Locations concept

Any tags relating to plants, fungi, etc. especially how they are used, cultivated, or how they affect gameplay.

The primary focus for this group is how player interacts with vegetation, or how the vegetation behaves, rather than what vegetation is there.
AgriculturePlanting seeds, seedlings, etc. and nurturing them to grow until they're edible or otherwise usable, or form parts that are such (e.g. fruits).1994 / 201953 games
OvergrowthAny location that is overgrown with vegetation, mainly locations one would expect to be kept clear of such.2010 / 201416 games
Spreading vegetationPlants, fungi, etc. reproduce and spread where suitable conditions are present.2005 / 201516 games
Thick vegetationAbundant vegetation, brush and long grass, providing simple but efficient cover for both the player character and their opponents.2006 / 201816 games