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A P&P RPG game and its future Earth fantasy cyberpunk setting.

The Shadowrun mythos revolves around cyberpunk and return of magic, goblinization of humanity into various fantastic races (elves, dwarves, trolls, and orcs along with various other even more bizarre beings), re-appearance of many fantastic creatures (e.g. faeries, gremlins, centaurs, dragons and so forth), re-awakening of magic, and many many other things. Ushered in by

Originally set in 2050s (2050 specifically) but later editions and additions have progressed the timelime up to 2077.

Earthdawn is another P&P RPG set about thousand years earlier within same mythos.

* Matrix – A decentralized internet formed by network of freely interconnecting nodes. Also the virtual and augmented reality that exists within it.
* HMHVV – Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus, a mutagentic retrovirus that turns its victims into various (often cannibalistic) monsters.
* Goblinization, UGE, SURGE – Various events associated with awakening of magic that caused humans to turn or birth the various metavariants and later some even wilder creatures.
* Policlub – Any interest group, the most famous one perhaps the human supremacist group known as Humanis Policlub.

The first Shadowrun video game was released on November 1, 1993.

Harebrained Schemes, Cliffhanger Productions and Microsoft Game Studios published most of these games.

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A1989 - Shadowrun 1st edition
B1992 - Shadowrun 2nd edition
C1997 - Shadowrun: The Trading Card Game
D1998 - Shadowrun 3rd edition
E2003 - Shadowrun Duels miniature game
F2005 - Shadowrun 4th edition
G2013 - Shadowrun 5th edition

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