Tiberium universe

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The main CnC series and setting most recognizable from the presence of Tiberium.

Name variations: tiberian

The first video game about Tiberium universe was released on August 31, 1995.

Electronic Arts and Virgin has published most of these games

* Brotherhood of Nod
... Black Hand, the religious sect of the Brotherhood.
* Global Defense Initiative (GDI)
... Steel Talons, an experimental technology division of GDI.
... ZOCOM (Zone Operations Command), a specialized high-tech division of GDI.
* Forgotten (present in CnC2 and CnC4), originally affiliated with the Nod but was abandoned by them.
* Scrin (hinted in previous games but became a tangible presence since CnC3)

Parent group

Command & Conquer


Kane, Joshua Mitchell, CABAL, Havoc, LEGION
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