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Immortal Defense

created and published by Radical Poesis Games & Creations / Studio Eres in 2007, running on Windows
type: strategy, action/reflex
genre: Tower Defense
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Official description
* A psychological, character-driven storyline written by an accomplished writer.
* Over 15 hours of real-time strategy "tower defense" gameplay. One-hundred core stages and fifty custom optional stages, with more to be added each update.
* Eleven types of towers, with seven upgrade levels each, balanced and useful for different situations, each based on a different emotion.
* Twenty-seven types of enemies (including bosses), each with distinct abilities.
* Level editor for extendability and customization.
* 10 different difficulty levels, for those whose strategic skills vary.
* An original soundtrack with over 40 minutes of music. Also available as a free download.
* Adjustable "procedural" graphics effects.
* No DRM, just a direct download of the game files.
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Technical specs
display: raster
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Immortal Defense in-game screen.
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