Race Track: Talladega Super Speedway, Talladega, Alabama, USA

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The first video game about Race Track: Talladega Super Speedway, Talladega, Alabama, USA was released in 1984.

Mindscape and Cosmi has published most of these games

Although the track is designed for the most extreme speeds for years to come, cars and drivers and fences are not quite ready for it, it would seem. In a crash, a car moving in excess of 200 mph became airborne and nearly penetrated the fences protecting the crowds; some spectators were injured by debris. An investigation later determined that cars were routinely going fast enough to penetrate the fences or even launch over them. And shortly after, a blown tire from a car moving in excess of 200 mph lead to a massive multi-car wreck. An investigation concluded that the tire was in perfect condition and that it had flown apart simply because of the high speed of its rotation. The track is wide enough to permit 6 or 7 cars to race side-by-side and it is not uncommon to see multiple rows of cars 4 or 5 wide at the same time. If any of the racers in such a multi-car pack deviate slightly, all the cars can domino each other. It was ruled that drivers and equipment, especially tires and fencing, was not ready for Talladega's speeds. None of this came as a surprise for many of the drivers who went on strike before the first scheduled race. Their concern was driver safety because of the unprecedented speeds the design allowed for (and no additional safety to match). It was decided that cars must be equipped with restricter plates that reduce their power. This means they accelerate slower and have a lower top speed. Slowing down can be devastating to a racer's position and having a clear opening or being in the lead is not that much of an advantage (racers can't 'break away from the pack' easily). Lapping the slower cars usually does not lead to any position changes. There is so much room on the track that slow cars and lapping cars need never get close to each other to pass.