[Lunatic Asylum]Includes a facility to house, contain, or provide care for mentally ill patients.notifications1987 / 201645 games
Iowa, USAIncludes the state of Iowa as location.notifications1989 / 19986 games
Island (Isle;Islet)Includes one or more islands as location.notifications1975 / 2020496 games
Isolated habitatAll or part of the story takes places in an isolated habitat of one sort of another.notifications1993 / 201929 games
Isolated localeThe location is isolated from the grander world, far away from most of civilization with no easy access to modern comforts or way back to said civilization. From remote cabins and towns to small islands and even to other worlds.notifications1993 / 2020105 games
Israel (יִשְרָאֵל‎;إسرائيل‎)Significant portion of the game is spent in Israel.notifications1983 / 201315 games
Jerusalem, IsraelIncludes the city of Jerusalem as a location.notifications1981 / 201217 games
Jilemnice, Czech Republic (Starkenbach)Includes the city of Jilemnice as a location. Home town of Ales Vodsedalek, Jakub Hlava, Lukas Hlava, and Jan Weiss.1 game
JungleIncludes a tropical forest or similar as a location.notifications1980 / 2021272 games
JupiterIncludes Jupiter as a location, however unlikely that is.notifications1979 / 201519 games
Karacha, KyrgyzstanIncludes the village of Karacha in the Jalal-Abad Province of Kyrgyzstan as a location.notifications1 game
Kentucky, USAIncludes the state of Kentucky as location.notifications1989 / 201619 games
Kyoto City, Kyoto, JapanIncludes the City of Kyoto, Japan as a location.notifications1985 / 20083 games
Kyrgyzstan (Кыргызстан)Includes the country of Kyrgyzstan as a location.notifications1997 / 20102 games
Laboratorynotifications2005 / 201624 games
LabyrinthIncludes a labyrinth as a location.notifications1972 / 201955 games
Land of OZ (Oz World;Oz Universe)These game take place in Oz. An imaginary land from the numerous writings of L. Frank Baum. The most famous work being "The Wizard of Oz".notifications1 game
Las Vegas, Nevada, USAIncludes the city of Las Vegas as a location.notifications1981 / 201339 games
LemuriaA hypothetical lost land claimed to be either in Indian Ocean or Pacific Ocean.notifications7 games
Lilliputian (Minuscule;Miniature)The protagonist sees the environment from Lilliputian perspective with everything being abnormally large, likely because the protagonist him-/herself is extremely small (or they happen to be in some world of giants).notifications1991 / 2017100 games
Lively environmentThe environments have large amount of activity from creatures large and small, regardless if these can be interacted with.0 game
Location: AircraftAll or part of the story takes place on any kind of aircraft.notifications1984 / 202046 games
Location: Spacecraft All or part of the story takes place on a spacecraft, but not necessarily ever traveling with it or otherwise controlling it.notifications1981 / 2020270 games
Location: Watercraft (Submarine;Ship)Significant portion of the game takes place aboard a watercraft, such as a ship or a submarine.notifications1982 / 2020140 games
Logansport, Indiana, USAIncludes the city of Logansport as a location.notifications1 game
Long Beach, Califonia, USAnotifications1 game
Los Angeles, California, USAIncludes the city of Los Angeles as a locationnotifications1980 / 2016102 games
Lost CityA city that was once prosperous until it was abandoned for some reason with the location lost, and so forth.notifications1989 / 201925 games
Lost Landsnotifications1985 / 200114 games
Louisiana, USAIncludes the state of Louisiana as location.notifications1988 / 201713 games
Low gravity environmentIncludes locations where the effects of gravity have been greatly reduced.notifications1999 / 202317 games
Machine world(Artificial world)The entire world, planet, or such is a gigantic machine of some sort.notifications2004 / 201710 games
Maine, USAIncludes the state of Maine as location.notifications1989 / 20095 games
Mainland China (Continental China;Chinese mainland)All or part of the story takes place in China.notifications1979 / 2022194 games
Mall (Shopping mall)A large enclosed shopping center.notifications1986 / 201618 games
Mansion(Manor)Includes a mansion or similar large dwelling as location.notifications1980 / 2021207 games
MarsTakes place on the planet Mars; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.0 game
Mars (Red Planet)Includes the planet Mars of Sol star system as location.notifications1975 / 2021181 games
Maryland, USAIncludes the state of Maryland as location.notifications1985 / 20099 games
Massachusetts, USAIncludes the state of Massachusetts as location.notifications1985 / 201517 games
Megastructurenotifications1984 / 201723 games
MercuryTakes place on the planet Mercury; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.notifications1979 / 201116 games
MexicoAll or part of the story takes place in Mexico.notifications1982 / 201573 games
Miami, Florida, USAIncludes the city of Miami as a location.notifications1986 / 201528 games
Michigan, USAIncludes the state of Michigan as location.notifications1989 / 20137 games
Microscopic ScalePlayer interacts on a scale allowing them to see things too small to be seen without a microscope.notifications1991 / 201618 games
Military base (Military installation)notifications1997 / 201850 games
MineIncludes a mine as location.notifications1980 / 2021177 games
MinefieldPlayer must traverse one or more minefields.notifications1988 / 202038 games
Minnesota, USAIncludes the state of Minnesota as location.notifications1989 / 20074 games
MirkwoodA great forest in Middle-Earth. Home of Thranduil's elves.notifications1 game
Mirror worldA world that's an altered, even twisted, version of the world it mirrors.notifications2004 / 20117 games
Mississippi, USAIncludes the state of Mississippi as location.notifications1989 / 20116 games
MissouriIncludes the state of Idaho as location.notifications1971 / 201313 games
Montana, USAIncludes the state of Montana as location.notifications1989 / 20095 games
Monte-Carlo, Monaco [Monte-Carlo;Monte-Carl;Monte-Carlu;Monégasque;Mount Charles]The administrative area of Monaco known for its casino, opera, and a few hotels and cafés. Oh, and city street race course.notifications1979 / 20147 games
Moon: CallistoIncludes Jupiter's moon, Callisto, as a location.notifications1983 / 201019 games
Moon: EuropaIncludes Jupiter's moon Europa as location.notifications1995 / 201622 games
Moon: GanymedeIncludes Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, as a location.notifications1990 / 201615 games
Moon: IoIncldues Jupiter's moon Io as location.notifications1983 / 201623 games
Moon: MirandaIncludes Neptune's moon, Miranda, as a location.notifications1 game
Moon: TitanIncludes Saturn's moon, Titan, as a location.notifications1981 / 201327 games
Moon: TritonIncludes Neptune's moon, Triton, as a location.notifications2001 / 20086 games
MountainIncludes mountain or mountains as a location and not just scenery.notifications1979 / 2021180 games
Multiple worlds (Multiple worlds)The story takes place on more than one world.notifications1986 / 201941 games
Multiverse (Meta-universe;Metaverse)The depicted story takes place in a multiverse.notifications1993 / 202156 games
MuseumIncludes a museum or similar structure - intended for safe keeping of ancient artefacts or their likenesses - as location.notifications1984 / 2015113 games
Mushroom forest (Fungal forest)Includes a forest made out of tree-sized fungi as a location.notifications1995 / 201613 games
Mythical locationIncludes one or more mythical or similar location.notifications1984 / 201521 games
Natural cave (Cavern)Includes one or more natural cave as a location.notifications1973 / 2021338 games
Nazca LinesReferences to the series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert of Peru, known as Nazca Lines.notifications1982 / 201123 games
Near East (Middle East)Takes place in The Near East region, a region that covers a large chunk of West Asia as well as Egypt from North Africa.notifications1976 / 201868 games
NebraskaIncludes the state of Nebraska as location.notifications1971 / 201515 games
NeptuneTakes place on the planet Neptune; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.notifications1979 / 201115 games
Nevada, USAIncludes the state of Nevada as location.notifications1981 / 201017 games
New EnglandIncludes the region of New England of United States as a location.notifications1991 / 201517 games
New Hampshire, USAIncludes the state of New Hampshire as location.notifications1984 / 20096 games
New Jersey, USAIncludes the state of New Jersey as location.notifications1989 / 19915 games
New Orleans, Louisiana, USAIncludes the city of New Orleans as a locationnotifications1993 / 20077 games
New York City, New York, USAIncludes the city of New York as a locationnotifications1982 / 2018350 games
New York StateIncludes the state of New York as a location.notifications1982 / 201628 games
NightmarePlot involves nightmares or includes a nightmarish dreamworld as location.notifications1988 / 201212 games
Norden (Nordic countries)A selection of countries and their shared culture, often mistakenly called Scandinavian countries (even by the locals).0 game
