Race Track: Circuit de Monaco

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Includes the ever changing, always most challenging, Circuit de Monaco.


Alternate name: Monte Carlo

The first video game about Race Track: Circuit de Monaco was released in 1983.

Accolade, Electronic Arts and U.S. Gold has published most of these games

The most challenging course in F1. Cars are often modified specifically for this track. It has the slowest corner in F1, and the fastest. It has many elevation changes and turns. The track is so narrow that is is physically impossible for cars to be side-by-side at any speed for most of it. It notable includes a long tunnel where cars can lose up to 30% of their downforce advantage and drivers can become disorientated from going from sunlight into darkness then sunlight again. Some of the turns are too sharp for F1 cars, so drivers must purposely lose traction or the cars must be modified to turn sharper just for this race. Auto-stick shifting was developed specifically because of this race track. Its notable a city street course a well. Driver skill is key and technology is secondary to good performance at Monaco.

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