Locations theme

Most or all of the story is spent outdoors with large areas without artificial movement or sight barriers.


The first video game about Outdoors was released in 1977.

Ubisoft, Sega and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

This is commonly caused by engine's technical limitations or more rarely a conscious design choice outside technical thoughts.

Should not be used for sports, racing, flight, driving, simulation or such games unless it's unusual.

Should not be used if the game mixes both outdoor and indoor locations decently.


Linux 125
Windows 34
Tandy Coco 25
NES 10
Mac OS Classic 7
Xbox 6
X360 6
PS2 5
Wii 5
Atari 2600 5
Apple II E 5
Mac OS X 5
Arcade 3
ZX Spectrum 3
Amiga 3
C64 3
Atari ST 3
Amstrad CPC 3
GameCube 2
Android 2
Unix 2
Dragon32 2
PS3 2
Atari 400/800 2
Apple IIGS 2
iOS 1
N-Gage 1
MSX2 1
GamePark 32 1

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