North AmericaAll or at least a significant portion of the story takes place on the North American continent.notifications1971 / 2022900 games
North Carolina, USAIncludes the state of North Carolina as location.notifications1989 / 20096 games
North Dakota, USAIncludes the state of North Dakota as location.notifications1989 / 19914 games
Not quite Earth(Alternative Earth)The location resembles Earth, but has certain things that make it clearly not actually Earth.notifications1987 / 202151 games
Ocean (Open sea)Includes any open sea area as a location.notifications1978 / 2018114 games
Ocean worldSet in an ocean world. Land, if there's any, holds nothing interesting or is limited to small islands or is completely unknown to the player.notifications1983 / 201530 games
Oceanslist_alt0 game
Offshore facility(Offshore platform)Features any kind of offshore above water platform/facility as a location, regardless if it's oil platform, aquatic research facility, or anything else.notifications1 game
Ohio, USAIncludes the state of Ohio as location.notifications1979 / 19925 games
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAIncludes city of Oklahoma as a locationnotifications3 games
Oklahoma, USAIncludes the state of Oklahoma as location.notifications1989 / 20058 games
Orchard (Fruit Garden)Trees or shrubs planted in pattern with intention of effecient harvesting. Mainly commercial. (A type farm)notifications2 games
Orlando, Florida, USAnotifications1 game
Ōsaka City, Ōsaka Prefecture JapanIncludes Ōsaka as a location.notifications1988 / 19964 games
Other world (Other planet;Not Earth)All or part of the story takes place on a world or planet that can't be otherwise identified.notifications1979 / 2020848 games
OutdoorsMost or all of the story is spent outdoors with large areas without artificial movement or sight barriers.notifications1977 / 2021365 games
OvercastA weather phenomena where the sky (stars, moon, etc.) is obscured by largely uniform cloud cover.notifications1999 / 20159 games
Overgrowth (Overgrown locales)Any location that is overgrown with vegetation, mainly locations one would expect to be kept clear of such.notifications2010 / 201416 games
Paradise (Garden of Eden;Elysian Fields;Shangri-La;Jannah)notifications2007 / 20196 games
Parallel reality (Parallel dimension)A reality that occupies the same space but is unlike ours. With events in one affecting the other.notifications1983 / 201637 games
Parallel universe(Alternative reality)[Alternate reality]Significant portion of the depicted events take place in a parallel universe.notifications1995 / 202128 games
Parallel worldIncludes a parallel world or worlds as location, which unlike parallel reality, occupies separate space that has less impact on the other or the impact is subtle but both are still linked together somehow.notifications1983 / 201847 games
Park (Urban park)A controlled recreational nature area with usually sparse trees, several paths, benches, sometimes adorned with more interesting land formations, streams, and so forth. Some may have large grass fields.notifications1986 / 20129 games
Parker, Texas, USAIncludes Parker as a location.notifications4 games
Parking lot (Car lot;Car park)Large vehicle parking locations, commonly multistory structures with gates and access to nearby malls or other buildings.notifications2001 / 201413 games
Pelennor FieldsThe planes before Minas Tirith where the Battle of the Pelennor Fields took place during the War of the Ring.notifications1989 / 200912 games
Penal colonyA settlement or area where criminals are incarcerated in. Often maintained and governed by the criminals themselves with minimal control by who put them there.notifications1995 / 201540 games
Pennsylvania, USAIncludes the state of Pennsylvania as location.notifications1989 / 20167 games
PersiaIncludes the historical region of Persia known as the Iranian Plateau and the country of Iran in modern times.notifications1983 / 20163 games
Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf;The Gulf)Takes place in the Persian Gulf.notifications1984 / 20047 games
Plains (plain;grasslands;grassland;prairies;prairie;steppes)A large open flat area or areas of relatively little vegetation are featured as a location.notifications1984 / 201974 games
Planet Earth (Terra)All or part of the story takes place on Earth of the Sol star system.notifications1970 / 20215259 games
Plano, Texas, USAIncludes Plano as a location.notifications4 games
Plateaunotifications1 game
Playa El Peligro"The Hazardous Basin"?. A desert island off the coast of the Ica Region of Peru in South America.notifications4 games
PlutoIncludes the planet Pluto of the Sol star system as location.notifications1979 / 201113 games
Polar setting (Polar climate)Includes polar climate setting. Characterized by tundras, nonexistant or sparse poorly grown trees, distinctly mossy ground as opposed to grass, and so forth.notifications3 games
Portland, Oregon, USAIncludes the city of Portland as a location.notifications3 games
Power plantnotifications1982 / 201623 games
Punta del Este, UruguayA city in Uruguay with under 10,000 residents and over 55,000 people in it depending on the time of year.notifications2 games
PurgatoryIncludes purgatory or equivalent location.notifications1982 / 20177 games
Pyramid(Ziggurat;Step pyramid)notifications1980 / 201747 games
Quantum ScalePlayer interacts on a scale allowing them to 'see' quantum particles (smaller than electrons).notifications2010 / 20155 games
QuarantineIncludes any location in quarantine for whatever reason.notifications2009 / 201518 games
Quintana Roo, MexicoSet in the state (formally a region) of Quintana Roonotifications1984 / 20093 games
Race Track: Adelaide Street Circuit, AustraliaIncludes the Adelaide Street Circuit race track.notifications1987 / 199424 games
Race Track: Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, Georgia, USA (Atlanta International Raceway)Includes Atlanta Motor Speedway as a Location. Until Talladega, Atlanta was the fastest NASCAR track with speeds exceeding 190 mph.notifications1990 / 20207 games
Race Track: Autódromo do Estoril, PortugalIncludes the Autódromo do Estoril race track.notifications1987 / 199424 games
Race Track: Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, ItalyIncludes the anti-clockwise Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari race track.notifications1985 / 200143 games
Race Track: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico CityIncludes the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez race track.notifications1987 / 199122 games
Race Track: Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna, Goiânia, BrazilIncludes the Goiânia race track.notifications1989 / 19917 games
Race Track: Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba, Pinhais, BrazilIncludes the Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba race track. Also known as Autódromo de Pinhais and Circuito Raul Boesel.notifications1 game
Race Track: Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet, Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilIncludes the Jacarepaguá race track.notifications1987 / 199143 games
Race track: Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Interlagos, BrazilIncludes the Autódromo José Carlos Pace race track.notifications1990 / 199413 games
Race Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, ItalyIncludes Autodromo Nazionale Monza's race track.notifications1982 / 199448 games
Race Track: Autodromo Parque Ciudad de Rio Cuarto, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, ArgentinaIncludes the Autodromo Parque Ciudad de Rio Cuarto race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Autodromo Vallelunga (Campagnano di Roma, Italy)Includes the Autodromo Vallelunga racetrack.notifications1984 / 19852 games
Race Track: Automotodrom Grobnik, Rijeka, CroatiaIncludes the Automotodrom Grobnik, race track.notifications1984 / 199143 games
Race Track: Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Michigan, USAIncludes the Raceway on Belle Isle race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Brands Hatch (Kent, England)Includes the Brands Hatch racetracknotifications1982 / 199132 games
Race Track: Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire, EnglandIncludes the Cadwell Park race track.notifications1989 / 19913 games
Race Track: Castle Combe Circuit, Wiltshire, EnglandIncludes the Castle Combe Circuit race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina, USAIncludes the Charlotte Motor Speedway race track.notifications5 games
Race track: Circuit d'Albi, FranceIncludes the Circuit d'Albi race track.notifications1983 / 19844 games
Race Track: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, SpainIncludes the Circuit de Catalunya race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, FranceIncludes the Circuit de la Sarthe race track, also named "Circuit des 24 Heures". Also includes the "Bugatti Circuit", which is a shorter course and build inside the larger "Circuit de la Sarthe".notifications1983 / 199149 games
Race Track: Circuit de Monaco (Monte Carlo)Includes the ever changing, always most challenging, Circuit de Monaco.notifications1979 / 201471 games
