Mandatory loss

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player is given a fight they're meant to lose.


The first video game about Mandatory loss was released on December 17, 1988.

Atari, Deep Silver and Square has published most of these games

These start out as normal fights, but either when you're about to win or lose the game runs some cinematic sequence that resolves the conflict in uniform manner for either outcome.

Often it's impossible to win these and actually fighting them is plain waste of time and the player just has to give up fighting to get onward in the plot (clearly the designers didn't foresee anyone surviving against the opponent).

There's few cases where these fights can actually be won if the player is good enough or tries hard enough, but the end result is usually no different than from losing. At most it might give a different losing cinematic.

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For the geeks out there, Kobayashi Maru of Star Trek fame would essentially qualify for this tag.