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The first video game about Atlanta, Georgia, USA was released in 1989.

Today known for the Atlanta Motor Speedway (which is actually in Hamton) and its Casinos (though there are not actually in in Atlanta). It began as a Creek and Cherokee settlement know as "Pitch Tree Standing" after a large pine there but this was officially recorded as "Peachtree Standing". It was an important area in the war of 1812. It was sold the US government, an event that lead to the Trail of Tears (eventually). Atlanta was also important in the American Civil War which, after many battles, lead to a 4 month siege and eventually the order by Union General William T. Sherman to burn 'all public buildings' to the ground (after the civilians were evacuated). In actuality, the entire city was destroyed, except for some churches and hospitals. Resentment by many people in the south for this action still exists to this day. It was featured in the book (& movie) Gone with the Wind. It is often forgotten that some churches and hospitals were spared but only at the extensive pleading of a Catholic Father Thomas O'Reilly. Eventually three nuns would establish a hospital in the devastated Atlanta that became known as Saint Joseph's Hospital (a now widespread organization). The great depression and many notable race-riots of both 'whites' and 'blacks' continued to keep Atlanta's economy from expanding. At one point Coca-Cola paid the city's deficit. Economic conditions led to the first 'housing project' in the USA to be established there. Atlanta again would be an important location during WWII, as a manufacturing center for aircraft and other war equipment. This finally improved Atlanta's economy enough to say it had recovered from the Civil War and subsequent 'reconstruction' efforts. However, Atlanta continued to suffer from race-riots and became an important location for the Civil Rights movement after a Jewish temple on Peachtree Street was bombed by idiots who thought Jews were behind the Civil Rights movement. Atlanta still continues to deal with racial tensions and occasional riots. It was selected as the location of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Though the city fell short of being properly organized for the event, citizens, with permission, erected 'tent cities' to create a carnival atmosphere for the tourists. Due to the lack of organization, the event became the biggest party in history and everyone had fun despite the poor logistics. The party culminated in crowds spontaneously walking on to the fields in stadiums to dance and sing (believe it or not, that wasn't planned) as the closing ceremonies were winding down. It was sort of a triumph of the most joyful aspects of redneck culture (with various reactions; the IOC president gave a less than enthusiastic "well done" closing speech instead of his usual "best ever" speech) that helped lead the city to international influence.

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has been home to 6 whale sharks.

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