Race Track: Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours, Magny-Cours, FranceIncludes the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours race track.notifications1988 / 19908 games
Race Track: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, BelgiumIncludes Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps race track.notifications1984 / 199464 games
Race Track: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal Canada 1988 configuration (Île Notre-Dame circuit)Includes the Circuit Gilles Villeneuverace track in its 1988 configuration.notifications1988 / 199427 games
Race Track: Circuit Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, CanadaIncludes the Circuit Mont-Tremblant race track. Also known in the past as "Circuit Saint-Jovite".notifications3 games
Race Track: Circuit Park Zandvoort, Zandvoort, NetherlandsIncludes the Circuit Park Zandvoort race track.notifications1984 / 19877 games
Race Track: Circuit Paul Armagnac, Nogaro, FranceIncludes the Circuit Paul Armagnac race track. Also known as Circuit de Nogaro.notifications1988 / 19907 games
Race Track: Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, FranceIncludes the Circuit Paul Ricard race track.notifications1983 / 199457 games
Race Track: Circuit Zolder, Heusden-Zolder, BelgiumIncludes the Circuit Zolder race track.notifications1984 / 19876 games
Race Track: Circuito de Jerez, SpainIncludes the Circuito de Jerez race track.notifications1985 / 199161 games
Race Track: Circuito del Jarama, Madrid, SpainIncludes the Circuito del Jarama race track.notifications1983 / 199134 games
Race Track: Daytona International Speedway (Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)Includes Daytona International Speedway as a location. A large tri-oval with up to 31° banked turns was designed for maximum spectator & driver views.notifications1985 / 202015 games
Race Track: Detroit street circuit, Michigan, USAIncludes the street and highway Detroit street circuit race track.notifications1987 / 199134 games
Race Track: Dijon-Prenois, Dijon, FranceIncludes the Dijon-Prenois racetrack.notifications1987 / 199015 games
Race Track: Donington Park Circuit, Castle Donington, EnglandIncludes the Donington Park Circuit race track.notifications1984 / 199137 games
Race Track: Dover International Speedway, Dover, Delaware, USAIncludes the Dover International Speedway as a location.notifications1990 / 20202 games
Race track: Fuji Speedway, JapanIncludes the Fuji Speedway race track.notifications1982 / 200515 games
Race Track: Hawaii Super PrixWas to be a street course in Honolulu Hawaii. An exhibition event with a $10 prize for 1st, $5 million for 2nd, etc. Canceled 25 days before.0 game
Race Track: Hockenheimring, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyIncludes the Hockenheimring racetrack.notifications1984 / 199982 games
Race Track: Honda Indy Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaIncludes the Honda Indy Toronto street circuit race track.notifications1 game
Race track: Hungaroring, Mogyoród/Budapest, HungaryIncludes the Hungaroring race track.notifications1987 / 199338 games
Race track: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana, USAIncludes the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Noted as the location of the Indianapolis 500 race (Indy 500); the final race of the IndyCar Series season.notifications1982 / 20078 games
Race Track: Karlskoga Motorstadion, Karlskoga, SwedenIncludes the Karlskoga Motorstadion race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife, ScotlandIncludes the Knockhill Racing Circuit race track.notifications2 games
Race Track: Kyalami, Midrand, South AfricaIncludes the Kyalami race track.notifications1983 / 199316 games
Race Track: Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, California, USAIncludes the Laguna Seca Raceway race track. Also known as Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.notifications1989 / 199330 games
Race Track: Long Beach street circuit, Long Beach, California, USAIncludes Long Beach street circuit race track.notifications1987 / 20149 games
Race Track: Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Great BritainIncludes the Lydden Hill Race Circuit race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Mallory Park, Kirkby Mallory, EnglandIncludes the Mallory Park race track.notifications1987 / 19914 games
Race track: Mazaryk CircuitIncludes the Mazaryk Circuit race track, also known as Brno Circuit.notifications1988 / 199130 games
Race Track: Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, Michigan, USAIncludes the Michigan International Speedway race track.notifications1990 / 20203 games
Race Track: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Troy Township, Ohio, USAIncludes the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, Wisconsin, USAIncludes the Milwaukee Mile race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Mine Circuit, JapanIncludes the Mine Circuit race track, also known as Nishinihonnotifications1 game
Race Track: Misona World Circuit, Misano, ItalyIncludes the Misona World Circuit race track. Until 2006 named as Circuito Internazionale Santamonica.notifications1984 / 199138 games
Race Track: Mosport International Raceway, Bowmanville, Ontario, CanadaIncludes the Mosport International Raceway race track. Also named "Mosport Park" and since 2012 "Canadian Tire Motorsport Park".notifications2 games
Race Track: Mugello Circuit, Mugello, ItalyIncludes the Mugello Circuit race track.notifications1984 / 19879 games
Race Track: Nazareth Speedway, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USAIncludes the Nazareth Speedway race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, New Hampshire, USAIncludes the New Hampshire Motor Speedway race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Nürburgring, Nürburg, GermanyIncludes the Nürburgring race track.notifications1984 / 199831 games
Race Track: Olivers Mount Race Track, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, EnglandIncludes the Olivers Mount race track.notifications2 games
Race Track: Österreichring, Spielberg, AustriaIncludes the Österreichring race track.notifications1983 / 199019 games
Race Track: Oulton Park Circuit, Little Budworth, Cheshire, EnglandIncludes the Oulton Park Circuit race track.notifications1981 / 19895 games
Race Track: Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Victoria, AustraliaIncludes the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit race track.notifications1989 / 199123 games
Race Track: Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale, Arizona, USAIncludes the Phoenix International Raceway race track.notifications1990 / 20208 games
Race Track: Phoenix Street Circuit, Phoenix, Arizona, USAIncludes the Phoenix Street Circuit race track.notifications1989 / 19902 games
Race Track: Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Pennsylvania, USAIncludes the Pocono Raceway as a location.notifications1990 / 20202 games
Race Track: Portland International Raceway, Portland, Oregon, USAIncludes the Portland International Raceway race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, USAIncludes the Road America race track.notifications1985 / 19932 games
Race Track: Road Atlanta, Braselton, Georgia, USAIncludes the Road Atlanta race track.notifications2 games
Race Track: Rouen-Les-Essarts (Rouen, France)Includes the Rouen-Les-Essarts racetrack.notifications1984 / 19853 games
Race Track: Salzburgring, Salzburg, AustriaIncludes the Salzburgring race track.notifications1986 / 199137 games
Race Track: Scandianavian Raceway, Anderstorp, SwedenIncludes the Scandianavian Raceway race track.notifications1984 / 199144 games
Race Track: Schaltung Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof [Berlin-Tempelhof Airport Circuit]This race track in Berlin is constructed out of the former airport. It is part of the city park.notifications2 games
Race Track: Sebring International Raceway (Sebring, Florida, USA)Includes the Sebring International racetrack.notifications1984 / 19855 games
Race Track: Sendai Hi-Land Raceway, JapanIncludes the Sendai Hi-Land Raceway race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Silverstone, EnglandIncludes the Silverstone race track.notifications1983 / 199776 games
Race Track: Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, Norfolk, EnglandIncludes the Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit race track.notifications2 games
Race Track: Sportsland Sugo, JapanIncludes the Sportsland Sugo race track.notifications1988 / 19912 games
Race Track: Surfers Paradise Street Circuit, Queensland, AustraliaIncludes the Surfers Paradise Street Circuit race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Suzuka International Racing Course, JapanIncludes the Suzuka International Racing Course race track.notifications1984 / 199173 games
Race Track: Talladega Super Speedway, Talladega, Alabama, USAIncludes Talladega Super Speedway as a location.notifications1984 / 20209 games
Race Track: Thruxton Circuit, Great BritainIncludes the Thruxton Circuit race track.notifications1987 / 19912 games
