Locations entity

Albania1 game
AngolaIncludes Angola as a location.1 game
ArgentinaTakes place on the country of Argentina; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it.2 games
AustraliaAll or at least a significant portion of the story takes place in Australia.1983 / 201848 games
Austria1989 / 20138 games
BelgiumA small country in north-west Europe.1981 / 201627 games
Bosnia and Herzegovina0 game
BrazilTakes place on the country of Brazil; for the whole game or at least a significant portion of it1985 / 201816 games
Great BritainIncludes the island of Great Britain as location, which covers most of the territory of United Kingdom.1983 / 2018211 games
CanadaParliamentary democratic monarchical common wealth of 10 provinces & 3 territories occupying most of the northern half of North America.1988 / 201733 games
Croatia1990 / 201410 games
Czech Republic1985 / 201618 games
EgyptAll or significant part of the story takes place in Egypt.1980 / 2019142 games
EstoniaIncludes Estonia as a location.1990 / 20099 games
FinlandAll or significant portion of the story takes place in Finland.1992 / 201710 games
FranceAll or part of the story takes place in France.1976 / 2018257 games
GermanyAll or part of the game takes places in Germany.1982 / 2019156 games
GreeceAll or significant part of the story takes place in Greece.1981 / 201948 games
GreenlandIncludes Greenland as location.2006 / 201111 games
HungaryAll or significant parts of the story take place in Hungary.1993 / 20094 games
Iceland1987 / 20158 games
IndiaIncludes India as a location.1985 / 201862 games
IranIncludes Iran (formally Persia) as a location.2004 / 20105 games
Island of IrelandAn island in Northwest Europe, occupied by Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK).1985 / 201321 games
ItalyIncludes Italy as a location.1987 / 201976 games
JapanTakes place in Japan.1980 / 2019424 games
Kenya1987 / 19996 games
Kuwait2000 / 20093 games
KyrgyzstanIncludes the country of Kyrgyzstan as a location.1997 / 20102 games
LatviaIncludes Latvia as a location.1998 / 20093 games
LithuaniaIncludes Lithuania as a location.2006 / 20092 games
LuxembourgA small landlocked country in north-west Europe bordered by Belgium, France and Germany.1981 / 19845 games
MadagascarAn island country in the Indian Ocean, south-east of Africa mainland.1999 / 20057 games
Malta1980 / 20055 games
MexicoAll or part of the story takes place in Mexico.1982 / 201565 games
MoroccoIncludes Morocco as a location1999 / 20175 games
NetherlandsA small country in north-west Europe.1985 / 201323 games
NigeriaIncludes Nigeria as a location.1 game
Norway1985 / 201916 games
PakistanIncludes Pakistan as a location.1 game
PersiaIncludes the historical region of Persia known as the Iranian Plateau and the country of Iran in modern times.1 game
PeruAll or significant part of the story takes place in Peru.1984 / 201817 games
PhilippinesIncludes Philippines as a location.1 game
Poland1991 / 201724 games
Puerto RicoIncludes Puerto Rico as a location.4 games
Romania1981 / 20099 games
RussiaIncludes Russia as a location.1983 / 2019126 games
Rwanda1 game
SerbiaIncludes Serbia as a location.1990 / 20093 games
Singapore1989 / 201312 games
SlovakiaIncludes Slovakia as a location.2006 / 20092 games
SloveniaIncludes Slovenia as a location.2006 / 20093 games
Somalia1 game
SpainIncludes Spain as a alocation.1983 / 201655 games
Sudan1998 / 20094 games
SwedenA country in Northern Europe as part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.1984 / 201917 games
Switzerland1985 / 200910 games
ThailandIncludes Thailand as a location.1987 / 201713 games
TunisiaInclused Tunisia as a location.1998 / 20094 games
UkraineAll or significant portion of the story takes place in Ukraine.1981 / 201217 games
United Arab EmiratesTakes places in the UAE, a country in the Arabian Peninsula.0 game
United States of AmericaCurrently 50 states & several territories/common wealths that occupy the middle of North America plus Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & other islands.1978 / 2020581 games
Venezuela5 games
VietnamIncludes Vietnam as a location.1982 / 201544 games