Land of the dead

Locations entity

A place where the souls of the dead go.


Alternate names: Underworld, Netherworld

The first video game about Land of the dead was released in 1987.

LucasArts, Namco and Sony has published most of these games

* Immaterial realm - tentative, as in some mythoses the afterlife is a physical place albeit far removed from the mortal realm.

* Purgatory
* Hell
The land of the dead, not the criminal underworld :) Also, not the undead variety, these are just spirits of the dead folks in their intended place.

Includes both heaven and hell, and any others.

Note that afterlife should not redirect to this as not all cases of afterlife lead to some "physical" location reserved for the dead. Also, a living person sometimes may visit the underworld and return (though this is considered impossible by standards of ordinary men).