Race Track: Tsukuba Circuit, JapanIncludes the Tsukuba Circuit race track.notifications1988 / 19912 games
Race Track: TT Circuit Assen, Assen, NetherlandsIncludes the TT Circuit Assen race track.notifications1986 / 199145 games
Race Track: Warwick Farm, Sydney, AustraliaIncludes the Warwick Farm Racecourse race track.notifications1 game
Race Track: Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, New York, USAIncludes the Watkins Glen International racetrack.notifications1982 / 198911 games
Race trackslist_alt0 game
Rail yard (Railroad yard;Train yard;Classification yard;Marshalling yard)Includes a rail yard or similar facility as location.notifications1997 / 201517 games
Railway (Rail track;Railroad track)A significant time is spent on or in the vicinity of railway tracks otherwise than on a train or similar vehicle.notifications1982 / 201747 games
RainRain is either a constant or (somewhat) frequent weather condition the player encounters.notifications1993 / 201878 games
RapidA rapid is a section of a river where the river bed has a relatively steep gradient causing an increase in water velocity and turbulence. A rapid is a hydrological feature between a run (a smoothly flowing part of a stream) and a cascade. A rapid is chanotifications2009 / 20166 games
Real worldnotifications1978 / 2019197 games
Red-light districtnotifications1996 / 201615 games
Refinery (Distillery)Includes any kind of facility meant to reprocess materials into purer forms as a location.notifications2010 / 20116 games
Religious structureslist_alt0 game
Research facility (Research station)Includes any kind of research facility as location.notifications1988 / 2020153 games
Resort(Holiday resort)Any location meant for recreation via entertainment and relaxation that also includes lodging.notifications1999 / 201512 games
Respublica Romana (Roman Republic)Takes place during The Roman Republic from its founding date (508 BC by tradition) until its shift to autocratic rule (The Roman Empire) in 27 BC.notifications1986 / 20198 games
Restaurant (Pub;Tavern)Features any restaurant type location.notifications1994 / 201723 games
Retail store(Department store)A significant portion of the story is spent in one or more retail stores of any kind.notifications1985 / 20073 games
Rhode Island, USAIncludes the state of Rhode Island, as location.notifications1989 / 20095 games
RigelThe solar system of Rigel or planet(s) therein. Rigel is a binary star system that can be seen with the eye from Earth in Orion constellation.notifications1 game
RiverFeatures natural or artificial rivers as locations.notifications1971 / 2018189 games
RooftopsAll or part of the story takes place on rooftops.notifications1987 / 201882 games
Rough terrain (Rugged terrain)notifications1998 / 201923 games
Ruined worldDepicts a world hardly capable of sustaining life, riddled with ruins, devastated landscapes, and so forth.notifications1988 / 201632 games
RuinsIncludes ruins of some larger structure or collection of structures (such as a city or town) as location. Also any structures that seem to be falling apart regardless of their current active usage.notifications1985 / 2022664 games
Rural setting (Farmlands;Countryside)Includes a location in any rural area, farmlands, or similar sparsely populated lands.notifications1982 / 2018147 games
Saint Petersburg, Russia (Санкт-Петербург)Includes the city of Saint Petersburg as a location.notifications1997 / 20135 games
San Diego, California, USAIncludes the city of San Diego as a locationnotifications1980 / 201623 games
San Francisco, California, USAIncludes city of San Fransisco as a locationnotifications1979 / 2020105 games
San Luis Obispo, California, USAIncludes the city of San Luis Obispo as a locationnotifications1980 / 201621 games
SandstormsPlayer is subjected to sandstorms.notifications1 game
Santa Barbara, California, USAIncludes the city of Santa Barbara as a locationnotifications1980 / 201621 games
SaturnIncludes the planet Saturn of the Sol star system as location.notifications1979 / 201114 games
Savage Frontier of the Forgotten RealmsA region east of the Sword Coast and west of the Silver Marches, though not as savage as its name would imply.notifications1991 / 20157 games
SchoolIncludes a school of any kind (elementary, college, university, etc.) as location.notifications1982 / 2021190 games
Scrapyard (Junkyard)All or part of the story takes place on a scrapyard.notifications2003 / 201215 games
Seattle, Washington, USAIncludes the city of Seattle as a location.notifications1988 / 201318 games
Secret facilityTakes place in any kind of secret facility.notifications1995 / 202087 games
SettingsThe broadest terms that describe where a story takes place.list_alt0 game
Sewers(Storm drains)Includes sewers or similar structures, such as storm drains, as a location.notifications1983 / 2022203 games
Sex industry(Porn industry)Depicts sex industry to a certain degree (besides prostitutes).notifications1999 / 201926 games
Shallow waterPlayer encounters water too shallow to swim/dive in (or to die in).notifications1985 / 2021224 games
Shanty town(Junk town)A town, village, or such made out of scavenged or recycled pieces of anything.notifications2008 / 201815 games
Sharpsburg, Maryland, USAnotifications1985 / 19864 games
Shattered worldnotifications2000 / 20117 games
Shell worldnotifications1999 / 20164 games
Shifting locale (Reconfiguring locale;Re-arranging locale)Includes a locale, usually a dungeon or a labyrinth or such, that changes shape occasionally.notifications1981 / 200912 games
Shore (Waterfront;Coast)notifications1985 / 201854 games
Singular localeAll the events of the story happen in singular locale, such as an estate, a facility, park or such.notifications1994 / 201921 games
Slaughterhousenotifications2001 / 201110 games
Slumsnotifications1997 / 201920 games
Smolensk, RussiaA town on the Dnieper River near Moscow that has been destroy many times in war due to its location on the way to Moscow.notifications2 games
South AmericaAll or at least a significant portion of the story takes place on the South American continent.notifications1981 / 2019128 games
South Carolina, USAIncludes the state of South Carolina as location.notifications1989 / 20095 games
South Dakota, USAIncludes the state of South Dakota as location.notifications1989 / 19913 games
Space (Deep space)All or part of the story takes place in (deep) space. Either as is, on some form of a vessel, or artificial structure (such as a space station).notifications1970 / 20221921 games
Space colonyIncludes a space colony as a location.notifications1989 / 201411 games
Spaceport (Starport;Cosmodrome)Includes a spaceport or similar facility.notifications1994 / 201612 games
SpainIncludes Spain as a alocation.notifications1983 / 201963 games
Spinning levels (Spinning game world)All or some levels or the whole game world spins around.notifications1991 / 20177 games
State of Jefferson, USAIncludes the state of State of Jefferson as location.notifications1980 / 201629 games
Static environmentThe environments are largely static with no movement, as if everything had frozen solid.notifications2009 / 20134 games
Sub-atomic ScalePlayer interacts on a scale allowing them to 'see' subatomic particles.notifications3 games
Submicroscopic ScalePlayer interacts on a scale allowing them to 'see' submicroscopic particles (smaller than can be seen with light).notifications1983 / 20085 games
Subterranean forestA forest or similar large vegetation that should only grow above ground with help of sun, rain, etc. can be found underground.notifications1994 / 201511 games
Subterranean realmNot simply subterranean locale but a vast network of tunnels, caverns and such underground.notifications1988 / 201640 games
Subterranean setting (Underground setting)All or part of the story takes place in a subterranean environment.notifications1973 / 20221386 games
Subtropic setting (Subtropic climate)Includes subtropical climate setting. Characterized by tropical-like flora but otherwise much more similar to temperate climate, including even arid environments. Oases, (sub)tropical beaches with palm trees, and such are the stereotypical environments.notifications1995 / 201815 games
SuburbA residential area with large number of detached houses with their own yards and so forth.notifications2003 / 20155 games
Subway tunnels (Metro tunnels;Railway tunnels)Includes subway station, tunnels and/or any vehicles in these as location.notifications1993 / 201986 games
Summery (Summer setting)The events are set in summer-like setting, with trees and plants in full bloom, animal activity at highest of the seasons, possible heat waves and variable weather, etc.notifications1990 / 2021120 games
Swaying levels (Tilting levels)Some or all levels sway about.notifications2005 / 20139 games
Taiwan (臺灣;台灣;Táiwān;Republic of China)Includes Taiwan as a location, an island nation surrounded by mainland China, Philippines and Japan.notifications1994 / 20179 games
Teleport maze(Teleport labyrinth;Portal maze)Includes a teleport or impossible geometry maze where player the directions do not clearly match actual physical locations where they end up in.notifications1991 / 201712 games
