Locations concept

Alternate name: Planes of existence

This is only a guide tag to the various dimension/reality related tags and should not be used itself.

* Fictional universe
* Fantasy world
* Real-world (see Earth and follow the tags from there)

Note that there's no other/another/different dimension as such does not really tell anyone anything. Closest to it that actually does say something is `fictional universe´ or `dimensional travel´.

Parent group

Dimensional breachTwo or more dimensions have decided to exist simultaneously at the same place, or other dimension is bleeding over into another. Usually involves alien flora, fauna, and other strange things to be sighted, one may even question their sanity, and so on.1999 / 201522 games
Dimensional portalsIncludes gateways between dimensions or planes of existence.1992 / 201521 games
Dimensional travelInvolves traveling between dimensions or planes of existence, whether this is voluntarily or not.1988 / 2017141 games
Parallel realityA reality that occupies the same space but is unlike ours. With events in one affecting the other.1983 / 201637 games
Parallel universeSignificant portion of the depicted events take place in a parallel universe.1995 / 201627 games
Parallel worldIncludes a parallel world or worlds as location, which unlike parallel reality, occupies separate space that has less impact on the other or the impact is subtle but both are still linked together somehow.1983 / 201847 games
PlanarshiftingThe protagonist can freely shift between two or more dimensions or planes of existence.1999 / 201315 games
TransdimensionalInvolves (the protagonist) existing in multiple dimensions/realities simultaneously or otherwise uses the concept as notable plot or thematic element2009 / 20143 games