Temperate climate (Mesothermal climate)Includes temperate climate setting.notifications2003 / 20097 games
Temple[Cathedral;Church;Mosque;Synagogue]Includes a temple of any faith as location, or temple-like structure. This includes churches, mosques, and other places of veneration and worship of deities.notifications1982 / 2019143 games
Tennessee, USAIncludes the state of Tennessee as location.notifications1981 / 20099 games
Terminal (Port;Station)Includes a terminal – train station, airport, etc. – or similar as a location.notifications1970 / 201626 games
Texas, USAIncludes the state of Texas as location.notifications1982 / 201522 games
ThailandIncludes Thailand as a location.notifications1987 / 201717 games
The Black Forest, Germany (Schwarzwald;Silva Nigra)Baden-Württemberg's Densely wooded mountain range, southwest Germany, famous for thick growth of trees, wood carvings, fasnet, & foods like ham & cakenotifications2002 / 20102 games
The uncharted (The unexplored)[uncharted regions;unexplored regions]Usually a vast expanse of "nothing" where no-one has officially gone and come back to tell about it. The regions beyond the "known world".notifications2 games
Theatre[theater]notifications1996 / 201411 games
Thick vegetationAbundant vegetation, brush and long grass, providing simple but efficient cover for both the player character and their opponents.notifications2006 / 201816 games
Tight corridors (Narrow tunnels)Includes any kind of narrow passageways, either natural or artificial, where one has so little space they can't go around anyone else in them without extreme discomfort. Commonly air ducts, maintenance shafts or trench tunnels.notifications1993 / 201419 games
Tokyo, JapanIncludes the Tokyo metropolis area as location, which covers the Tokyo City and Tokyo prefecture.notifications1988 / 202065 games
Traproom (Quarantined room)Includes one or more locations where the player is locked in a room where they either have to fight off a horde of monsters or struggle against time to solve one or more problems to escape before dying.notifications1986 / 202088 games
Treetop town (Treetop city)A permanent habitat built high above ground in (gigantic) trees, often connecting individual trees with skybridges.notifications1994 / 201824 games
Tropical setting (Tropical climate;Megathermal climate)Includes tropical climate setting. Characterized by abundant and colorful flora and fauna, high average temperature and humidity, and so forth. Rainforests and jungles are the stereotypical environments.notifications1982 / 2021344 games
Tunnelsnotifications1983 / 201839 games
Tuscon, Arizona, USAThe city of Tuscon is included as a location.notifications1 game
Undefined setting (Vague location)The setting is undefined or extremely vague.notifications1997 / 20097 games
Underwater (Undersea;Aquatic)All or part of the story takes place in underwater environment, either as is or in a vessel or some structure.notifications1975 / 2023537 games
Underwater facility(Underwater habitat)Features any kind of underwater facility or habitat as a location.notifications1995 / 201620 games
Unibiome world (Single biome planet)Takes place on one or more worlds that are made out of singular biomes, or otherwise features them more or less prominently.notifications1993 / 201620 games
UranusIncludes the planet Uranus of Sol star system as location.notifications1979 / 201115 games
Utah, USAIncludes the state of Utah as location.notifications1989 / 20145 games
Vague locationThe exact location is hard to pinpoint due to insufficient or too broad information, such as providing location name that is used in multitude of places within the confines of any other indicators.notifications1996 / 201512 games
ValleyIncludes a valley as a major location.notifications2009 / 20146 games
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaIncludes the city of Vancouver as a location.notifications1 game
Vehicle repair shop(Automobile repair shop;Repair depot;Body shop)Features any kind of vehicle repair shop or similar as a location.notifications1997 / 20135 games
Venezuelanotifications5 games
VenusTakes place on the planet Venus; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.notifications1979 / 201634 games
Vermont, USAIncludes the state of Vermont as location.notifications1989 / 20096 games
Vernal setting (Spring setting)The events are set in vernal/spring-like setting, with trees plant life starting to regrow, early flowering, light rains, possibly some scattered remaining ice/snow, etc.notifications1993 / 202166 games
Virginia, USAIncludes the state of Virginia as location.notifications1983 / 201713 games
Virtual reality (Cyberspace)Part or all of the game takes place in one or more virtual realities.notifications1983 / 2023111 games
Volcanic settingIncludes any places with ongoing volcanic activity, most prominently magma/lava flows.notifications1992 / 201889 games
VolcanoIncludes one or more volcanoes as a location.notifications1981 / 201859 games
Wall Street, New York City, New York, USAA Lower Manhattan street from Broadway to South St in NY's historical center/Financial District. The New York Stock Exchange, world's largest, is therenotifications1981 / 200011 games
WarehouseAn unspecific storage building, commonly filled with crates, cardboard boxes, or large metal freight containers.notifications1989 / 201320 games
Warsaw, PolandIncludes the city if Warsaw as a location.notifications1998 / 20144 games
Washington, D.C., USAIncludes the city of Washington, D.C. as a location.notifications1984 / 200919 games
Washington, USAIncludes the state of Washington as location.notifications1989 / 201613 games
Waste processing station(Waste processing facility;Waste treatment plant)Includes any facility or such meant for processing waste of any kind as a location.notifications1998 / 20207 games
Wasteland (Barrens;Desert;Badlands)A significant portion of the gameplay takes place in wasteland-like location, a place with notable lack of macroflora (except maybe few shrubs and tufts of grass).notifications1977 / 2023460 games
WeatherThis is a guide tag for all weather related things.list_alt1992 / 201014 games
Well cavePlayer visits a cave or such found inside a water well.notifications1996 / 201617 games
West Virginia, USAIncludes the state of West Virginia as location.notifications1989 / 19913 games
Wetland (Swamp;Marsh;Bog)Includes any kind of wetland environment.notifications1980 / 2021195 games
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia;[ولايه ڤرسكوتوان ڤوتراجايا]Capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. But it became so overcrowded; in 1999 all federal administration (but not King & Parliament) moved to Putrajayanotifications2 games
WildernessAll or significant portion of the story takes place in wilderness with no human or any similar habitation or any human made structures, at the tender mercies of mother nature.notifications1985 / 2022135 games
Windynotifications1990 / 201518 games
Wintery setting (Snow setting;Ice setting)The events are set in winter-like setting, with most of the plants covered in snow, rivers and lakes (and possibly seas) frozen except at rapids, minimal animal activity, etc.notifications1979 / 2021838 games
Wisconsin, USAIncludes the state of Wisconsin as location.notifications1989 / 20144 games
World edge[edge of the world;world border]The farthest reaches of non-spherical worlds or possibly spherical ones as well (e.g. it has single continent). Commonly abnormally dangerous place with laws of nature being broken or twisted.notifications1986 / 20154 games
WuHu IslandA fictional island somewhere in the Pacific.notifications2007 / 20134 games
Wyoming, USAIncludes the state of Wyoming as location.notifications1971 / 201621 games
Yellowstone National ParkIncludes Yellowstone National Park as a location.notifications1 game
Zero gravity environment (Weightless environment)Includes a Zero-G environment as location.notifications1994 / 201718 games
AbbeyA community usually consisting of mainly monks under the leadership of one.notifications1984 / 20133 games
Afghanistan (Afghānistān;افغانستان)A country in southern part of Central Asia.notifications1982 / 200910 games
Albanianotifications1 game
Alcatraz Island, California, USA (The Rock)Includes Alcatraz Island (located within sight of San Fransisco) as a location.notifications1981 / 19978 games
Alexandria, EgyptIncludes the city of Alexandria as a location.notifications1 game
AlgeriaIncludes Algeria as a location.notifications2006 / 20203 games
Alpha Centauri star systemIncludes Alpha Centauri star system as location, the closest star system to Sol star system.notifications1983 / 20045 games
Amazon (Amazonia;Amazon rainforest;Amazon basin)notifications1993 / 201413 games
America (New World)[americas]The North, Central and South America.list_alt0 game
Amphitheatre [Coliseum;Colosseum;Stadium]An open air theatre, commonly circular or oval or half of either with seats placed in a slope around it so viewers are looking mostly slightly downward at the action. Modern stadiums follow this setup.notifications1998 / 201619 games
Anatolia (Anatolian peninsula;Asia Minor)0 game
AngolaIncludes Angola as a location.notifications1 game
Antarctic Ocean (Southern Ocean;Great Southern Ocean;South Polar Ocean)0 game
Apennine peninsula (Italian peninsula)A peninsula in southern Europe that is mostly covered by Italy.0 game
ArcologyIncludes an arcology - a self-sufficient habitat - as a location.notifications1994 / 201619 games
Arctic Oceannotifications2008 / 20126 games
Arena (Fighting pit)A place to participate in arranged fights and watch and bet on them.notifications1983 / 201842 games
ArgentinaTakes place on the country of Argentina; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.notifications2 games
Astoria, Oregon, USAIncludes the city of Astoria, OR as a location.notifications1985 / 200613 games
Atlanta, Georgia, USAIncludes city of Atlanta as a locationnotifications1989 / 19965 games
Atlantic [Atlantic Ocean]Features Atlantic Ocean as a location, including any islands or structures there and any craft traveling in the general area of it.notifications1978 / 201572 games
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAIncludes the city of Atlantic City as a locationnotifications2 games
AustraliaAll or at least a significant portion of the story takes place in Australia.notifications1983 / 202053 games
Austrianotifications1989 / 20138 games
Baghdad, Iraq (بغداد‎;Baġdād;Bagdad)notifications1983 / 201610 games
Balkans (Balkan Peninsula;Southeast Europe)notifications2000 / 201512 games
Baltic Seanotifications1 game
BankIncludes a bank or similar location.notifications1983 / 201616 games
Barcelona, SpainIncludes the city of Barcelona as a location.notifications1986 / 201213 games
Base of operationsPlayer interacts with some kind of base of operations where they frequently come back to to manage gear, missions, minions, and other such things.notifications2005 / 20183 games
Beach (Sand beach)notifications1983 / 2017103 games
Beijing, ChinaCapital of The People's Republic of Chinanotifications1999 / 20144 games
BelarusIncludes Belarus as a location.notifications2006 / 20124 games
BelgiumA small country in north-west Europe.notifications1980 / 201633 games
Berlin, GermanyCapital city of Germany.notifications1984 / 201431 games
Bermuda Triangle(Devil's Triangle)A triangle shaped geographic region with its points somewhere between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Straits of Florida.notifications1985 / 201010 games
BosniaA region that covers almost all of the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina.notifications1998 / 20094 games
Bosnia and Herzegovina[Bosnia-Herzegovina]0 game
BrazilTakes place on the country of Brazil; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of itnotifications1985 / 201817 games
BulgariaIncludes Bulgaria as a location.notifications2006 / 20092 games
CambodiaIncludes Cambodia as a location.notifications2006 / 20092 games
CanadaParliamentary democratic monarchical common wealth of 10 provinces & 3 territories occupying most of the northern half of North America.notifications1983 / 202141 games
Cannes, FranceIncludes the city of Cannes as location.notifications1986 / 19873 games
Cape Town, South Africa, AfricaIncludes the city of Cape Town as a location.notifications4 games
Casinonotifications1972 / 201727 games
CaucasusThe geopolitical region of Caucasus.0 game
Central Africanotifications1988 / 19915 games
Central Americanotifications1984 / 201460 games
Central Asia (Inner Asia;Middle Asia)notifications1988 / 20085 games
Central Europelist_alt0 game
Chapel (Oratory;Sanctuary)A structure set aside for meetings, prayer and/or worship. Commonly sanctified in one manner or another. Usually part of a larger structure, though can exist on its own.notifications1987 / 201630 games
ChileIncludes Chile as a location.notifications1996 / 20142 games
Citieslist_alt0 game
City (Metropolis;Megapolis;Urban)Takes place in any large city.notifications1975 / 20221565 games
City: Karnak, EgyptA former city in Egypt that nowadays is only an archaeological site, abandoned by its original citizens by 323 CE and rediscovered around 1589 CE.notifications1991 / 20179 games
City: Luxor, Egypt (أَلْأُقْصُر;Al 'Uqṣur)A city in Egypt that notably houses the ruins of Thebes.notifications2011 / 20124 games
City: Memphis, Egypt (منف‎;Μέμφις;Moph;Noph)A former city in Egypt that nowadays is only an archaeological site, abandoned between 7th and 12th centry.notifications2009 / 20172 games
City: Teotihuacan, MexicoA former city in the basin of Mexico, abandoned by the 8th century and rediscovered in 1905.notifications1 game
City: Thebes, Egypt (Θῆβαι;Thēbai;طيبة‎;Ṭībah)A former city in Egypt that nowadays is only an archaeological site within the modern city of Luxor.notifications2009 / 20172 games
Club(Nightclub;Disco;Discothèque)An establishment for food, drinks, music and dancing usually open late at night.notifications1983 / 201615 games
ColombiaAll or significant parts of the story take place in Colombia.notifications1986 / 200012 games
Continentslist_alt0 game
Costa RicaA small country in Central America.notifications1993 / 201125 games
Countrieslist_alt0 game
CreteAll or significant part of the story takes place on the island of Crete.notifications1980 / 20145 games
Croatianotifications1991 / 20148 games
CubaIncludes Cuba as a location.notifications1991 / 20098 games
CybertronA fictional planet in the Transformers universe, homeworld of both Autobots and Decepticons.notifications2010 / 20129 games
Czech Republicnotifications1985 / 201618 games
CzechoslovakiaIncludes Czechoslovakia as a location.notifications2006 / 20092 games
Dam (Water powerplant)Includes an artificial structure intended to control the flow of water and possibly to draw power from it.notifications1997 / 202032 games
Delhi, IndiaIncludes the city of Delhi as a location.notifications1 game
DenmarkIncludes Denmark as a location.notifications1984 / 20095 games
Detroit, Michigan, USAnotifications1988 / 201323 games
Dock (Harbor)notifications1992 / 201531 games
DubaiName used for both the Emirate of Dubai and its capital city. Located in Middle East, it is famous for its luxurious lifestyle and its skyline.notifications2012 / 20163 games
Dubai, United Arab EmiratesCapital city of the emirate of Dubai in United Arab Emirates in Arabian Peninsula, south east of Persian Gulf.notifications2012 / 20152 games
East Asianotifications1982 / 2015267 games
Eastern Africanotifications1991 / 19993 games
Eastern Europelist_alt0 game
EcuadorIncludes Ecuador as a location.notifications1 game
EgyptAll or significant part of the story takes place in Egypt.notifications1980 / 2019193 games
El DoradoThe legendary lost city of gold. Considered fictional by modern scholars.notifications1985 / 200819 games
EthiopiaIncludes Ethiopia as a location.notifications1 game
Eurasia0 game
EuropeAll or at least a significant portion of the story takes place on the European continent.notifications1972 / 2021836 games
Faerie realm[land of fae;land of fairies;fairy realm]Includes a place that is identified as faerie realm or similar, often a parallel world to our own or some other place not accessible by mundane folk without help.notifications1995 / 20074 games
Finland (Suomi)All or significant portion of the story takes place in Finland.notifications1992 / 201712 games
Florence, Italynotifications2009 / 20155 games
FranceAll or part of the story takes place in France.notifications1976 / 2024290 games
Frankfurt, GernanyIncludes the city of Frankfurt as a location.notifications1999 / 20142 games
Fury 161(Fiorina 161)A planet on which a mining colony was built by Weyland-Yutani. Notably the location of the third movie, Alien 3.notifications1992 / 199911 games
GreeceAll or significant part of the story takes place in Greece.notifications1981 / 202253 games
GuatemalaA small country in Central America.notifications1991 / 20144 games
Hamburg, GermanySecond largest city of Germany.notifications1986 / 19897 games
Herzegovinanotifications2006 / 20092 games
HighwaySignificant portion of the game is spent on some highway.notifications1 game
Holland, NetherlandsA region of Netherlands.notifications2004 / 20114 games
HungaryAll or significant parts of the story take place in Hungary.notifications1993 / 20094 games
Iberia (Iberian Peninsula)notifications1985 / 201714 games
Icelandnotifications1987 / 20158 games
IndiaIncludes India as a location.notifications1985 / 202364 games
IndonesiaIncludes Indonesia as a location.notifications1988 / 20003 games
Iran (ایران)Includes Iran (formally Persia) as a location.notifications2004 / 20116 games
Iraq (Republic of Iraq;العراق;Al-Irāq;جمهورية العراق;Jumhūrīyat Al-Irāq;ܥܸܪܵܩ;كؤماری عه‌راق‎;Komara Îraqê)notifications1990 / 202117 games
Island of IrelandAn island in Northwest Europe, occupied by Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK).notifications1985 / 201321 games
Istanbul, Turkeynotifications1990 / 20097 games
ItalyIncludes Italy as a location.notifications1987 / 2026100 games
Jamaicanotifications2000 / 20144 games
JapanTakes place in Japan.notifications1980 / 2022465 games
KansasIncludes the state of Kansas as a location.notifications1971 / 201319 games
Karachi, PakistanIncludes Karachi as a Location. Pakistan's most populous city.notifications1 game
KareliaA region in Northern Europe, in the area between White Sea and Gulf of Finland, as well as crossing over the political border of Finland and Russia.notifications2008 / 20165 games
Kazakhstan (Kazakstan;Қазақстан;Казахстан;قازاقستان)A large country in Central Asia.notifications1999 / 20153 games
Kenyanotifications1987 / 19996 games
Kingdom of PrussiaA German kingdom that existed from 1701 till 1918.notifications2010 / 20155 games
Korea (한국;조선;Korean peninsula)Includes the Korean peninsula as a location.notifications1988 / 201532 games
Kuwaitnotifications2000 / 20093 games
Kyoto Prefecture, Kansai, JapanIncludes the prefecture of Kyoto Japan as a location.notifications1 game
Land of the dead(Underworld;Netherworld)A place where the souls of the dead go.notifications1987 / 201540 games
LaosIncludes Laos as a location.notifications2006 / 20092 games
LatviaIncludes Latvia as a location.notifications1998 / 20093 games
Lebanonnotifications2003 / 20076 games
Librarynotifications1990 / 201836 games
LibyaAll or significant part of the story takes place in Libya.notifications1986 / 20207 games
Lighthousenotifications1993 / 201217 games
LithuaniaIncludes Lithuania as a location.notifications2006 / 20092 games
Location: Iga Province, Japan(伊賀国;Mie Prefecture)Iga was a province of Japan, it was located where the western Mie Prefecture is today. Iga and Koga are the traditional birthplaces of ninjutsunotifications1 game
London, United KingdomIncludes the city of London as a location.notifications1981 / 2021172 games
LuxembourgA small landlocked country in north-west Europe bordered by Belgium, France and Germany.notifications1980 / 19847 games
Luxembourg, LuxembourgCapital city of Luxembourg.notifications1980 / 19847 games
LV-426(Acheron)A planet in Aliens mythos upon which Hadley's Hope colony was built on and where Nostromo's crew encountered the Derelict, as such it is also the location of the first and second movies.notifications2007 / 20138 games
Macedonia(Μακεδονία)[Macedon]An ancient Greek kingdom, perhaps best known as the seat of power for Alexander the Great.notifications2004 / 20062 games
MadagascarAn island country in the Indian Ocean, south-east of Africa mainland.notifications1999 / 20057 games
Madrid, SpainIncludes city of Madrid as a location.notifications2 games
Maltanotifications1980 / 20055 games
Mediterraneannotifications1980 / 201323 games
Milan, Italynotifications1 game
Mogadishu, Somalianotifications1 game
Monastery (Priory;Convent;Friary;Nunnery)A place of residence for a monastic order, commonly walled from outside world.notifications1985 / 201822 games
MongoliaTakes place in Mongolia.notifications1 game
Montreal, Quebec, Canadanotifications2011 / 20157 games
Moon: Luna (The Moon)Takes place on Earth's largest natural satellite; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.notifications1971 / 2021168 games
MoroccoIncludes Morocco as a locationnotifications1988 / 20179 games
Moscow, Russia (Москва)Includes the city of Moscow as a location.notifications1978 / 201639 games
Mu, lost continentTakes place on the lost continent of Mu or uses it as a thematic element.notifications1993 / 20046 games
Naples, Italynotifications1 game
Nepalnotifications1983 / 201417 games
Netherlands [Holland]A small country in north-west Europe.notifications1985 / 201324 games
New MexicoIncludes the general area of the New Mexico state as location.notifications1989 / 202033 games
New Zealandnotifications1990 / 20168 games
NigeriaIncludes Nigeria as a location.notifications1 game
North Asia0 game
Northern Africanotifications1983 / 201261 games
Northern Europelist_alt0 game
Norwaynotifications1982 / 202120 games
OceaniaA geographical and geopolitical region around Australian continent.notifications1994 / 20197 games
Office buildingnotifications1993 / 201960 games
Oil rig (Oil platform)An offshore oil drilling platform, quite massive compared to their land-based counterparts.notifications1992 / 20128 games
Oregon, USAIncludes the state of Oregon as location.notifications1971 / 201643 games
Orphanagenotifications2004 / 20146 games
Ottawa, Canadanotifications1 game
Pacific OceanFeatures Pacific Ocean as a location, including any islands or structures there and any craft traveling in the general area of it.notifications1980 / 2016135 games
PakistanIncludes Pakistan as a location.notifications1982 / 20145 games
PalaceIncludes a palace or similar grandiose structure as a location.notifications1986 / 201818 games
PalestineA geographic region in Arabian peninsula notably covering the territory of modern day Israel and some other countries.notifications1983 / 201210 games
Panamanotifications1988 / 201714 games
Papua New GuineaA country in the Melanesia sub-region of Oceania.notifications2011 / 20144 games
Paris, FranceIncludes the city of Paris as location.notifications1982 / 2018104 games
PeruAll or significant part of the story takes place in Peru.notifications1984 / 201822 games
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAIncludes the city of Philadelphia as a location.notifications1989 / 20163 games
PhilippinesIncludes Philippines as a location.notifications1 game
Pisa, Italynotifications2 games
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAIncludes the city of Pittsburgh as a location.notifications1 game
Polandnotifications1991 / 202129 games
Police station (Police department)Significant amount of time is spent at a police station of one sort or another.notifications1993 / 201925 games
Pompeii, Italy(Pompeii, Rome)A former city in Rome that was destroyed in 79 CE by the nearby volcano, Vesuvius. Rediscovered in 1592 CE.notifications1988 / 20113 games
Portugal(Portuguese Republic;República Portuguesa)notifications1990 / 199912 games
Prague, Czechnotifications2000 / 20169 games
PrisonAny location where outlaws and others are incarcerated.notifications1982 / 2018154 games
Puerto RicoIncludes Puerto Rico as a location.notifications4 games
Republic of South AfricaA country in Southern Africa that has three capitals: Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town.notifications1987 / 201814 games
Rio de Janeiro, BrazilIncludes the city of Rio de Janeiro as a location.notifications1988 / 20084 games
Romanianotifications1979 / 200917 games
Rome, Italynotifications1986 / 201519 games
RussiaIncludes Russia as a location.notifications1980 / 2019132 games
Rwandanotifications1 game
Salem, MassachusettsA city in Massachusetts, USA that has become historically famous for witch trials back in 1690s.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Salt Lake City, Utah, USAIncludes the city of Salt Lake City as a location.notifications2013 / 20142 games
Saudi Arabianotifications1996 / 20105 games
Scandinavia (Scandinavian peninsula)Includes Scandinavia as a location, a region that covers mostly the countries of Sweden and Norway.notifications1984 / 20125 games
Scotlandnotifications1984 / 201340 games
SerbiaIncludes Serbia as a location.notifications1990 / 20093 games
Shanghai, China (上海;Shànghǎi)Most populous city of People's Republic of China, found in the middle of the east coast.notifications2010 / 201310 games
ShrineSmall structures, often without any capacity to hold people inside them, that hold idols, relics, or other symbols of a religion. Usually places of veneration, worship, or prayer visited by pilgrims.notifications1985 / 20148 games
Siberianotifications1985 / 202016 games
Singaporenotifications1989 / 201312 games
SlovakiaIncludes Slovakia as a location.notifications2006 / 20092 games
SloveniaIncludes Slovenia as a location.notifications2006 / 20093 games
Sol star system (Solar System)Includes the outer space of our local star system as a location. Bound by Pluto or Kuiper Belt (or hypothetical Oort Cloud, farthest edges).notifications1983 / 201737 games
Somalianotifications1 game
South Asianotifications1988 / 201427 games
Southeast Asianotifications1982 / 201040 games
Southern Africanotifications1983 / 20203 games
Southern Europelist_alt0 game
Space stationA significant portion of the game's events are situated on a space station.notifications1971 / 2023180 games
Star systemslist_alt0 game
Storage areaIncludes any building or other area intended for short or long term storage of wares.notifications1997 / 201519 games
Sudannotifications1998 / 20094 games
SwedenA country in Northern Europe as part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.notifications1984 / 201915 games
Switzerland (die Schweiz;Suisse;Svizzera;Svizra)notifications1985 / 200911 games
Syrianotifications1996 / 201815 games
Taipei, Taiwan (北市;台北市)Includes the city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, as a locationnotifications3 games
Tajikistan (Тоҷикистон;تاجیکستان)notifications2 games
Tau Ceti star systemIncludes Tau Ceti star system as location, the closest Sun-like star besides Sun itself.notifications1985 / 201620 games
Tibetnotifications1995 / 20104 games
Towernotifications1986 / 201870 games
Town (Village)Includes a small town or similar location.notifications1977 / 2021685 games
TrainPlayer visits a train, as a passenger or otherwise, but is not in control of one.notifications1985 / 201749 games
TransylvaniaIncludes the historical region of Transylvania as a location.notifications1979 / 201544 games
TunisiaInclused Tunisia as a location.notifications1989 / 20096 games
Turkeynotifications1986 / 201116 games
UkraineAll or significant portion of the story takes place in Ukraine.notifications1981 / 201217 games
United Arab Emirates(UAE)Takes places in the UAE, a country in the Arabian Peninsula.0 game
United States of AmericaCurrently 50 states & several territories/common wealths that occupy the middle of North America plus Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & other islands.notifications1978 / 2021707 games
ValhallaThe mythical place where deceased great warriors & the norse gods reside.notifications1 game
Venice, Italynotifications1986 / 201527 games
Vienna, AustriaIncludes the city of Vienna as a location.notifications1 game
VietnamIncludes Vietnam as a location.notifications1981 / 201751 games
Volgograd, Russia (Stalingrad;Tsaritsyn;Волгоград;Цари́цын​;Сталингра́д​)Includes the city of Volgograd, Russia. Known as Stalingrad from World War II as it was named back then.notifications1995 / 201610 games
Wallonia, Belgium (Walloon Region)notifications1980 / 20139 games
West Asia (Western Asia;Southwest Asia)notifications1984 / 20097 games
Western Africa0 game
Western Europelist_alt0 game
YemenIncludes Yemen as a location.notifications1 game
Yucatán PeninsulaA peninsula in the southeast end of Mexico, touching the borders of Central America.notifications1 game
Zoo (Zoological garden;Zoological park;Menagerie)notifications1972 / 201733 games
1-DimensionalThe game world consists of a single dimensional.notifications1 game
Aarklash[Confrontation]A medieval fantasy setting of the Confrontation miniature wargame by Rackham.notifications2010 / 20143 games
Arda (Middle-earth)[Middle Earth]The world on which the stories of Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, The Hobbit and others took place in. Perhaps better known for the continent of Middle-earth.notifications1982 / 2015110 games
ArdaniaA fantasy world setting originally by Cyberlore for Majesty series.notifications2000 / 201417 games
Ardonnotifications1999 / 20026 games
AshanSet in the world of Ashan of Might and Magic fame.notifications2006 / 201414 games (16 characters)
Buffyverse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer;Angel)Shared universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel series.notifications1997 / 20098 games (9 characters)
Cthulhu Mythos(Derleth Mythos)Set in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos or the later variant established by August Derleth and other writers.notifications1987 / 201953 games (4 characters)
Dark SunDark Sun D&D campaign setting places the players in the ravaged world of Athas where good majority of the known world is covered either by desert or the silt sea.notifications1991 / 201511 games
DC Universe (DC Comics)Set in the DC Universe.notifications1978 / 2025218 games (168 characters)
Dimensions (Planes of existence)list_alt0 game
DiscworldSet in the Discworld universe and/or based on the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.notifications1986 / 199913 games (2 characters)
Dragonlance (Krynn;Ansalon)A D&D campaign setting set on the planet of Krynn, on the continent of Ansalon or Taladas. As the name suggests, Dragons are fairly common issue either in the present or in much of the history.notifications1987 / 201547 games (6 characters)
Duck universe(Donald Duck universe;Scrooge McDuck universe)The fictional alternate Earth setting and home of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and related characters, created by Carl Banks and Disney.notifications1982 / 201561 games (7 characters)
Earth-likeSet in Earth-like alternate universe.notifications2016 / 20176 games
EberronA darker pulp-noir D&D campaign setting (published in 2004) focused on the continent, Khorvaire, devastated by prior wars. Combines D&D with slightly advanced yet magic based technology.notifications2002 / 20062 games
EisenwaldA low fantasy setting by Aterdux.notifications2015 / 20162 games
EndoriaThe world on which Katauri's King's Bounty games are set.notifications2008 / 20136 games
Enroth (Erathia;Axeoth)Set in the world and continuity of Enroth of Might and Magic fame, which includes places like Erathia and Axeoth.notifications1995 / 200315 games
Eve universenotifications2003 / 20165 games
Fallen London(Echo Bazaar)A nameless setting created by Failbetter originally for Fallen London itself and later Sunless Sea.notifications2009 / 20165 games
Forgotten RealmsD&D campaign setting most commonly played out on its continent of Faerûn, on the planet of Abeir-Toril.notifications1987 / 2022123 games (24 characters)
GaiaA world in the Final Fantasy series.notifications1997 / 201913 games
Genesis universeA shared universe created by Malibu Comics.notifications1992 / 19932 games
GloranthaSet in the fictional world of Glorantha, originally the setting of White Bear and Red Moon (a.k.a. Dragon Pass) board wargame and later that of HeroQuest/RuneQuest and several novels.notifications1975 / 20194 games
GolarionThe main setting of the Pathfinder role-playing game.notifications3 games
Graxianotifications2010 / 20112 games
Greyhawk (World of Greyhawk)A D&D campaign setting which is source of many of the spells known across all of the D&D multiverse. Also the name of a city within the world.notifications1975 / 20031 game (5 characters)
Ivalice (イヴァリース)Set in the fictional world of Ivalice, created by Yasumi Matsuno.notifications1997 / 20078 games
Lancer universenotifications2000 / 20164 games
Llylgamyn(Werdna;Wizardry: llylgamyn)Wizardry sub-series set in and around the city of Llylgamyn in otherwise unnamed world.notifications1981 / 201561 games
Marvel UniverseBased on any of the franchises created by Marvel Comics and set in their vaguely shared universe of countless continuities.notifications1982 / 2026377 games (82 characters)
Mickey Mouse universeA fictional universe created by Walt Disney.notifications1983 / 201323 games (5 characters)
MidkemiaA fantasy world popularized by Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar Cycle.notifications1993 / 19982 games (1 characters)
Newerthnotifications2003 / 20109 games
NosgothThe gothic fantasy world of the Legacy of Kain series.notifications1996 / 201516 games
Oddworldnotifications1997 / 201625 games (3 characters)
PlanescapeA Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting first published in 1994 that encompasses the whole D&D multiverse instead of just one of them.notifications1994 / 20173 games (2 characters)
Post-apocalypseThe story takes place in a world that had experienced almost complete annihilation that changed it utterly, in the aftermath of which the remaining people are trying to survive.notifications1977 / 2022594 games
RavenloftA Gothic horror D&D campaign setting based on apprehension and fear. The player's goal is not to succumb to the dark powers of The Demiplane of Dread.notifications1983 / 20157 games
Remedy Connected UniverseA paranormal contemporary fantasy setting by Remedy.notifications2010 / 20197 games
ShadowrunA P&P RPG game and its future Earth fantasy cyberpunk setting.notifications1989 / 201520 games
SpelljammerA D&D campaign setting that tied the different worlds in Prime Material together without the use of the material from Planescape. Practically speaking Spelljammer was sword and sorcery in space.notifications1989 / 19932 games
Standard levelsIncludes 3 or more from the standard level theme set of: forest (also jungle), fire (also volcano/factory), water (also underwater/sewers), ice (also snow), and possibly others.0 game
Starsiege universenotifications1994 / 200412 games (1 characters)
The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge;Aventuria;Realms of Arkania)Based on the P&P RPG `Das Schwarze Auge´ created by Ulrich Kiesow, set in the world of Aventuria. Known also as Realms of Arkania.notifications1992 / 201520 games (1 characters)
Tiberium universe[tiberian]The main CnC series and setting most recognizable from the presence of Tiberium.notifications1995 / 201220 games (5 characters)
TrineverseThe setting used originally for the Trine series but later for other games.notifications2009 / 201720 games
UltraverseA shared universe created by Malibu Comics.notifications2 games
VegetationAny tags relating to plants, fungi, etc. especially how they are used, cultivated, or how they affect gameplay.list_alt0 game
Warhammer 40,000(Warhammer 40k;WH40k)[Warhammer 40000]Based on the Games Workshops' WH40k franchise. Originally a tabletop miniature wargame but later encompassed books, RPGs, comics, board games, card games, and others.notifications1992 / 201964 games (10 characters)
Warhammer Fantasy (Warhammer Fantasy Battle)Uses the Games Workshops' Warhammer Fantasy setting or its related franchises, such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle.notifications1991 / 201942 games (6 characters)
World of AdenA short-lived fantasy world setting by SSI.notifications3 games
World ScaleContainer group to house groups related to the scale of the game world.list_alt0 game
X-Universenotifications1999 / 202120 games (2 characters)